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    Borrowing a Toyota Camry

    by , 12-16-2011 at 03:19 PM (421 Views)
    DJ Log: December 16, 2011 – 7:45AM (USA Eastern)

    I am driving my truck down a small single-lane country road. As a couple of cars approach from the opposite direction, I hold my lane position and flash my headlights. Both cars quickly get out of the way. I arrive at a small house and park my truck beside the garage. A guy walks out of the house and points to a Toyota Camry sitting in the driveway and says, “That's the one.” It's a light tan, late 90's Camry with over-sized tires on it. I look in the window and see that the floor and seats are full of junk. He starts to move all of the stuff and I return to my truck to grab my backpack.

    A lady approaches in another Toyota Camry and parks out along the road. She gets out and walks up to me, saying, “This one is 13 years old, so we bought this new one to replace it. It works well, but it's just old.” I reply, “That's not too old. It's just broke in.” She hands me the keys and walks into the house. I open the door of the car, but now there are no seats. The driver side has cushions on the floor and the center console is taking up half of the seating space. I go over to the passenger side and can actually fit in there. The car starts right up and I drive off.

    As I'm driving down the single-lane dirt road, it is a struggle to figure out which gear the manual transmission should be in. It has a huge shifter like a road tractor which has entirely too many gear selections on it. As I drive along, constantly fighting with the shifter, I finally give up and pull over. I unfold a bicycle from my backpack and ride off, abandoning the car.
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