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    Crashing A Train

    by , 05-24-2012 at 09:27 AM (541 Views)
    Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid Non-Dream
    Vividness: [5]
    Lucidity: [0]

    Me and my girlfriend (Jacqui) were train drivers. We were driving along some random train line and were carrying a large amount of freight. On the train tracks next to us there was another freight train, the driver of this train had some form of mental disability and we were trying to help him. I look up ahead and the line is quickly coming to end, there are two trains parked on each line and the buffers stop is only tiny and won't stop us.

    We slam on the breaks of the train. By one of the worse dream physics fuck up we stop the train before we hit the train in front of us. But the carriages keep knocking the back of the train forward, we are thrown forward as the carriages knock into the back of us. We hit the train in front and push it through the buffers stop and it falls down a large hill. The carriages are still knocking as forward, we over shoot the buffers stop. I look down the hill, its an incredible drop off.

    The last knock throws us over the edge of the cliff. The train fly down the edge of the cliff. Jacqui and I scream our heads off. She then hits a button on the trains dashboard. These brace apparatus start coming out of the dash and hold us so we don't get injured. Despite the fact I crashed a train I start laughing and screaming as if i was on a roller coaster ride, Jacqui is still screaming for her life. I look in front of me and there is a damn down the bottom of the cliff. We crash into it. Jacqui screams in pain but i feel fine [1].

    The train is logged into the damn cab first. We realise we have to escape. The disabled train driver is now in our cab for some reason, but he was killed in the train crash. Jacqui and I escape form our harness and start climbing up the train to escape [2]. I try to open a door and get through. But A guy I know named Tom is blocking the way and won't let us escape, I had to barge past him to get out.

    The dream goes fuzzy here but we escaped and then caught a bus.

    [1] The train in front of us disappeared, as well as the train next to us.

    [2] We couldn't escape through the cab door because it was under water.

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    Tags: trains


    1. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Wow that was an intense dream! Glad it didn't become a full fledged nightmare. Interesting that you suddenly found yourself screaming and laughing at one point, when your girlfriend was still screaming for life. Bet you would have attained lucidity at that point if you had done an RC!

      Cool dream.
    2. Ametam's Avatar
      haha thanks I don't know how my mind didn't click onto the fact that I'm not a train driver and that I don't regularly drive trains of cliffs Gotta love dream logic