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    The Monster Beneath my Bed

    by , 07-21-2016 at 02:13 AM (275 Views)
    I was in a town by a beach. My room was huge and looked like it was built or decorated resembling a Reinassance room. There were huge red curtains and the bed had a golden frame with an elegant design. It was nighttime and I was ready to go to sleep. I turned a nightcandle on next to my bed and laid down. I knew there was something about to happen.

    A breeze came through the room and it put out the candle. I got really chilly and then I felt movement underneath my bed. I held still, and a light, raspy voice said "Missed me?". I thought I imagined it so I just shut my eyes and tried to fall asleep. My heart was racing. The voice said "don't worry, I won't harm you". I felt as if I knew this voice from before. I asked "who are you?" to which the voice replied "your friend, the monster who lives beneath your bed" followed by a high pitch giggle.

    I was frozen, I didn't remember knowing of a monster living beneath my bed but it didn't sound angry or evil, just a bit creepy. I decided I wanted to face the Monster, to know what it looked like or what it wanted. I sprung from my bed and laid on the floor, as I lit up the candle. There she was, her hair dry black and was parted down the middle, each half falling forward over her shoulders. Her face was pale white and looked as if the skin had been torn off, and she was wearing a wide Cheshire cat smile. Although creepy, she had this friendly aura which made me feel comfortable.

    I asked her if she had been underneath my bed this whole time and she went on to explain that she only existed while I slept, and that her soul wandered aimlessly when I woke. I was confused because I was awake yet she was there. She noticed my confusion and stayed giggling again. Everything went dark.
    I woke up.

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    Tags: creepy, monster


    1. MadMonkey's Avatar
      Wow that's creepy. I'm glad she was friendly though. I bet she knew you where dreaming too. haha
      AndresLD likes this.
    2. AndresLD's Avatar
      She totally did haha. Something about her made her pleasant though, otherwise she'd be straight taken from a horrible nightmare