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    14th March 2012

    by , 04-13-2012 at 01:09 AM (240 Views)
    Dream 1

    I am at a house and we are looking around it. Suddenly we realise there is a build-up of gas in there. I grab a tape recorder which has proof on it that the man who lives there is cheating. The house has now changed into a dolls house and I am playing with it, I take out the lady that I don't like ((she is now a Barbie doll)). I now go to take out a man but a smaller me is in the house and it shouts "no, that's the wrong one" so I put him back. There is now a big explosion in the house, it's all normal size again now and I'm standing by the side of the house. I slowly go inside and check the house, it's dark with a little light like candle light but without the candles. Everything is everywhere and I say to a bloke "help me or I'll go flying, I can't see and there's stuff everywhere". There are animals inside, lots of birds too..loads of them actually. I see a big brown owl and I say "you need to free these, you can't keep them locked up. I walk through, I'm all dusty and dirty, the people I am with are now Barbie dolls again lol but life sized ones. I open a gate and check on the animals and there is straw everywhere.

    Dream 2

    I am trying on brahs for a man..I think he has made them, other people are watching. We are in a big PE gym. I look at the brahs and they have gel in them but it's not right and I can't get it right.

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