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    Flying, attempted knetic abilities and meeting my dream guide

    by , 10-06-2010 at 12:50 AM (1019 Views)
    Non-dream Non-lucid Semi-lucid Lucid

    I was in a town (berry,n.s.w) not far from where i live . I spontanously became lucid. I ran and jumped and started flying along the main street, it looked a bit different, there where no advertisments on the buildings and the treees where different. there were no other dream characters present and there were no cars either. As i was flying alond i noticed a power pole, and i thought about using telekinesis on it (i have never used telekinesis in a dream before). I held my arm out in front of me and aimed at the power pole, then moved it across (like using the force). no suprises the power pole didn't move(maybe i should start smaller). As i flew past i turned around and was the faceing the pole while flying backwards (ohhhh, trickey). I tryed the same technique and again i failed (i was flying backwards give us a break)

    I landed at a park next to the road, and tryed to use pyrokenisis. I opend my mouth and breathed out, hoping it would come out as fire. it didn't work (never been good at pyrokensis). i tryed again, but actually expecting it to come out as fire. A small flame came out (yay?). I tried again and the same thing happened. i Gave up and jumped onto the highway. Some cars were coming along (DC's YAY) the road, and i was going to punch them off. I ran at the first car in line (seriously, why didn't i just fly?). and swung my arm at it. the car swearved away and i missed. I ran at the second car, same thing happened, and the third, and the fourth. I gave up and flew to a black spot, where i was hoping to knock out a car that wasn't expecting me. I got up to hit and punched a car strait on the bonet. It didn't do much ( ).
    *missing time and/or dream scene change*
    (In the following scene all courtyards and corridors and open toped, and there is a redish hue on the place, when i say narrow corridors i mean about 2 people wide. the courtyards where about 5mx5m)
    I walked down a narrow corridor, and passed a donut shop. The shop itself was not visible because it was behind some corrigated iron. I think i then may have killed one of the donut shop customers, because i heard some screams, a few donuts flew over the corrigated iron and some guy came up to me and said "dude you just killed that guy who was buying donuts!" i was like "meh" (wow, arn't i sympathetic) and grabed the donut and kept on walking down the corridor. i turned left into a small courtyard, there was a group of about eight kids sitting in a circle eating. i contemplated killing them, but then thought "what kind of person kills small children in their dreams?"(who does that anyway?) i walked down another corridor and ended up in another courtyard. There was a DC standing on the other side, and another one standing on a elevated platfrom in another courtyard.

    I then remebered one of my dream goals was to find/summon my dream guide. i saw a door leading to the courtyard that the DC was at, so i walked over and faced away from the door. i said to my self a few times
    "my dream guide is on the other side of that door" i turned and went through the door. The DC looked at me and said
    "what do you want?". i notice another DC to my left. I point at him
    "is he my dream guide?" The guy i was pointing at shakes his head, but the other guy nodes. they look at eachother, but and then they both nod. I look at the guy i was pointing at
    "so you are my dream guide?"
    "sweet, so sub- consious how have you been?"
    "oh yeh, not too bad, arn't you hungry?"
    "nah, i ate a dream donut earlier on, it should last untill the end of the dream"
    "you have had crap sleep tonight, you fell asleep at 2:10am (i could swear i fell asleep at 12:00am, if that), not to mention that it has been very unrestful sleep, i am not sure why (silly sub - consious forgot that i accedently left my light on during the night )"
    "hmmm, oh well, i should just get some more sleep, by the way what is your name?"
    "Nameahul Rapid (or somthing like it)"
    "Nameal Rapid?"
    "no, Nameahul Rapid"
    "Nameahul Rapid, gotta remeber it, Nameahul Rapid"
    " I will introduce works that will not make sense, and words that you have never heard of"
    "Shit gotta wake up, before i forget this, cya Nameahul"
    "earth will guard its secrets!"

    False awakening, but i realise it was false awakening and then i realy awoke, feeling hungry :/

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    1. ion's Avatar
      earth will guard its secrets... LOL, that's quite deep. Anyway, what a hilarious dream! I was laughing pretty hard.. thanks for making my day! :)
    2. Ametam's Avatar
    3. The Cusp's Avatar
      I had a lucid where I wanted to smash some oncoming cars today as well. I managed to do a little more damage than you did.

      That doesn't sound like much of a dream guide, just another retarded DC.
    4. Ametam's Avatar
      well i just heard that all DCs will deny that they are your dream guide, but then other people say that a dream guide is a DC that you pay attention too. Next lucid i will try summon my DG again and see if he can teach me to do pyrokinesis better. maybe that will tell the fakes from the real deal
    5. JimmyD's Avatar
      " I will introduce works that will not make sense, and words that you have never heard of"
      that's an interesting line.

      Meh you killed a man buying donuts, who cares.