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    Flying Around / Melting Through Glass (Fragment)

    by , 09-04-2014 at 06:08 AM (379 Views)
    DJ Log: June 22, 2014 5:45AM (USA Eastern)

    Yay! A quick flying lucid after a long dry spell.

    I am climbing a set of open mesh industrial metal stairs when I stop and look at the floor still moving away. This looks kind of strange, so I tell myself that I am dreaming and become lucid. A mild tingling sensation runs through my body and the lighting becomes much brighter in the room. I do a quick nose pinch to double-check before making a jump. I jump up and fly off the stairs and cruise around the room for a bit. I fly around for a little bit, then stop and try to remember the task of the month. I an unable to recall the tasks, so I fly as fast as I can into the window for a scene change. I hit the glass and slowly melt through it like ice cream melting and dripping through a strainer. Once through, I find myself in another room. Wanting to get outside, I turn around and fly into the wall and find that it offers much less resistance than the glass. The scene is outdoors without much detail. I attempt to stabilize for a bit, but I can feel my body laying in bed and the detail of the dream decaying quickly. Still lucid, I focus all of my energy on trying to spin. At first, I cannot move anything and I can feel myself transitioning out of the sleeping state as the dream darkens completely to black. I wake suddenly with a loud pop sound and my hand hits the headboard as I jump awake.

    (Note: I completely lost what happened in the beginning. At least I recalled the lucid part.)

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