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    Tuesday 27th November 2012

    by , 11-30-2012 at 02:45 AM (648 Views)
    This Mornings OBE and Lucid

    I am lying in bed and nod off for a few seconds. I wake up now and keep my eyes closed and don't move. I can feel the vibrations and hear the cracking and crunching noise. I think to myself "ok, I'll try and sit up now" but I wasn't ready yet so I relax again, after a few seconds I know I'm ready. I now begin to sit up and my Astral body sits up. I open my eyes, but realise that my real eyes have opened so I quickly shut them again.
    I now feel my Astral body separate fully, so again I open my astral eyes and this time I have astral sight. I look at my bedroom window and just fly out of it hands first. I'm now flying over the green outside my house. I also remember flying around the woods opposite and flying around the streets behind me, it's fantastic and so exilerating!
    My sight now goes a bit blurry around the edges ((I've never experienced this before)) I call out "clarity now!" My voice echoes a little. I rub my hands together and my scenery stabilises.
    I love being fully conscious and in flight, I feel so free. I fly for ages and end up at a beautiful place where the fields are luscious green, and the flowers are beautiful and enhanced. I now see my 2 Daughters "L" and "S", they are flying and I call over to them, they see me and wave. I shout over to them "girls you're dreaming, this is just a dream!" "L" isn't too sure but "S" comes over to me and has a fly with me. I now wake up in real life and "L" and "S" are still in bed fast asleep

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