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    Goodbye annoying DC!!! (ToTM)

    by , 11-06-2010 at 05:26 PM (949 Views)
    DJ Log: November 6, 2010 – Morning, 8:30AM (USA Eastern)
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    #1. Lack of recall (fragment)
    I remember having a very vivid, but short dream. There was plenty of out-of-control flying and crashing through trees and other things, but I don't recall very much of this one at all.

    #2. Goodbye annoying DC!!!
    (Note: This one was quite interesting, as I had several false awakenings that all landed me back into my bed with my hat in the exact position that I went to sleep with. Sometimes, when it's cold I'll sleep with a knit hat on instead of turning up the heat. During the dream, I clearly recognized that I completed one of my short-term dream goals, but failed to realize that I had also completed the basic task of the month. It's quite possible that flying into something in the previous dream lead me to this scene.)

    I get up out of bed and push my hat up and out of my eyes. Realizing that I went to sleep with a hat on, I wonder if I am really awake or not. I walk into my living room to find a large mirror on the floor. Thinking that this is somewhat strange, I lift the mirror and lean it against the table. Upon not being able to see my reflection in the mirror, I became lucid. I began to move around, trying to align my reflection in the mirror with no success. A DC is standing behind me, asking me if I was dreaming, over and over and over again. I think about trying to put my hand through the mirror, but am quite distracted by my DC. Becoming quite annoyed at the DC, I turn around to tell him to shut up. The moment I turn, he looks away from me. I wave my hand in the air, as if I was waving goodbye and the DC begins to melt into a puddle on the floor. I yell at the melting DC, “Thank you for melting into nothing, you annoying mother-f***er. You just aided me in completing one of my short-term dream goals.” The DC stares at me with a frightened expression while he melts away into a smoldering puddle on the floor. I am already lucid at this point, but I decide to try an RC that has never worked for me before, pushing my finger through my hand. It is a difficult decision to choose which finger I wanted to try, as there are at least 8 fingers on my right hand and only 3 on my left. While looking at my right hand, all of my fingers fall off of my left hand and land on the floor. I finally jab the first finger on my right hand into my left palm. There is a bit of resistance at first, but I am able to push it through. I want to see if I can see the finger coming out the other side, so I turn my hand over. While turning my hand over, I hear a loud noise that sounds like a loud burst of static from a 2-way radio. I immediately false-awakened and found myself back in my bed with my hat pulled over my eyes.

    Realizing that I am still lucid, I quickly get out of bed and push my hat up from over my eyes. While pushing my hat up, I count 7 fingers on each hand and no thumbs. I walk into my living room again and see that the large mirror is now hanging on the wall. There is a DC standing just to the left of me. After glaring at the DC for a moment, I walk over to the mirror and stare into it. I can see my reflection, but it is very fuzzy and distorted. I lean a bit closer to the mirror and put my hands on the surface. The surface felt solid at first, but gave way after a brief moment. My hands, then arms pass into the glass, then I completely fall into the mirror. While falling through the mirror, I heard a loud pop sound. I false-awaken into my bed again with my hat pulled over my eyes.

    I reach up and push my hat from over my eyes, while counting at least 7 fingers on each hand. I try to get out of bed, but realize that my legs are paralyzed. I am fairly certain that the SP from my real body is penetrating into my dream. There are no walls or ceiling in my bedroom, as I can see the dark sky in all directions. I try to stabilize the dream by spinning. The whole room begins to spin and I start to feel nauseous. After trying to stabilize for a while, I attempt to move again. Suddenly, the ambient light in my bedroom changes from dark to relatively bright, as the sunlight from outside was starting to shine in the windows. As soon as the light changes, I am able to move freely and count 4 fingers and a thumb on each hand. I try the nose RC and am sure that I am awake for real. I sit down at my PC to write this journal entry, and RC a couple more times to make sure I'm really awake.

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