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    7/23/11 Space, Zombies, Gods, and Monsters

    by , 07-23-2011 at 07:18 PM (332 Views)

    1) I go to a friend’s house for a get together of a sort. I think a camping trip or some other outdoorsy thing… The first floor is partially open, with one wall out into the yard in front of me. Grass. I see a number of my friends, as well as Colin, a coworker. I didn’t know he knew my circle of friends… He’s wearing a head wrap for some reason, and someone has on a snorkel and mask. I become LUCID, and fly out and up to the second floor.

    2) On the IOSDP thread, someone posts up points for most of the users. Man of Shred comments that I’ve been forgotten.

    3) I’m playing Team Fortress 2, as an engineer. A heavy pins me down with fire but leaves, and I rush to a building outside the enemy spawn. I place a sentry hiding around the corner on a flight of stairs (it’s too short to fire through the open air window above it though). I use my shotgun and a boomerang (fired with the mouse wheel) to kill two or three enemies as they leave spawn. I feel somewhat bad for this, as the boomerang is an autohit and follows them in to kill them… The kill icons appear in the top left of the screen. The dream shifts. Same place, but I’m talking to a Jesus looking figure. He makes a comment as to my hair style. I “know” he’s the third oldest being in existence, and I begin to ponder how the more advanced beings create the lower races. I think what humanity will give to the world, who will be our children. Shifts again. I am Kratos, and another god with a glowing full face helmet is fighting me. The Jesus figure asks me a question that I don’t recall. I reply, “I’ll burn the world.” He grabs me, and I glow with a golden light. The helmet god swings his sword at my chest, but the glow stops it.
    Helmet Guy. Ish...
    blogs/animusmessor179/attachments/2381-7-23-11-space-zombies-gods-monsters-venser.jpg blogs/animusmessor179/attachments/2382-7-23-11-space-zombies-gods-monsters-castle-heterodyne.jpg

    4) LUCID. Grab a DC and ask if I can please kiss them. She smiles. I kiss her.
    (To explain, part of the reason for this is that my DCs and I have had… disagreements in the past. Twice in my life, once recently, they’ve outright told me that they won’t tolerate how I treat them. These past few weeks I’ve been working on this. Now, I’m a very respectful and kind person in waking life, but I’m aware that I’m dreaming in most of my dreams. Or at the least, that I’m not me. And since the DCs are part of me, I felt alright treating them poorly. But they deserve as much respect as the rest of my mind. So, I’m taking this as a good sign.)

    5) Adrian Monk is married to a woman with a degenerative disease. She smokes, and is currently nihilistic. At a dinner of some sort, she overhears a woman talking of her research into the secret of life. The scene changes to an outdoor setting. A creature that looks like it’s been literally stitched together (yellow, collar-like neckflap, short claw legs, goblin-like face with a beak). –Shift- There are three of these creatures , a Kabutops (pokemon) looking quadruped with two legs ripped off (my assumption was the fossil was incomplete), and various other things. I am inside the enclosure with them, climb to the top of a metal frame tower, and jump over the fence. The creatures break out and start chasing me and other scientists to a walled city. –Shift- The creatures are now little children, still chasing me. Candy is strewn on the way to the city, and I try to throw it to distract the kids. They don’t go for it, and one catches me.

    6) LUCID. On a highway. Trying to change the dream to the Chichen Itza pyramid. Talking to the dream to get this to happen, but nothing changes. I start flying.
    In space. Observer perspective (I don’t have a body). I am going in space to pick up a future ally and teammate of mine. He and another person are on a planet infested with zombies. They have chain saws and scythes, but the other guy gets pulled down and killed.

    7) Driving down road in my car, and a van in front of me stops. My friends from my dojo are in it, and I get in as well. Someone's mother is driving, Marshall is there. We drive to a stone building and get out, and we eat cookies...
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