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    The Annoyances Of Believing In Shared Dreams

    by , 10-07-2011 at 03:21 AM (589 Views)
    Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid Non-Dream

    I am at a local Shopping centre, about 20 minutes away from where I live. I have about $75 to spend and decided to walk into the target store. As I walk in I think about how I could shoplift, walking down the isles I check out the security cameras. I end up in the electronics section of the store, they are still arranging around with it. I look at one the of the massive LCD TVs. Just underneath it, there is a $50 note, I grab that one, and see another one, as I grab that extra one I see another, and pick that up. I head over to the gaming section of the store.
    Awareness Hits me and I realise I am dreaming, the dream stars fading so I pretend I don't know I am dreaming, this seems to make the dream Stabilize, but it also lowers my level of lucidity. I walk out of the store and start texting my girlfriend. I tell her I am dreaming and should come teleport to me. She texts back telling me she is having a hard time reading my texts, and that she is having trouble writing them (a lot of the letters were confused) I try telling her that I am at The shopping centre, but she doesn't come and teleport to me.
    The scene changes and now Im on the second story Car park, talking to Forceez and Dark_Merlin. we skate around for a minute and then stop. I start telling Forceez that Dark_Merlin is just a DC (at this time i thought Forceez was actually Forceez ) Forceez doesn't believe me and keeps talking to Dark_Merlin like he is real. I Bet Forceez $5 that he is going to faceplam when he wakes up when he realises Dark_Merlin was just a dream character (oh the irony )
    I wake Up and look around I am in my room, I look at my hands and see that they are off. I realise I am still dreaming, I tell some random that is near me that I'm glad I caught this false awakening as I don't have them Often. He tells me about how is has them A lot but rarely catches them.

    The Scene changes and I am now back at the shopping Centre, but on the bottom story of the car park. Me and my Friend JM are doing parkour around the place (he is "lucid" as well, I'm not sure if i considered this a shared dream or not), my parkour is screwing up, even though I am lucid. I am still scared to do some stuff which is weird, the stuff I do complete is pretty cool though. I am now at the entrance of the shopping centre, a lot of acquaintances and friends are there (about 10 in total). One of them talks about how there is a guide to lucid dreaming their. Me and JM make a sarcastic comment about it, saying something like "No Wonder, where in A firkin dream you idiots" Everyone Starts Reality checking and realising what we are saying is true. I run through the shopping centre, and come to a cookie making place. (I don't see any of the others follow) I take a chocolate chip cookie and leave. I walk over to the donut stall. I was going use the money I found back up at target to pay for some donuts. I then got a feeling it would take 10 minutes for me to be served, So I just jumped over the counter, took the donuts and ran. I exited the shopping centre and started eating the donuts, they were quite tasty. for a while I just walked along the footpath.
    I wake up again, and just wait there, I fall back asleep and now sitting in a car with my girlfriend(I am not sure if this was a DEILD, or just a false awakening, I felt no SP). I tell her about how I was sorry for not replying because I had woken up, she is surprised because she said only a few minutes had passed. She then starts doubting that it is a shared dream and questions if she is even real.
    Dream properly ends

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