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    Crown, Angel, Theif, Honorable Man

    by , 01-31-2013 at 02:58 PM (335 Views)
    I don't remember much of this one.
    The whole city cast in gray, but not that weird purple gray from the Saja dream. Still, it feels familiar. Bare. Like everything is covered in a thin shell of concrete. I'm standing in front of a two foot wide lamp post. Sitting by my feet is a hat box with no lid, also gray. Inside is a crown. It is tarnished gold with a laced pattern, but thick and heavy. I'm supposed to hold it until the angel comes.
    I see the angel a ways down the street, he's a blurry and indistinct figure dressed in a black trench coat and tie. I blink and he's 10 feet closer. I stifle a stab of fear and raise my hand in greeting.
    When I turn around there's a tall brown haired man standing behind me. He's wearing a sleeveless leather jerkin and no shirt underneath. He puts me on edge, he feels like a threat.
    "You waitin' for someone, darlin'?"
    "What makes you think I'm waiting for someone?"
    He looks amused.
    When I glance around the back of the lamp post, checking to see if he's alone, I find a man there dressed all in black and gray. I know he's an honorable man, I know he isn't here with the thief
    "Well?" He asks.
    "Who would I be waiting for, my husband?" I say this, knowing I'm trying to imply I'm married even though I'm not, just in case he gets the wrong idea. He grins at me, understanding perfectly. He's pretending not to notice the box on the ground. He saunters past it, and I almost miss the motion...he does some sort of fancy trick with his leg. It's quick, and far more stealthy than if he had leaned down to pick up the crown. Still, the motion draws my attention and when I catch a glimpse of the box, the crown is gone.
    "Hey, you can't take that!"
    He has his body turned to face the sidewalk, so the arm holding the crown like an over-sized bracelet is hidden from view. I reach past him and grab it. He catches a hold of it and we both tug on it for a minute. He lets go when the damn thing becomes warped from the pulling. I look at it, feeling sick. What did he do? Will the angel still take it? Where IS the angel, anyway?
    "Fine, you can have the bloody thing. I'm not gonna wrestle a girl over a fake artifact."
    "What do you mean? It's not fake..."

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    Tags: angel, crown, honor, thief