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    by , 01-26-2016 at 11:04 PM (280 Views)
    I am partially at my church, and partially at Hogwarts. There are 4 different areas on the alter, and in each of the four different areas, there is one of each house. So, each area has all four houses in it, if that makes sense. I am then sorted into Ravenclaw, and Dumbledore(the first one) tells me something. I remember feeling very special that the headmaster decided to speak to me.
    I am in my Spanish class. I walk up to a chair and sit on it. Somehow I have that memory that I was just "lost at sea" in the Spanish classroom, as though there was water underneath the chairs or something. I am joking around with my friends, saying that I liked to be "lost at sea" better than doing school work, because I didn't have to work. Me and my friend then go on our chromebooks, onto a google classroom assignment. It is a quiz about which house you are in for Hogwarts.
    I am at school, right at the end of the day. The bell rings, and I pick up all my stuff. But, I keep dropping all my books and stuff. When I finally get a hold on them, the buses are already almost leaving, so without stopping at my locker to get my backpack, I race to the bus. The bus driver asks me why I don't have my backpack, so I tell her.
    My brother and I are walking towards someone's house, apparently to return a dog that we dog-sitted for them.

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