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    Best lucid dream so far

    by , 09-11-2011 at 04:07 PM (395 Views)
    September 11th Dream

    My friends and I were working on a project together. I forgot what it was about. I walked to the corner of the room, and suddenly realized that "Hey, wasn't I trying to DEILD before this?" And so I became lucid. I suddenly remembered to rub my hands. I forgot that the quest of the month for LD4All was changed to "Test a DC"(The last quest of the month was travel to the sun) So I decided to travel to the sun and get my wings. I walked to the door. And I just heard something say "Hello" So I looked up, and it was a sweater, hanging on a wall. "Teleport me to the sun, Teleport me to the sun" And I closed my eyes. And Then my dad opened the door, and my lucid dream ended right there.

    I was so excited when I had that dream! I`d never had a lucid dream where the lucid dream didn`t end right when I became lucid XD

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