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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. 12/2/2013 A Desert Town

      by , 12-03-2013 at 08:37 AM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      Sleep at around 03:00, first awake at 10:00, then WILDed with my 9 minute iPhone alarm twice.

      0) Dreams I don't really remember....

      1) Walking around the outside of what looks like my high school (a place I seem to frequently dream of...), and then going inside. Lucid. I walk past what looks like a robotics room, filled with people but looking a bit grungy and full of people. I head deeper down a hallway and run into an ex, who I talk to briefly. She had longer hair than she has now.

      2) Arena / board game mix. Sandy, open air Colosseum like thing. Flat rocks were the "tiles" of the game portion, with game pieces being flipped on each. Lucid, I walked out of the building into darkness. After a moment, it faded away into the middle of a desert ruins. I started thinking of my dream goal and, as I looked around, I began to see signs of active settlement mixed in with the ancient structures. An ogre with an umbrella was walking off in the distance from what looked like a central bazaar.

      I'm hoping to get back into the habit of dream journaling as I feel it helps me recall my dreams. I find that as soon as I "solidify" them in my mind, I recall them rather well, unless I fall back asleep. Which is why my dreams before my WILD attempts are lost to my mind...
    2. 6/8/13 Behind the Curtain

      by , 06-09-2013 at 09:00 AM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      Sleep Pattern:

      Time Awake - 12:00-02:30
      Lights Out - 02:30
      Sleep - ~3:00
      No attempts or methods, just trying to fall asleep.
      First Recalled Awakening ~ 9:00
      Don't fully remember, but I think I woke up. I really need to start writing these posts as I get up instead of getting to sleep...
      Next Recalled Awakening - ~11:00
      Last Recalled Awakening - ~11:45
      Up - 12:00

      Modifiers the Day Before:

      Modifiers Going to Sleep:
      -Still sick...
      -Computer and phone...

      Modifiers Getting Up:
      -Alarm at 12:00

      1) Semi-lucid. I am being recruited into an army in a non-our world. I am aware that this is a dream, but still don't question the story and follow along. I packed a bag but forgot clothes, so I go back to get some. In the meantime, I come across my DCs scrambling around backstage, out of character. (I remember the implication of them being out of the roles they were supposed to, as I apologized to them for messing up the routine).

      -Time Skip-

      A girl from my high school is next to me in a movie theater, and I put my arm around her. She seems surprised, though not unhappy. Still semi-lucid.

      2) Driving down a highway I have never been down before, having a bit of trouble making all the lane changes and turns, realize it is a dream. Pull the wheel up and the car flies vertically.
    3. 6/7/13 Day 2 of Habit Forming Period -

      by , 06-08-2013 at 08:02 AM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      Sleep Pattern:

      Time Awake - 08:30 to ~03:00
      Lights Out - 02:30
      Sleep - ~3:00
      No attempts or methods, just trying to fall asleep.
      1st Recalled Awakening - ~11:00
      I think that I woke up earlier in the morning but I did not check the time or record anything.
      Last Recalled Awakening - ~11:15
      Woke up from a dream to my alarm.
      Up - 12:00

      Modifiers the Day Before:
      -Halo 3 with friends.

      Modifiers Going to Sleep:
      -Still sick.
      -Computer and phone.

      Modifiers Getting Up:
      -Class at 13:00

      Tried to solidify dreams I recalled while laying in bed after first recalled awakening, remembering some 3 or 4 dreams or fragments. Forgot a portion of them since then... Not in chronological order, just in what I remember.

      1) Some brief dream after 1st Awakening. Recall a reddish or greenish (or both) galaxy when I was woken up by my alarm.

      2) Working backstage at or watching a show at a school. Mix of my middle school and high school. Walked through the halls and outside, found a friend and a former classmate. Semi-lucid / lucid.
    4. 1/3/2012 Hazy Weights...

      by , 01-03-2012 at 10:55 PM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      Poor sleep, not much recall.

      1) I was with two other people, in a small box-like room, and one was instructing me how to squat press a weight. Other person was going after me I think...
    5. 11/24/11 Thanksgiving Break

      by , 11-24-2011 at 07:01 AM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      Hug Aurea
      Hug Katie in school setting. Somewhat lucid.
      More school, set for play? Many thin walls in maze like design and layers. Practice phasing. Semi-lucid.
    6. 9/19/11 Grasping at the Straws

      by , 09-19-2011 at 07:43 PM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      Only got 6 or so hours of sleep, so not much recall. I only remember some thoughts that were running through my mind as I woke up in the middle of the night.

      1) Thinking about the 4 guys I had made a video game with on Saturday. Maybe one of them still had to do something for it?
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    7. 9/18/11 Supervillain Magic League and Walking the Streets of Old

      by , 09-18-2011 at 08:22 PM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      1) I am some sort of supervillain, playing a game of Magic: the Gathering, Elder Dragon Highlander, with other similar sorts. Starting off the game, I draw much too many cards, finding new ones and supersized versions. (one was a 10ish mana green spell to put a named 14/14 into play, other was a 4 mana spell that got more mana). I comment to the player next to me, "Yeah, these games last a while and are absolutely chaotic. It makes them fun. I've always wanted to make a red deck just to screw with everyone else." On a woman's turn, she brings in 4 or 5 lava monsters into the room through the front door. I place my hand on my wrist, a teleportation device I apparently have. Think about trying for Chichen-Itsa pyramid, but didn't become lucid...

      2) WILD. I am walking through a hotel or casino like building, looking for someone.

      3) I am LUCID, in old, roman like city. White granite buildings, a large multilayered fountain. I jump up on the edge, walking along next to the water. A storyteller is weaving a tale on the opposite side of the fountain. He makes a mention of Kreig, which is a fantasy world I've been making for years. I smile, as he talks about the Dragons of the Game.
    8. 8/2/11 Warehouse and Blurs

      by , 08-02-2011 at 11:51 PM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      1) All I remember is warehouse. Everything else is just blurry or just out of reach of my thoughts. *Sigh* Same thing as the past weeks... I need to get to sleep sooner. And arm myself... I march to war!
      Tags: warehouse
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. 8/1/11 Bowler hats and Theatre

      by , 08-02-2011 at 01:59 AM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      Sprained ankle today. Ice pack and elevated tonight. Slept on back tonight.

      1) LUCID. With guy friends. Apparently a race to see who is my best friend. Rob, people. Think to myself Tim wins. In a city block with some form of barrier or shield wall in front of me.

      2) Sean. Guys. Time shifts to 1950s. I'm in a dorm room with all these people. Think I need to find a bowler hat to fit in.

      3) At an orientation or a first day of college. I first see a play of some sort. After I leave, I sit at a study table. I remember I have a HUGE amount of homework due the first day of school. Poster. Kinda panic, but then realize it's not the first day. I still have a while. A guy walks past with a headset and comm system on. He's the stage manager of the play, I think. The guy sitting next to me yells, "Tech Theatre!" Talk. Other people know each other.

      5) While awake in bed before leaving for work. Vision of a box of two chocolate muffins. Grabbed one for breakfast.

      6) Playing on the computer with a 360 controller.

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    10. 7/11/11 First Try With Pom Juice

      by , 07-12-2011 at 05:12 AM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      I wish scrawlings wasn't so accurate of a term... I don't fully know what all of these writings mean.

      1) Captain Jack Sparrow or someone inspired by him is in a commercial. He appears to be a marble statue with the Captain's face. He is a christian, or at least is helping the church. Sounds almost like V for Vendetta. Rebel? "Smite the body". Self inflicted tattoo harm. The situation graduation.

      2) Team Fortress 2. Bucket of chicken item that ups speed.

      3) Andre comes up and tells me he made a new friend. Talk about drugs. Captain Jack is here?

      4) Geek hobby store. Two of my male cousins (from different parents) are passed out drunk on the stairs. I'm about to play a miniature game of a sort.

      5) I am conscripted into a real life swords and vampire (fantasy battle?). I'm some form of captain.

      6) There is a creepy and scary little girl outside the window. I walk through a hallway and cast a spell to keep her out of my dreams. It's a massive and ornate house, almost clue like. I'm not myself. There is a waterfall fountain in the center of a large room decorated with stones. I flirt with a girl in a wet dress, but get shot down.

      8) Graduation? Clothing is same. Speech? (More words that I can't actually read in this one...)

      9) Dad plays iphone strategy game.

      10) Had been a kitchen fire and a wooden table is burnt. Another fire starts and I grab an extinguisher and try to put it out.

      11) No recall...

      12) No recall...

      13) Dad and mom going to return Daisy (our new puppy)

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    11. 7/7/11

      by , 07-08-2011 at 04:28 AM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      1) Collectible card game.

      2) Watching porn at work.
      Tags: cards
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. 7/5/11 Gym and Fried Chicken

      by , 07-06-2011 at 04:19 AM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      1) At school. It's half way between my high school, and my future college in set up. Pick up K and drive to gym.

      2) Cafeteria. Fried chicken strips.
      Tags: school
      non-lucid , dream fragment