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    Lucid Fragment ii

    by , 10-04-2016 at 03:02 PM (623 Views)


    I woke up 5 hours into my sleep and studied for 20 minutes, then went back to bed. I lied on my back and repeated I would become lucid next time I was dreaming. I tried laying attention to HIs but kept waking up each time I did.

    I was in the middle of a dream and became spontaneously lucid. I had a FA in which I was in my parents' bed. I tried getting up but was really heavy and fell. I had another FA, this time I was in my bed. I got up and did a RC, I was still dreaming. My body felt as if I were spinning. I remembered Dolphin's advice on imagining I had just finished spinning and waiting for the feeling to go away, it worked.
    I walked down the stairs and saw it was bright outside. I opened my door and it still was day time. Something made me look back inside, and when I turned around to step out it was night time. I cursed myself and then looked back inside and then outside, it was day time again. I was on top of a small building. It looked like the assassin's bureau from AC I
    . Michela and Cali were there. I lost a bit of lucidity and asked Michela to help me fix my phone's brightness. I kept trying to remind myself I was dreaming. I looked at my hands and arms and it looked really vivid and real. I took off and started flying.

    I think I fell into a non-lucid dream
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    1. Occipitalred's Avatar
      Nice dream control with the changing the lighting!
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