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    Sunday 11th November 2012

    by , 11-29-2012 at 12:55 AM (468 Views)
    Last Nights False Awakenings

    False Awakening No.1

    I wake up in bed and my hubby is leaning over me. He is screaming at me and trying to attack me, I then wake up, but into a second false awakening:...

    False Awakening No.2

    I'm sitting in bed awake, my hubby now wakes up. My hubby gets up out of bed and lunges at me with his arms stretched out towards me. He is shouting something at me in an angry voice but I can't remember what. He now grabs me around the throat and I struggle with him on the bed as I try to get him off me.
    We now fall off my side of the bed and hit the floor with a thud! I manage to shove my hubby under the bed, and as I do I scrape his back across the wooden floor panels that are under there. My hubby squeals and moans and I manage to use the bed to wedge him off me and get away from him. I now quickly run to the floor at the end of my bed. My hubby now gets himself from under the bed and is now sitting on the floor with his legs crossed.
    I can now hear the radio playing in the background. The man on the radio is interviewing a woman about dreams and she says "when your floor cracks in a dream, it will crack in real life. This is so the Bible will fall through it and they have then succeeded to leave you without your Bible" lol. The man says "really?, and that's when they can get to you easier, and that's why they do it?".
    I now see my hubby again and he's still sitting in the legs crossed position. He starts banging his fists on the floor, and starts kind of like gliding towards me. He now reaches me, so I grab his shoulders and scream "K WAKE UP...K WAKE UP!" But he's still in a weird dream like state and still trying to attack me, so I grab his head and push it to the floor which slows him down a little.
    I now run into my Daughters room and hide behind her door. My hubby turns to go the other way, but then he turns back towards where I am hiding. He glides, legs still crossed, along the landing and towards me. He's shouting obscenities at me, he's really scary!.
    I'm really scared and I also now realise that my bedroom floor is beginning to crack. I hear the woman on the radio again and she says "if it starts to crack then it means that your house will fall down within the next hour!" I now shit myself more but then I wake up for real.

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