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    Industrial Work Station / Stretching a Bolt

    by , 01-10-2012 at 02:52 PM (384 Views)
    DJ Log: January 10, 2012 – 7:30AM (USA Eastern)

    I am working at an industrial workstation in a large warehouse. There are pallet racks along the walls and each work station has some industrial shelving for storing supplies. I am working with another guy on some wireless electronics. One of the devices has an FM transmitter, but I find that I don’t have a radio at my work station to test it with. I walk over a couple of work stations to see if I can borrow a radio from one of the other guys.

    Two workstations away, there are 3 guys cutting some large PVC pipe into short sections. I ask if I can borrow their radio, and one of the guys reaches to the shelf and hands me a small radio. As I am walking back to my work station a large forklift drives by, carrying a load of pickle jars. I step out of the way so he can turn the corner, then return to my work station. The other guy messes around with the radio for a bit, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

    I leave my work station once again and go back to where the guys were cutting the pipe. Once I arrive, I find that they are trying to bolt a divider wall between two work stations, but the bolts are too short to reach through the metal and into the concrete anchor in the floor. I pick up a bolt and hold it beside the bracket to see that it is just a little short. I grab the bolt by the head in one hand. And grab the tip of the threaded end in the other hand. I pull at the bolt for a bit, trying to make it longer, but it refuses to increase in length.

    (Note: I think that I may have achieved a low level of lucidity at the point where I attempted to stretch the bolt. I watched the bolt intently, waiting for the metal to stretch, but it never did. If I would have seen the smallest amount of change in the bolt, it is likely that I would have become fully lucid.)
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    1. maboroshi's Avatar
      Hi Ander J. Cool dream, as always. The mechanism of the dream is really fascinating. It's very normal and life-like, but dream-like at the same time.