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    Another school nightmare and Beach Dream

    by , 12-23-2013 at 08:19 PM (496 Views)
    Dream 1:
    I was back in that same classroom as my previous dreams, I had entered a class late in the semester. I had no idea what was going on and I was late to class, so everybody was taking a test on something that I was supposed to know about. I actually did know a lot of the answers for some reason (it was related to biochemistry and physical chemistry). I only had completed 5/10 pages by the time everybody started to finish their tests. Woke up.

    fragment 1:
    I don't remember the beginning of this dream, I just remember that I was on a beach and my old best friend was there. I became lucid and started talking to him. He wanted me to show him some dream powers, so I turned him into a dolphin. He started swimming in the ocean and he loved it, he was laughing like a maniac, and with such glee. I went off to start an RPG and I expected him to keep up. Was kind of a lame RPG, honestly. I was supposed to find these bottles with secret letters in them along the beach and bring them to some NPCs to continue the plot. I did that and my old dolphin-buddy eventually caught up to me. While the NPCs were acting out some dramatic scene, I noticed my buddy was having more fun, so I thought I would turn myself into a dolphin as well. I started to transform, got the tail and the flippers, but then a mega-dolphin with a huge horn on its head came out of the ocean and scared the shit out of me. Both of us turned full human and ran to the shore. I don't remember part of it here, but we eventually got into this giant building with no roof. There was a low-cloud sky right above us. My friend took off flying into the clouds, I followed him. I noticed a giant hand of Zeus reaching down through the clouds. Reminded me of that Michelangelo painting on the sistine chapel ceiling, so I went over to touch it and suddenly lightning started coming out of the fingertips. Changed my mind pretty quickly. The clouds started to turn stormy, mass amounts of funnel clouds started forming. I knew that I didn't want tornadoes everywhere, that didn't sound like too much fun. So I turned the entire sky into an enormous ceiling, and each funnel cloud turned into a chandelier.

    I went to the 2nd floor of this building and there were a lot of my old, dead relatives hanging out up there with my old best friend. I started hanging out with them too, talking about stuff. Eventually my grandma that died about 20 years ago told me to come over, she looked at all the cuts and scrapes on my hands and wrists and told me that these were signs of the devil. Okay grandma . Then the dream ended, I tried to DEILD, I managed to do it but I don't remember what I did. Had a false awakening, wrote down the dream. Woke up for real, was disappointed that I had to write it all down again.

    Dream 2:
    I was back in that school again. The class had ended and I left out the front door. I lit up a smoke and some professor came up behind me acting all uppity and asked me for my name (smoking is banned on campus). I told him, "Hey man, I don't go to school here". He pointed to my backpack and I just walked away. He threatened to expel me and I just ignored him as he followed me. He was hanging out by all the cars, waiting for me to get in so he could take down my license plate # down no doubt, so I walked right by it. I wandered around the town for awhile until I decided it was time to go check if he was still there. I flirted with a couple girls on the way back. When I got there he was still waiting by the cars, of course. He saw me and started following me, I pulled out my phone to record him. He followed me off campus and then cut me and ran away, what a weirdo. I started walking back to my car and this gay guy started being all mean and discriminatory towards me, so I gave him a big hug filled with love and we walked down the street as buddies. I forgot about the car entirely and went into some restaurant. I sat down at a table and everybody was being racist towards me, I don't know why! I'm a white male, so I am part of the population that is almost never confronted by discrimination. It made me kind of sad to think about how many people experienced that kind of treatment on a daily basis. Then I woke up.
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      This is cool. We both had dreams featuring something about gay and race. Mine was a guy thinking I looked gay the way I was skipping around having fun and the other was looking in the mirror and seeing a black man looking back at me (I am also white) but it felt like it was supposed to be me. Maybe I was meant to experience what it was like to be black the way you felt the discrimination in the restaurant in your dream...interesting!
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    2. Batch's Avatar
      Nice dream ... I really got a kick out of just how much your friend was enjoying being a dolphin!
    3. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      "Nice dream ... I really got a kick out of just how much your friend was enjoying being a dolphin! "
      hahaha yea me too, I thought it was hilarious.