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    Walking on Water / Floating Ice (lost entry)

    by , 11-18-2012 at 06:12 PM (271 Views)
    DJ Log: October 13, 2012 – 8:00AM (USA Eastern)

    (Note: This entry was written in my DJ notebook, but it never made it into the computer.)/I][/COLOR]

    I am walking toward a familiar beach with a couple of friends. The sky is a bit cloudy and it is a little cool out. As we get closer to the water, my friend says. “It's a bit cool for swimming, isn't it?” I reply, “I am not swimming. Watch this.”

    I start running toward the water and when I reach the edge, I jump onto the surface of the water and start sliding over the surface like it's frozen. There are a few other people swimming and playing in the water. I slide for quite some time, then stop and look back toward the shore. My friend is standing there, dumbfounded.

    I look up and see that there is a large chunk of ice hanging about 15' over the surface of the water toward the shore. Thinking that this is the ice that froze during high tide, I want to climb up and check it out. I glide back to the shore and my friend is standing at the water's edge, staring at me. I get to the edge of the water and he says, “You're starting to sink.” I look down and see that my feet are about 2” below the surface of the water. I step out of the water, then walk toward a set of stairs on the beach.

    I climb the stairs to get to the upper ice layer. When I get to the edge, it looks kind of crumbly and unstable. I lift myself by the railings, then lower myself onto the ice. When I do, the ice breaks away under my weight. I go back to the stairs and go back to the beach. I look around for my friend, but he must have walked off.

    As I'm looking for him, my phone rings. I reach into my pocket and pull out a flip phone. When I flip it open and look at the screen, there is an incoming call with no name and an IP address under it. I push the answer button and say hello, then I suddenly wake up.

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