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    A Beautiful Beach, Building a Mansion, and Fairy Land

    by , 08-14-2015 at 03:17 PM (714 Views)

    The dream started in a giant, outdoor pagoda. Dreamer and I were lying down in a bed that was right in the center of it. I felt really excited that I had gotten into the dream successfully. A scary looking guy walked up to us with a knife, so I smiled at him and told him that he could be our protector in this dream. I also asked him if he would please hire some chefs for me because I was hungry. He turned around then walked out of the pagoda. I looked to my right and there was now a giant section of the pagoda that had a professional kitchen, fully staffed with professional cooks. I wanted to tell them to kindly make vegan food only, but I noticed that I couldn’t move or talk very easily. I felt my waking life body start to mouth the word “vegan” when I tried to talk to them, but Dreamer assured me that I made no noises while I was asleep. I remembered Sageous’ advice from earlier that day – I didn’t need to worry about these lethargic feelings because they would soon pass as my body fell into a deeper sleep. I waited patiently while mentally giving the chefs directions. I could see them busily cooking several fancy dishes with a vividly coloured assortment of vegetables and fruits being cut up. I was excited to eat something delicious.

    I turned around to sit at a table with Dreamer while we waited for our meal. She was wearing an extravagant looking green dress and some very expensive looking jewelry. One of the cooks brought us each a dish of some strange food. I think that it tasted rather bland, but I can’t remember exactly.
    I decided that I wanted to build this pagoda into a beautiful house. The colours in this dream were extremely bright and beautiful at this point; there was golden, vaulted roof, sunlight was coming in through all of the sides, and we were surrounded by lush, green gardens. I asked the cook that brought us the food to hire some architects and designers for me, so that we could have walls, various floors, and beautiful decorations. An army of invisible workers quickly transformed our giant pagoda into a beautiful mansion, it looked kind of like a time lapse video.
    Dreamer disappeared and my lucidity started to gradually wane a bit at this point. I asked a DC to hire some servants and maids for me. A beautiful maid DC with brown hair, green eyes, and an olive complexion appeared and started talking to me.
    Spoiler for Sex:

    There was another part of the dream where I was wandering around thinking about metal that had the properties of rubber, I thought it sounded interesting and decided I would ask my material engineer friend about it when I woke up.
    The next part I can remember, I was taking an elevator down into a basement with an entirely white interior – there were bright, white walls, floors, and even furniture.
    Spoiler for Sex:

    Another gap in memory, I was going to a high school with Dreamer, but I was rich and too lazy to actually attend myself so I sent someone to take my place. They were equipped with a camera, two-way audio, and they would repeat anything I said. I suddenly realized that this was a dream again and thought to myself, “What the hell am I doing”. I took over the school proxy guy’s body and looked deep into Dreamer’s eyes and told her how much I love her. I was feeling very nice, enjoying the feeling of the connection that we shared. I then had a FA in our room.
    I was talking to Dreamer when I noticed that there was no roof or walls and that we were in a grassy field. I realized it was a dream but did a nose plug RC just for fun, then I grabbed Dreamer in my arms and we took off flying. We were high up in the sky and there were floating trains everywhere going past us. I looked ahead and saw this futuristic city that was floating on the ocean. I thought about going there but then I noticed a small building that was flying in the sky on a piece of levitating land. We landed there and went inside. It was an arcade/movie theatre/restaurant that was quite busy to boot! I really wanted to eat some pizza so I walked to the front of an enormous line and asked the cash register lady for two large pizzas with extra pepperoni. She pulled them out of an oven and showed me two pieces of cheese that had huge hairs in them, then told me that her boss put them there. I called him over then told him that he was quite naughty for putting his hairs in my pizza.

    The dream was suddenly interrupted by this out of place dream character that was supposed to be an angel. She had very fair features, soft, pale skin, bright, blonde hair, and deep blue eyes. She said to me that they didn’t really understand me (the DCs), because they didn’t actually know English. She started talking about this other language that was supposed to be the language of communicating with the higher self and other realms of existence. I kept talking with the dream angel while we casually strolled through an enormous garden. I have no idea what we talked about, but I do remember that she was at least 30 feet tall. I thought it was neat to see such a huge DC since I haven’t really seen giants that much in my dreams. I had another FA but never realized it was a dream.


    I was having a very nice non-lucid dream with a lot of beautiful scenery that is beyond my abilities to adequately describe, sadly. I really wish that I could take pictures of my dreams or draw them better.

    I was on a beach, alone, searching through the sand for lobsters/crabs. I found a dead one’s enormous limb, but no real lobsters/crabs. I walked around this giant wall and found an inlet into a manmade bay. There were 100 foot sandstone walls on all sides and rocks below. Some DCs were playing a deadly game where they would try to free climb up the walls before these gigantic, tsunami sized waves crushed them. The waves were coming from all 4 sides as well, it was very strange, but the game was a lot of fun! I climbed with them using incredible athleticism that I most certainly do not possess IWL. It felt really nice to be so agile and strong. Everybody got to the top before the enormous waves came in and we were all hanging out on a small, mossy stone cliff. A girl with blonde hair and blue eyes was there and she said that she had romantic feelings for me. I strangely felt a connection with her too. I was starting to tell her that I was in love with someone else when I woke up into a FA. I told Dreamer about the dream and the girl and she got quite jealous, very unlike her. I thought it was funny that she was so jealous though. I did a WILD in the FA and took Dreamer with me, back to the previous dream.

    We started back on the beach. I showed her the cool free climbing death game, and she struggled a bit to get up to the top with me. I noticed that the waves were going to crush her so I jumped down, grabbed her, and then flew up high. My flying skills failed me though and we started to crash back down to the ground. We landed on the beach, but there were no waves at all.

    I decided that I might as well try the fishing task, so I reached my hand into the sand and pulled out a fishing pole with a feather and a fishing bubble attached to it. I threw the line into the water with the intention that I wouldn’t catch or harm any fish. I felt a tug almost immediately and started to reel in, and there was a mackerel on the line. I pulled it up to shore, feeling quite awful about it, but I decided that I was going to try to get something positive out of it. I held the mackerel up to my face and asked it to tell me a secret. I saw the hook coming out of its chest and I struggled to get it out while the mackerel was talking to me. He didn’t seem to feel any pain and his name was Norigawa. He said to me, “Inner tail not good, powder is yum.”

    I thought that was a bit strange. He suddenly had huge, long, spiny fins. I tried to gently put him back in the water now that the hook was out, but I pulled the skin off his fins, revealing bones, and his chest had a gaping hole in it. I felt awful that I had damaged my fish friend so badly. Dreamer scooped some of the skin from his fins out of the water and stared at it in her hands.

    I wasn’t happy with how that fishing experience went so I decided that I was going to do it again! It was getting dark now, the sun had almost completely set and we were surrounded by palm trees. I said to myself that this time I would catch something profound. I started to throw my line out when a long, snake-like dragon started slithering towards me from the ocean, trying to be caught. It scared me a little bit so I said to it, “No, I don’t want to catch you!”

    It kept slithering towards me and I felt like it was going to become hostile if I kept being afraid of it, so I banished it to another realm that was halfway between here and somewhere else. I could still see it but it looked ethereal now. Dreamer said to me, “Aren’t you worried that it will escape?”

    The dragon transformed into a skeleton with Nordic armor and started to charge itself up with various rpg skills. I told her as I threw the line out to the ocean, “No, it can’t escape, unless something sets it free”.

    Suddenly there was a bright, fiery, orange glow beneath the surface of the water that was rushing towards my hook. I thought to myself, “Damnit…”
    This huge creature made of fire grabbed my line then jumped out of the water, its name was Diablos. It set the dragon-skeleton free and they both started to attack us. I summoned mirror images of them so that they would be evenly matched automatically, then summoned mirror images of Dreamer and I to use our own dream powers against them. I then made glass walls appear all around the dragon and Diablo, and vaporized them with a powerful, fiery explosion. Woke up.


    I don’t remember most of this series of lucid dreams, just small fragments.

    In one I was at a vegan bakery and I tried their pavlova, their cake, and this custard pie thing. Only the custard pie tasted delicious and I told the DC that made it that. She said to me, “I would hope so, that recipe is what built this place.”

    Another part, I was wandering through a restaurant, eating food off various DC’s plates, yum. I came to one old lady that was cutting up a huge steak. I thought to myself, “Hmm, that might be interesting.”
    Spoiler for Sex:

    Another part, I was wandering through a house when I saw Harley Quinn and the Joker. Harley Quinn said that she liked me but that she was never going to monogamous to any person, then asked if I would be jealous. I said no. She asked me again, “So if I was having sex with a guy in front of you right now, you wouldn’t even flinch?”

    I said no again.
    Spoiler for Sex:

    Another dream, I was non-lucid while standing on a frozen lake with Dreamer. There were characters from sesame street surrounding us. They were summoning random objects like old shoes and pans to throw at each other, but they would always miss. Splashes of various colours would appear where the objects hit the surface of the lake – green, red, purple, yellow, orange, blue. It was quite pretty to see. I’m pretty sure that the trees around us were sparkling too, I felt like I was in some weird fairy world. I became lucid from that and took Dreamer for a fly on a bicycle, it felt very E.T. and it was a ton of fun. I really loved flying through the air on that bike with her, exploring the magical landscape. I wish that I could remember more of what happened.

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    1. mzungu's Avatar
      Are you vegan AnotherDreamer? You've mentioned veganism in your last two DJs so I was just wondering. I'm vegan myself. I laughed out loud when you performed favors for that old lady for steak! I might have done for a good vegan cream cheese pie!

      I loved the part about the fish, though I felt sorry for him as well. It's funny he had a Japanese name. I tell you talking to animals is a big motivator for me to learn how to lucid dream.

      Another good dream, very pleasant to read. I wish you many dreams like this one!
    2. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      I'm glad we get to hang out in the dreamworld so much!
      There are so many pretty scenes in your dreams, I especially loved the non-lucid part with the colourful splashes on the lake.
      I like that you just mentioned that the angel was 30 feet tall as a casual side-note.
      I'm sorry that the fishing dream turned out to be so yucky... and sorry if I incubated that by saying I didn't want to do that task.
      It's funny that my DC got jealous about your dream-crush. "Who is she!?"
      It's great that Sageous' advice helped you to make progress with your WILDs, and I'm excited that you're feeling confident about the length of your LDs again. =) You are awesome!
    3. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      @mzungu: Dreamer and I are both vegan!
      That's really cool that you are as well, I had a feeling you might be from some of the things that you've posted.
      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I used to be an avid fisherman when I was younger, so I was torn about that task. On one hand, I would have loved to experience something that I used to love, but on the other hand, I was reluctant because I was worried about actually catching a fish. I decided to do it in the dream as a spur of the moment kind of a thing but I kind of wish that I hadn't. Poor Norigawa.

      Talking to animals and really any dream character is one of my favorite activities in dreams, they can have such profound and beautiful things to say.

      @Dreamer I love hanging out with you in the dreamworld! I wish that I could really bring you with me so that I could share all the magical landscapes and wonderful experiences with you.
      I've been very impressed with your progress with WILDs lately as well, you are going to be quite a formidable force in this competition! I belieeeeve in youuuu.
      The Beeehhhhhhhhssssssssst!
      ~Dreamer~ and CanisLucidus like this.
    4. mzungu's Avatar
      Great to meet two fellow vegans here. You both seem to be some of the more experienced oneironauts here, and I'm learning a lot just from reading your journals. I think it's pretty cool you both are a couple and both lucid dreamers. It gives me an idea for a romance novel! (I'm a e-book novelist)

      Poor Norigawa. But who knows maybe DCs respawn, or their energy is used to form new DCs? Obviously the rules are different in dreams. Veganism doesn't really mean anything in the dream world, since there are no dream slaughterhouses. Well, unless you try to cannibalize a DC.

      Very glad to have met both of you. Looking forward to having similar experiences when I become lucid.
      AnotherDreamer and ~Dreamer~ like this.
    5. Samael's Avatar
      Sounds like you got to spend a lot of time on the beach (or beach-like relaxing places)! My dreams are fun, but it would be nice to take a bit of a vacation from the robot fighting now and again.
    6. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      Yea! I love relaxing dreams, but I bet that will change to action adventure dreams pretty soon with the competition. I've read some of your dreams and I would love to have more rpg dreams. I hope that somebody starts a dreaming rpg like wakingnomad's back in the day.
      CanisLucidus and mzungu like this.
    7. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Awesome dream series, AD, just fantastic quantity, emotional control, and dream control all throughout. And a four-spoiler DJ Entry? That's a must-read!

      I was impressed right out of the gate when you turned the scary-looking guy with the nasty knife into your personal chef. Brilliant! I endlessly congratulate myself any time I come up with an in-dream idea even 10% as good.

      Congratulations on the Task of the Month! You did a good job handling a task it's obvious that you weren't entirely comfortable with, and I liked the compassion that you showed to your fish friend. (And that you called him your fish friend.)

      Such a great series... beautiful landscapes, deep emotional connections, companionship, food (most of it non-hairy), sexytime, Nordic armor and giant angels! Hopefully some of this awesomeness rubs off on your readers! (Or at least on me!)
      AnotherDreamer likes this.
      Updated 08-17-2015 at 04:39 AM by CanisLucidus
    8. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      Thanks CL! You always have such nice things to say.
      Thank you for all of your encouragement, it really means a lot to me!
      CanisLucidus likes this.
    9. Verre's Avatar
      Norigawa is one very cool fish!

      “Inner tail not good, powder is yum.”

      I hope the next time I open a fortune cookie, it says that...
      AnotherDreamer likes this.
    10. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      That's great
      It does sound like a fortune cookie doesn't it. I wish that I could have had an awesome fishing experience like yours, fishing for kittens with ribbons, so cool!
      Verre likes this.