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    The Control Button

    by , 07-17-2012 at 07:40 AM (553 Views)
    Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid Non-Dream
    Lucidity: [2]
    Vividness: [8]

    I'm in a wide city alley-way with no recognizable landmarks. There is a large stream in this alleyway and retractable bridges over the stream. The stream pours down to a large river that goes through the middle of the city. On either side of the alleyway are large buildings with no gaps in between them. There is a large statue type object that comes out from the stream. It is night, the alleyway is quiet. There is no one around apart from me and two other guys.

    I kind of realize I am in a dream but not to the proper extent. I try to shoot fire from my hands at the two guys but nothing is happening. One of the guys is using his dream powers in this alleyway. He is flying around and shooting fire, but i'm not paying attention to him as He isn't doing any damage to anything. I notice he has a purple lights on him. I look at the other guy. He is adorned in a yellow lights. I notice a little panel down on the ground. I appear to be hovering or Something.

    I look down at the panel, it has three buttons. There is one green button, one yellow button and one purple button. The purple button was brighter and illuminated it's color more then the other two buttons, it indicated to me it was on. I watched as the yellow guy jumped down and pushed the yellow button on the panel. He then jumped into the air and started flying around. It appeared he now had power. I look over at purple who just was standing on the statue.

    I notice that I am "Green" I jump down quickly and push my button. I now have "the power". I jump up into the air, on my arms are the grappling hooks used by the Metal Benders In "Avatar Legend of Korra". I fire the two grappling hooks at purple. They grab onto him. I Unattach them from him and aim to fire through him and use them like a harpoon. It doesn't pierce through him but it does grab onto him again. I send a bolt of electricity through the metal and it electrocutes him. His skin goes pale and he begins to fall to the ground. I assume him dead.

    I go after yellow. The scene changes and we are flying through a narrow vent in one of the buildings. I'm chasing after him. I use my grappling hooks to grab him and slam him into the sides of the vent. He is getting seriously injured. I fire shots of electricity through the grappling hooks. He looks close to dying, we come to the edge of the vent. I prop him standing up on the edge ready for fall. He is weary and wobbling around. I come up to him and push him off. I watch him fall, his legs split off his body in mid-air. There is a giant chomping machine on the ground. Two Giant claws that "chomp" together forming a crushing action. Yellow's Body falls into the machine and he is crushed.

    Suddenly purple is back. He is riding a metal snake much like the giant hovering machines that the aliens used in the movie "Avengers". We decide to work together to see if there is a way for us to both have power. My power then drops off. I am somehow on the ground again, someone else has taken the power. They are inside one of the buildings. Something happens and the building starts throwing large sheets of metal inside of itself. I believe it killed the person with power.

    I go inside and talk to someone who is standing their. He tells me and someone else who followed me in that power comes from whistling. Me and the other person then run outside whistling. We both spot the control panel and sprint for it but then I wake up.

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