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    AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures

    Weird Shit on a Ship

    by , 10-23-2016 at 07:26 PM (613 Views)


    I was boarding a pirate-like ship in Miami. Daniela had picked me up at the airport and we hooked up on the way to the port. I was Captain of the ship. The tripulation included Tyrion and Jaime Lanister, and my miami friends too. There was a curse though, I had to keep my hands covered at all times or the demon would wake up and come for us. The demon was kinda like Samara from the Ring, although it occasionally changed into a monster. It was sleeping in one of the cabins, and we tried to stay away from it. At one point someone gave me a towel, but it was too small, and the demon woke up and started walking towards us, Samara style.

    Eventually the curse broke and the girl stood up, she was a shy, pretty girl. We are arrived at a port and I told Alejandro I wanted to sleep with Dani. I then realized Dani's sister had heard me. At that point, my gf shows up and I then realized I couldn't sleep with Dani, it would be wrong. I helped my gf get off the boat.

    This was a longer dream but I didn't write about it upon waking up. Although it sounds like a bit of a nightmare, I wasn't really too scared at any point. I love sea and pirate-related things, so just the fact that I was captain of a pirate ship I think made up for the whole being haunted by a demon thing.
    In dreams I often have partial waking-memory, in this case I had totally forgotten I had a gf until she showed up. I used to feel guilty about this upon waking up, but then, there are dreams in which I don't even remember who I am IWL, so I think it is understandable.

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    Tags: demon, samara, sea, ship