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    AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures

    Water Bending in a Water Planet

    by , 10-29-2016 at 03:10 PM (474 Views)


    I had a "Fake WILD", a WILD within a dream. This has happened to me before, but I forget if I usually consider it a DILD or a WILD. I think I'll consider it a DILD this time.

    I was in a hotel with my girlfriend. We went to bed and for some reason I knew I would have a lucid dream. I closed my eyes and right away felt SP set in. Vibrations were not as strong as they usually are, but they were there. I waited a few seconds and then sat up in my bed. I was not in my dream bedroom, but rather in the hotel bed. I stood up and did a reality check by plugging my nose and breathing. Air didn't get in as easily as it usually does, but I figured it was just a bit stuffed. I rubbed my hands to stabilize and read something on the wall. I remembered the Task of the Month. I put both my hands in my pockets and pulled out a slingy from my left pocket, and a pair of dice from the right pocket. I laughed and then jumped through the window, I phased through it. I started flying towards space.
    For a second I thought I was in the void, but then I saw stars everywhere. I started flying as fast as I could and they became distorted. I stopped and saw a blue planet, I knew it wasn't Earth. I flew towards it and entered its stratosphere and then decided to take away my flying, see if I could make myself invincible. I was falling fast but could sorta glide using my body position. There were several beautiful green islands before me, scattered in a deep blue ocean. I aimed towards one of them and at this point I was falling so fast that it became bigger and bigger exponentially. I landed on my feet, and there was an empty *POP* sound as I landed. I left a crater at the landing site of about 10 meters in diameter, I was unharmed.
    I walked to the shore, and looked towards the endless ocean, into the horizon. The sky was a mix of blue, and purpleish vanilla. I put my hands stretched out in front of me, and started waterbending. I made swirls in the air, made the shape of a dragon and had it dance in the air. Then I shot a big stream of water straight up in the air and made it explode, it was beautiful. I thought of what I should do next, and had a FA.
    The dream continued non-lucidly.

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