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    by , 02-06-2016 at 03:00 AM (343 Views)
    I only remembered my dreams from later in the night.
    I remember a fragment about Gov. Bobby Jindal dropping out of the run for presidency. I know there was more to the dream but I can't remember it.
    I am in my church basement playing volleyball in my gym class. One of my friends walks up to me and tells me the results of the Iowa caucuses. I take my friend by the shoulders and say to her, "I knew what the results were about two seconds after they came out. Ok, probably more like five minutes."
    I'm at Hogwarts in one of the classes. Harry asks Dumbledore a question and Dumbledore answers, "whatever you say will be your punishment." Then we are outside near Hogwarts and the Forbidden forest. There is a giant crow laying on the ground next to us. (Harry Ron, Hermione.) Then Dumbledore says something about Voldemort never seeing death before, and someone lights a match and throws it on the crow. We are all very horrified at this.

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