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    Unwanted Sexual Advances / Odd Water Behavior / Lucid Diesel Burnout

    by , 09-04-2014 at 06:13 AM (660 Views)
    DJ Log: August 20, 2014 – 2:00AM (USA Eastern)

    I am staying the night at a friend's house after a large party. He has a roommate who sleeps in the corner of the room. I am not at all interested in the roommate, but he is flirting with me and won't leave me alone. My friend has a huge bed, so I pick a corner and try to go to sleep. The roommate pushes me off the bed and tries to drag me into his bed in the corner of the room. He keeps holding onto me and humping me. I finally get fed up and pick up my things and leave. I am a bit upset as I am leaving because I cannot find my camera bag. I look for a little bit then decide to just leave, assuming I had lost it at the party. If I left it at the house, my friend will give it back when he finds it. Just as I am walking out the door, my friend says, “Hold on a second. Here is your camera stuff.” He hands me a milk crate full of loose camera parts. I can see that the lens is detached from the camera, but I am happy enough just to have it back.

    I walk outside into a parking lot which is elongated in shape and has a couple of construction vehicles parked in it. I put my things into the truck and get in the driver's seat. As I am warming up the engine a bit, I am talking to a guy who is standing outside about what just happened. He asks, “Do you think it may have been a bad dream, or do you think it really happened?” I reply, “I don't know. It was just weird. The guy wouldn't leave me the fuck alone, so I left.”

    He gives me a rather strange look and points behind me and says, “Well then, what about that?” I turn around just in time to see a large amount of water blasting against the driver side of my truck. It was a strong stream of water similar to what would come from an open fire hydrant. Through the windshield and passenger side, I see the water fly through the air and against some of the houses on the other side of the parking lot. As quick as it started, it stops. I look left again and see a large truck with some kind of sprayer on the rear of it. I turn back and say to the guy, “I'm glad that my driver side window was shut when that happened. If it wasn't, that would be a big mess.” He just looks at me blankly. I stare back at him for a moment, thinking that he looks a little familiar. I am trying to connect the face and name, but cannot make the connection. Suddenly, another huge blast of water hits the side of my truck and passes through the air. This time, the water passes by slowly and hovers in the air as a solid blob of water rather than a spray. I look at it for a moment, then I look at the guy outside my passenger window. He stares back at me with a blank look at morphs into a surprised/shocked look as I become lucid. I rev my engine and tell the guy, “Now, it's time to fuck with this asshole for fucking with me.”

    I put my truck into reverse and fully depress the accelerator pedal. I roast off some tire while backing and whip the steering to the right and the truck does a 180 slide to the left. I stop for a moment and survey the scene. On the other side of the sprayer truck is a bunch of people with horses in a small corral made of temporary fending. The guy I was talking to is running away between a couple of the houses. I look back ahead and see a guy get out of and run away from the sprayer truck. I press the brake and accelerator pedal and start a burnout in the truck. When I see the tire smoke start to wrap around to the side windows, I let off the brake and aim for the guy that was spraying me with water. I steer around a bit to keep the tires spinning and sliding, yet moving forward while burning out. I run over a row of metal posts and a couple of signs while chasing the guy around. He ducks behind a stack of wooden crates full of corn. I turn and smash into the crates and run over the guy. I decide that I should fly out of there, but I can't get the truck off the ground. I look on the dash and see a button labeled “Fly”. When I press the button, I suddenly wake up. Fuuuu, I hate those wake-up buttons.

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