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    Seeing Tonka again

    by , 11-12-2016 at 04:43 PM (675 Views)


    I woke up at 4:00am with no dream recall. I stayed in bed for a bit and then went to the washroom. I was extremely drowsy. I saw on my bed and just browsed through FB and Instagram for half an hour. I went back to bed, lied on my back, and tried MILD as well as pay attention to HI's to WILD. A dream formed but I didn't retain consciousness. I woke up briefly and drifted back to sleep.

    I was playing Runscape. Someone had stolen all my gold. I was angry they had increased some of my armor stats and could no longer wear it. I shut it down and Santi was with me. He was bigger, and it was obvious he needed to pee. I took him to the washroom, and tried to hold him up so he could aim at the toilet. He peed everywhere. I realized this was a dream, he was not in Canada anymore. I had a FA, I stood up and plugged my nose. I rubbed my hands, and phased through the door. I had a weid feeling in my neck. I realized I was feeling my pillow against my body. I had to stabilize again. As I walked downstairs, I realized I was not in my house, it was similar in some aspects, but overall different. I knew right away I wanted to see Tonka. It's been two days since we had to put him down and I miss a lot, I've spent about half of my wake time crying. I looked into the hallway that would have been my real home's hallway, where he spent most of the last few months of life lying, and he was there with my other dog Fiona. He lifted his huge head up and wagged his tail at me. I lied down next to them, pet him, and kissed him. He felt real. I told him I missed him.

    I stood up and went to the door. I told him to follow me; Fiona did, but he wanted to stay home. I went outside, it was daytime, seemed like early morning. I was in a wooded area. I wanted to fly somewhere, but the dream started fading. I rubbed my hands and started spinning around.
    After a minute, I found myself in a room with a hot girl. We fooled around for a bit and then had another FA, drifted into a non-LD.

    I told my father about seeing Tonka in a dream, and told him it was a lucid dream. He seemed interested in the topic, even though he has just dismissed it in the past when I bring it up. I'm assuming he hadn't thought of using it for seeing loved ones we've lost.

    I need to be more aware of FAs, especially during DILDs, as it's been common for me lately to simply lose lucidities to FAs (and obvious ones at that). It was nice having this short LD though, because I feel I was in a bit of a dry spell, mostly due to stress with school and with Tonka's worsening this past week. I hope to see him again in my dreams soon.
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    1. MadMonkey's Avatar
      It is nice that you were able to see your dog again! Also I used to play runescape too. I stil ocasionaly get dreams of people ice baraging me. lol
    2. AndresLD's Avatar
      It is nice that you were able to see your dog again! Also I used to play runescape too. I stil ocasionaly get dreams of people ice baraging me. lol
      Look who decided to show up ! It was a nice dream! I have no idea why I dreamt of runescape lol, haven't played in at least 8 years!