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    Nuclear bomb dream

    by , 12-06-2018 at 07:35 AM (183 Views)
    I really just want to know the meaning behind this dream. It happened a few hours ago, but Iím still incredibly spooked about it. **DISCLAIMER** Iím very afraid of death but have not thought or talked about it in a very long time.

    What I remember is being in an old primary school even though I am of my current age ( f. 16 ) and with some friends. I was very far from family so I didnít have time to go back to them after receiving news about a nuclear attack very soon. The school staff prepared us, took all security precautions and measures (somehow the school had activated technology to fight against the radiation of the bomb). The staff told us some people will die and some wonít. They said if you were to feel yourself peeing, itís because youíre dying. So without taking any chances, I took out my phone (I was lying on the ground for whatever reason) and started texting my boyfriend and family. I could feel myself start to pee, so I knew I was about to die. I saw the explosion from about a mile or two away, the only thing is this had some sort of smoke in it that killed us, wasnít radiation. I felt my heart beating rapidly, i could feel my organs move around and eventually burst from inside of me. Everything was incredibky vivid, I could see myself from outside of my body staring at my corpse and feeling sorry. when I woke up I wondered how I was even alive. I wonder whatís the meaning behind this. Iím truly shaken up still

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