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    TOTM Attempt

    by , 09-10-2011 at 07:54 AM (430 Views)
    Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid Non-Dream

    I at school, on a Balcony of a block I don't often go to, I check my watch Its 2:30pm. My PE teacher comes up to me and tells me its 3:15pm. I check My watch and wonder how that happened.
    It then struck me that I was dreaming. My teacher commanded me to go do something. I said "nahh I'll be right, Im dreaming" and flew off. I landed on the school basketball courth. My friend CM is there. He starts telling me some dream he just had. I flew off on him and landed a few metres away, and he had disappeared.
    I thought of TOTM, which was to control 2/4 elements. I stuck my hands in the air and shoot electricity from my fingers. I laughed and jumped over a bit, stuck my hands in a T shape and shot electricity all through out the air. I then realised electricity isn't one of the four elements. I Move to my left a bit and stick my hands strait forward, and shoot fire from them. I see two people and aim my hands strait at them and shoot fire, they roll around on the ground covered in flames (I have often found Fire very hard to control, but I discovered that if I make the sound effects of the thing I'm trying to do, It will happen. A form of voicing your intent to the dream). I try to shoot water from my hands but it doesnt work. A older "wise" person tells me thats not how do to it. He lead me to a puddle and tells me to stcik my foot in it. I do as he commands. He then stands on one leg and kicks the air, shooting water. He then says "Now you try". I stand on my right foot and kick the air. With each kick a ball of water comes out. I kick Four balls of water.
    I think that i should try complete all four of the elements. I move down into the school park, I am unsure of how to manipulate rock. I try forcing it up out of the ground, but nothing happens and I give up. (For some reason, I totally forget about Air)
    I wonder what I shold do now. I walk up to the school canteen to go on a knife ramage, the canteen should have knifes. I Dive and then Flip over the counter and knock over a fridge. The people in the canteen are confused. I start rumaging through the draws and pull out a knife. There is a middle aged lady there and I stab her through the gut. I can feel my knife scrape her bones. Blood comes out of her chest and she doubles over. I withdraw my knife and stab another man and then I wake up

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