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    Chillin with Tonka

    by , 11-27-2016 at 05:15 PM (631 Views)


    I woke up 5.5 hours into my sleep. I stayed up for 35 minutes then went back to bed and tried MILD/WILD. I had a hard time keeping awareness and eventually decided to just try to catch the moment I fall asleep (Catch the Butterfly/Free-Falling WILD, etc.) like I used to 4 years ago. Eventually I fell asleep but didn't retain awareness.

    I was in the dining room with my mom. I got up and walked towards the kitchen. Fiona was wagging her tail, Tonka lifted his head and looked at me. I was a little confused. I then realized Tonka was dead, so this was a dream. I turned around and told my mom I was dreaming! The dream destabilized and I was back in my bedroom. I did a RC and stabilized for a bit by rubbing my hands. I went downstairs, my head felt a bit heavy. I assumed it was night time due to it being dark. I made it a bit brighter and saw Tonka walking towards me. I lied on the the floor with him and he licked my face all over, like when he used to when we hadn't seen each other in a while. I pet him, hugged him, kissed him. His fur was damp and smelled of shampoo as if we had just showered him. He let me know (without talking) that he missed us. I wanted to get to the Deku Tree. I walked to the door and called him, he came over but he didn't want to step out. I tried pushing him but he wouldn't come out of the house.

    I had a few FAs in which I tried to manipulate the dream through a computer program, and was able to communicate with Carolina through telepathy.

    I then had a FA in which my RC failed and I continued on with a non-LD.

    It is nice seeing Tonka in my dreams, and he's starting to be somewhat of an obvious dreamsign for me. When we were putting him to sleep, as I lied next to him hugging him, I whispered in his ear "see you in my dreams", and so far we've been keeping that promise. I wonder why he never wants to leave home; it could be that that's what I remember of him during his last month of life where he preferred to stay home sleeping instead of going out for walks. Or, if you want a more spiritual approach, it could be that his soul is at home and does not want to leave. Either way, I need to start giving more priority to my other goals. I could try to summon him outside of home and see if that works.

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