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    AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures

    Tonka and Guitar

    by , 12-25-2016 at 05:31 PM (591 Views)


    I woke up 5 hours into my sleep and stayed up for 30 minutes, went back to sleep. Kept repeating "I will realize I'm dreaming".

    At some point I notice I'm sitting in bed. I decide to do a RC. I'm dreaming. I get out of bed and walk downstairs. I go outside and stabilize by sitting on the ground and touching the grass. It is night time. There's a weird, skinny, white cat in my front yard. I decide I want to see Tonka. I look away and look back to where the cat was, and Tonka is lying there. I lie down with him and hug him. He kisses me. His fur and smell are so real. I tell him we miss him and he just wags his tail at me. There's an acoustic guitar playing in the background, it's really soothing.

    I have a FA, I do a RC and stabilize. I go outside and start walking around. It's night time still. I think of making it day time using the Ocarina but decide not to afraid it might de-stabilize the dream. I grab a car and start driving somewhere, my mom is in the car and she's scared we just stole a car. I tell her it is all happening in my mind, it's ok.

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    Tags: mild, short dream