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    Smokin' a Doobie

    by , 09-04-2014 at 06:04 AM (289 Views)
    DJ Log: September 6, 2013 – 8:00AM (USA Eastern)

    I'm driving with a guy on a familiar road near my parent's old house. The guy tells me to turn back a farm lane so I turn and follow the lane and stop at the end. He gets out and walks into a barn and comes back with a bag of weed. We drive up a bit further and meet up with a couple of other guys. One of the guys long hair and a sleeveless shirt on. He smiles at me and I smile back. We light up some weed and we're all laying on the ground in a circle with our heads together, looking at the sky. The guy who smiled at me lays down next to me and slides over really close. The guy on my other side hands me a doobie and I take a hit then pass it on.

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