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    Lucid Training room.

    by , 09-18-2010 at 01:45 AM (579 Views)
    silver = non-lucid
    dark grey= semi-lucid
    black = lucid

    I was in some sort of room, maybe 10mx10m, noone was around and their were no windows or doors to the outside world. there was a bathroom to my left and a door which lead to a hallway in front of me. (this starting part of the dream was blurry, so i don't know what i was doing)

    I attained lucidty, but i did not know how, no RC's needed. I just knew i was dreaming.
    The lights flickered, and then turned off. It was almostly completely dark, and i thought "crap, must get light before dream ends". I tried getting light by saying "be light". That did not work, i then remeber a guy saying, if it gets dark, just ask yourself why are you wearing sunglasses?, So i did. I felt them on my face so i took them off. Light was restored.

    *blurry part* someone came, i do not know how, and i do not know where they came from. they started talking to me, or doing a check up or something, i don't even remeber if they were a guy or girl. Then they left saying something like "wait here" so i did.

    *Memory improves here* not wanting to mess the dream up by destorying the building or anything, i decided to do some simple dream tasks. first one i thought was looking in a mirror, because i had never done that before. So i walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. It was almost exact, apart from the fact i had a mullet. I then tryed to change my appearance, so i started with my eyes, i wanted them to look like that eye from the lord of the rings. I imagined my eye looking like that, and it worked. I then changed my voice to that Robotic/demonic voice from the last boss on the game tekkan 5. That also worked.

    I walked back out to the main room, and then i tryed summoning fire. i looked at my hands (amazingly i had 5 fingers on each hand) and i imagined fire coming out of them while thinking saying "fire!".], it didn't work. i then tryed clicking my right fingers over my left hand to try get a spark flame going, it also failed. i then went back to the first method, but thinking harder, it failed again. I then closed my eyes and thought "fire is hot, imagine the heat coming from your hands!, Feel the power!" i opened my eyes and there was a nice fire on my hands. After about 5 seconds the flame disappeared. i did it again and it stayed.

    i saw a DC standing in the hallway, so i aimed my hands and shot flames at him while thinking "only burn him not his cloths". Instead of buring him the guy was disintergrated, and his cloths fell on the floor. I walked into the hallyway and saw another guy. I aimed my hands and tryed shooting flames, but it came out blue, which didnt hurt him untill it caught on fire and then that guy also disintergrated. I then turned around and saw another person, and did the same thing except it came out blue, and did not ignite, so the guy ran away.

    not sure if the dream ended or if i forgot the rest

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