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    Dream Views Trade Show Booth (Fragment)

    by , 05-30-2016 at 03:36 AM (767 Views)
    DJ Log: May ?, 2016 – ? (USA Eastern)

    (Note: This entry was forgotten on my voice recorder and I failed to record the date and time of the entry. I’m certain that it was May, but no idea which day.)

    I am at a trade show walking with a couple of familiar associates. We get our entry passes and walk onto the exhibition floor. One of the other guys tells me that they’re going to go over to our company booth. I let them know I’ll be there in a minute because I want to check out a couple of other booths. I walk for a bit and find a booth with a large banner that says “Dream Views”. I walk up and find OpheliaBlue talking with several people at the side of the booth. She waves and I wave back. As I get closer, an older guy with a nametag that says “Quirky” greets me. I ask him where Alex is and he points toward a conference room with closed blinds, saying “He’s in the middle of a meeting over there.” Just to the right of the conference room, Gab is sitting with some people at a table. I wave but she just gives me a blank stare back. I tell Quirky, “I’ll come back when they’re not so busy.”, then I walk off.
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    1. gab's Avatar
      aww so sorry for the blank stare. I was undercover and letting them know that I know you and associate with dreamviews would put us all in jeopardy. : D
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