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    Massive Water Park 04/03/2013

    by , 04-05-2013 at 04:36 AM (325 Views)
    I've visited this place before. It's a vast water park, it is all you can see in any direction for miles, and is so large that there are hotel rooms on every level. I'm following another girl around the park, we reach the water slide that goes down to the next level. I think of how nice the cool water will feel. She's standing on a platform next to the slide, there's a swing bar that you can use to give yourself more speed going down. She gestures for me to follow and smiles.
    "Wait...I have to go to the bathroom." I turn to the wall behind me and there's a convenient bathroom nestled in the corner. It's on a swinging door, there's grids of 1 inch tile in random patterns on the inside hall. There's a really confusing twist. I thought I'd gone into the women's bathroom but straight ahead I see a door with a wooden sign that says Men's Room. I back track and see a hall branching off to the left with a sign that just says "YOU" on it.
    "Me." I agree, and take the hall, and the door at the end. I can't decide if the room I find there is a bathroom or a hotel room. There's a bed, but on the left-hand wall the carpet meets straight with white tile. On the tile is the strangest toilet I have ever seen. I can't even figure out how I'm supposed to use it. The bowl is flush with the floor, and the handle is also on the floor ten paces in front of it.
    My friend comes into the room and decides that we're here to rest. It seems that this is a hotel room after all.
    "There's someone bringing our bags, we can head back out in the morning."
    I really need to use the bathroom, but I don't want to while she's lookin' at me. That's if I can figure out how to use the toilet. I turn around and examine the contraption again. With the lights on it looks dirty. There's a crusted mess of what I will kindly call mud on the back of the seat, and cobwebs are strung all over it. Maybe I don't want to use it after all.

    I remember another part where we were picking up our bags. A long dim hallway, an orange-pink rolling suitcase. A brown toiletry bag. Hmm. Now that I think about it the hotel parts were familiar too. I guess I have a 'hotel' set in my brain to go along with the amusement and water parks I've visited.

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