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    1. Transformations and more Rick & Morty Portals

      by , 09-11-2015 at 06:42 AM
      Dream 1:

      I was at a party that was being held at an underground restaurant. I’m not sure what was initially being celebrated, but several of my old childhood friends were there, as well as a few family members. Upon entering the restaurant, I was immediately greeted by an overly enthusiastic Tom Cruise Waiter. I started to realize it was a dream at this point. He showed me to my table then threw down a big plate filled with fries. MMMmm I was really excited and I started to just devour them. Each time they would disappear, some waiters would immediately give me another plate. I kept eating until I started to genuinely get tired of eating fries, which is weird for me since I love them. I looked around and saw that there were some people that had fried chicken sandwiches. I asked the waiters for one of those but they flat out refused to give me one! They brought me this delicious cake-like desert. I had to remind myself that all dream food is animal and cruelty free, then I started dig into the cake with my bare hands. I felt like a ravenous animal.

      I looked around while eating and it was apparently my birthday party now, and I was the king of these lands. There were also a lot of teen girls dancing in a circle in the center of the room while flashing their boobs.

      The party eventually started to die down, guests started to leave, and I was getting bored with eating dream food, so I jumped on top of a table and rode it out of the room as though it were a hoverboard while yelling, “I’m king bitch, I’m king!!!”

      I had to fly through a tiny hole in the ground in order to get to the surface, it made me feel a bit claustrophobic but it wasn’t too bad.

      When I got above ground I appeared in a beautiful, lush, vivid green field with trees that were covered in so many leaves that I couldn’t even see a speck of bark. I tried to teleport Rick & Morty style by pointing an invisible portal gun at a hedged bush. A transparent green and purple blob shot out of the gun and made a transparent green and purple portal. It was pretty tiny so I tried to run into it head first, but instead of going through a portal I ended up smashing my face into a solid hedge that felt like it was made out of bricks. I rarely feel pain in my lucid dreams but running into that brick bush gave me an awful, splitting headache.

      I lost vision and appeared in a new field. There was tall, golden wheat grass all around me and a few oak trees off in the distance. I flew around to try to find a group of people to unleash my wind upon. I found a small encampment of criminals after exploring for a few minutes. I landed in the middle of them and then I almost immediately saw a group of maybe 20 little 10 year old kids marching towards me in a line. They surrounded me in a circle and I began trying to fart. One of them kept punching me in the stomach and pushing me around while the others cheered.

      The fart wasn’t happening and I felt like maybe I was going to shit my dream pants instead. So I imagined hearing and feeling a fart instead of trying to force one out, then immediately a massive noise erupted from my butt. The kids froze and became dead silent while they stared at me in absolute horror.

      I opened my mouth and said, “It was Meeeeee!!!” but another kid said it at the exact same time. Then the rest of the kids joined in and said that it was them while they laughed hysterically. They started pushing me around, punching me, and throwing rocks at me. Not exactly the reaction I was expecting.
      I ran away and then got down on all fours and tried to turn into a dragon. I could feel my back sprout wings and I could feel claws grow from my hands but then I woke up.

      Dream 2:

      Short lucid dream fragment – I was asking Dreamer to transform me into a dragon. A violent transformation started to happen and parts of my body were bubbling and randomly growing very large or very tiny. I started to grow claws and to get scaly but I woke up pretty quickly.

      Dream 3:

      I was in a simulator with Dreamer. This simulator was supposed to be a previous memory that belonged to someone from my old high school’s football team. I don’t know what kind of strange technology we were using to explore this memory but I was fascinated at how powerful it was.

      The memory, however, was quite sad in content. There were a few cheerleaders that had gotten very drunk with a couple of football players and their coaches. The girls were all stark naked. I admired the details of the simulation and felt my way around the room, amazed at the realism of the experiences.
      I found one of my old, male best friends sitting on the floor, submissive, and sucking on an unknown person’s dick that was poking through a wall.
      The coaches started to get aggressive, and against the girls’ wishes. They started to walk up behind the girls and rub their dicks against their bums and between their legs. The cheerleaders would push them away, but the coaches would just come back and they started to penetrate the girls. They took them into other rooms and had sex with them.

      We could explore the memory and witness things but we couldn’t interact with or influence the memory.
      I was showing Dreamer and a couple other DCs that we weren’t actually using our real bodies either by doing a nose plug RC.
      I suddenly realized that this wasn’t a simulation, but that I was actually dreaming. The simulation started to end and everything began to get dark. I repeated to myself, “I am lucid, I am lucid, I am lucid…” over and over again until the dream re-formed because I was afraid of having a FA and losing lucidity.

      I appeared on a gorgeous, white beach. I remembered that I wanted to try some tasks and that I wanted to try to use a mirror to transform. I walked around, looking for a mirror. I saw an old, sand-covered, full-length mirror with a golden-brown, wooden frame. I walked up to it and looked at my reflection. I then imagined my body becoming globe-like and I slowly transformed into a floating, purple planet. I was amazed at how well that worked, so I tried to turn into a dragon after that. While still looking in the mirror, I imagined my body turning into a dragon. I turned green and grew a long tail and wings and looked like a beautiful green dragon! I woke up into a FA before I got to do anything cool.

      Dreamer was sitting up in bed next to me typing something on her laptop. I began to write my dreams down, and then I remembered that this is a prime time for losing lucidity. I did a reality check and then I knew! O_O

      I stared lovingly at Dreamer and she stared back at me with her adorable green eyes. I ripped off her clothes and her eyes suddenly grew dark, she looked quite grumpy! I tried to focus on the feeling of her personality and her energy, and then I tried to infuse it with the dream character, but it would only work for a second at a time. So I left the grumpy DC alone, closed my eyes, and imagined feeling her presence with me until the dream ended.

      I thought I had woken up and that I had been trying to fall back asleep for quite some time. I eventually did a reality check to make sure I wasn’t still dreaming, but I was.

      I got out of bed and appeared in a white tiled bathroom. I stared in the mirror and imagined a Rick & Morty portal gun appearing in my hands. Just such a gun grew in my hand from a small point! I pointed it at a wall and pulled the trigger. What came out was the most vivid and non-transparent green blob yet! I was super excited and happy about just how well the Rick & Morty teleportation method had worked this time, but I woke up before I could go through the portal.
    2. Fragmented Lucids, Fish & Peas, and a Flying Car Ride

      by , 08-31-2015 at 02:21 PM
      Night #12:

      My recall has been awful this last week; I don’t remember becoming lucid for any of these lucid fragments, so I’ll only count them as one DILD.

      I was in some strange room and I remembered that I wanted to transform into a dragon. I got down on all fours and felt wings grow from my back and I felt a tail grow from my bum. I imagined myself being green and scaly until I was a pretty little dragon. I took off flying.

      I was running down a street at night and I started to run super-fast, until my legs left the ground and I started to float. I remember seeing streetlamps lighting up my path. I summoned Zeus’ lightning bolt in my hands and threw it off into the distance.

      I was in a dark room made of wood and I was trying to summon fire in my hands. I snapped my fingers and a small flame appeared on my thumb. I made it grow and then started throwing fireballs and unleashing a steady stream of flames all around me.

      I was hanging out with an alien that was wearing tacky early 90’s clothing. I remember that he had green skin and that he was holding an iPhone. I started to control his actions with my mind.

      Night #13:

      DILD #1:
      I was at a supermarket with Dreamer, just looking around. I became lucid when a fish bit my arm, but I made sure that it didn’t hurt at all. I then summoned peas for some reason.

      DILD #2:
      This one was later in the night. I was fishing with my mom on a tropical beach. There were fish that were hanging out right near the shore and I basically just stuck my hook into the water for half a second and pulled out a huge fish. I tried to think about what I was supposed to do next, and I figured that I was supposed to cook it and eat it. I felt awful just thinking about that.

      I stared at the fish flopping around on the ground with a hook in its stomach.
      I became lucid and made the fish vanish in a puff of smoke. I then summoned peas, beans, carrots, and some other vegetables in my hands for making vegetable soup instead.

      Really weird how similar the dreams were with the fish and the peas.

      Night #14:

      I did SSILD then chanted a mantra about remembering dreams before falling asleep, I think it helped a lot with my recall.

      WILD #1:
      I had been trying to WILD for ages and I finally started to drift off the sleep. Dreamer had gotten up a few minutes earlier and was coming back into the room. The sound woke me up enough to hold onto my awareness while my body fell back asleep almost immediately. I could hear Dreamer asking me a question about dreams.

      I did an epiglottis block RC, then a nose plug. I talked to the Dreamer DC for a minute, telling her how naughty she was for trying to trick me into thinking I was still awake. I slowly got out of bed then wandered down the hall towards the front door. I phased through the door but then it opened of its own accord after I had moved through it. I felt like I couldn’t see, as though I was wearing blindfolds. I imagined that I actually was wearing blindfolds and I reached to my face to try to take them off, wouldn’t work. Everything was very dark but I could tell it was sunny outside. I closed my eyes and teleported, hoping that would fix it.

      I ended up in a garage with workout equipment. The floor was made of cement and it was very cold on my bare feet. I walked over to an exercise machine and suddenly my vision got locked into place. I began flying and flailing my body around, but my vision wouldn’t change. I tried to relax because I knew that panicking wouldn’t help. I summoned a staff in my hands, but both the staff and my hands were transparent. I waved the staff around, it looked like it was made out of air or water.

      The scene that I was stuck looking at slowly changed into being my bedside table and I could feel my eyes open. I closed them but I could feel my waking life body already.

      WILD #2:
      I had been trying to fall back asleep for about 10-20 minutes, when I heard Dreamer’s voice again. She was talking about the conversation we had before (in my other WILD). I was onto her tricks this time and I said to her, “You’re not going to fool me, I know that you’re not really Dreamer, speak again sweet angel!”
      She started talking more. I did an epiglottis block, then a nose plug RC. I got up and out of bed then ran out the back door this time. It was night time and I could see the moon in the sky. I tried to take off flying but I only got up a little way in the air before I started floating back down. I tried jumping up to make myself fly, wouldn’t work. I went back inside where I saw my dad about to use the toilet. Dreamer was there too, sitting in the kitchen. I woke up.

      WILD #3:
      The dream started in the bedroom, and I did some RCs to make sure I was in the dream. I got out of bed again and walked into the kitchen. I saw my dad in the toilet, butt naked while peeing. I poked his cheek (not the one on his face ). Then walked back into the kitchen where I saw Dreamer. I waved my hand in her face and said, “You’re coming to the bedroom with me, right Dreamer?”

      She turned around and started walking towards the bedroom. I followed her. I altered my body slightly and then hung out with Dreamer for awhile before waking up.

      WILD #4:
      I did a nose plug, then got up and walked through the wall but I kind of got stuck on it and had to wriggle my body through. It was sunny outside. I tried to think of any tasks that I wanted to do, but I woke up.

      I was hanging out with Dreamer outside my parents’ house. It was a cold day and there was snow everywhere. She turned into my sister and insisted that she be allowed to drive this car. I became lucid and got into the passenger seat, then teleported to the driver seat, swapping with my sister. There were a couple other dream characters that were hanging out in the back. There was also no roof on this car!

      I started driving and then immediately took off flying in the car. The windshield was covered in snow, so I turned on the windshield wipers and they worked! The snow was promptly removed and I could see. I started to fly super-fast across the landscape, but telephone poles/wires appeared all over the place. I tried to navigate through them but they were everywhere. Eventually one got caught on my neck, but I made sure that my body couldn’t be hurt. I then phased through it and it went right through me and the rest of the car. I started focusing on making them disappear until there were only one or two, but I couldn’t get rid of them all completely, so I decided to just land the car. It was sunny outside now. An old man came up to us and started asking us questions about how we were able to fly a car. I woke up.
    3. A Beautiful Beach, Building a Mansion, and Fairy Land

      by , 08-14-2015 at 03:17 PM

      The dream started in a giant, outdoor pagoda. Dreamer and I were lying down in a bed that was right in the center of it. I felt really excited that I had gotten into the dream successfully. A scary looking guy walked up to us with a knife, so I smiled at him and told him that he could be our protector in this dream. I also asked him if he would please hire some chefs for me because I was hungry. He turned around then walked out of the pagoda. I looked to my right and there was now a giant section of the pagoda that had a professional kitchen, fully staffed with professional cooks. I wanted to tell them to kindly make vegan food only, but I noticed that I couldn’t move or talk very easily. I felt my waking life body start to mouth the word “vegan” when I tried to talk to them, but Dreamer assured me that I made no noises while I was asleep. I remembered Sageous’ advice from earlier that day – I didn’t need to worry about these lethargic feelings because they would soon pass as my body fell into a deeper sleep. I waited patiently while mentally giving the chefs directions. I could see them busily cooking several fancy dishes with a vividly coloured assortment of vegetables and fruits being cut up. I was excited to eat something delicious.

      I turned around to sit at a table with Dreamer while we waited for our meal. She was wearing an extravagant looking green dress and some very expensive looking jewelry. One of the cooks brought us each a dish of some strange food. I think that it tasted rather bland, but I can’t remember exactly.
      I decided that I wanted to build this pagoda into a beautiful house. The colours in this dream were extremely bright and beautiful at this point; there was golden, vaulted roof, sunlight was coming in through all of the sides, and we were surrounded by lush, green gardens. I asked the cook that brought us the food to hire some architects and designers for me, so that we could have walls, various floors, and beautiful decorations. An army of invisible workers quickly transformed our giant pagoda into a beautiful mansion, it looked kind of like a time lapse video.
      Dreamer disappeared and my lucidity started to gradually wane a bit at this point. I asked a DC to hire some servants and maids for me. A beautiful maid DC with brown hair, green eyes, and an olive complexion appeared and started talking to me.
      Spoiler for Sex:

      There was another part of the dream where I was wandering around thinking about metal that had the properties of rubber, I thought it sounded interesting and decided I would ask my material engineer friend about it when I woke up.
      The next part I can remember, I was taking an elevator down into a basement with an entirely white interior – there were bright, white walls, floors, and even furniture.
      Spoiler for Sex:

      Another gap in memory, I was going to a high school with Dreamer, but I was rich and too lazy to actually attend myself so I sent someone to take my place. They were equipped with a camera, two-way audio, and they would repeat anything I said. I suddenly realized that this was a dream again and thought to myself, “What the hell am I doing”. I took over the school proxy guy’s body and looked deep into Dreamer’s eyes and told her how much I love her. I was feeling very nice, enjoying the feeling of the connection that we shared. I then had a FA in our room.
      I was talking to Dreamer when I noticed that there was no roof or walls and that we were in a grassy field. I realized it was a dream but did a nose plug RC just for fun, then I grabbed Dreamer in my arms and we took off flying. We were high up in the sky and there were floating trains everywhere going past us. I looked ahead and saw this futuristic city that was floating on the ocean. I thought about going there but then I noticed a small building that was flying in the sky on a piece of levitating land. We landed there and went inside. It was an arcade/movie theatre/restaurant that was quite busy to boot! I really wanted to eat some pizza so I walked to the front of an enormous line and asked the cash register lady for two large pizzas with extra pepperoni. She pulled them out of an oven and showed me two pieces of cheese that had huge hairs in them, then told me that her boss put them there. I called him over then told him that he was quite naughty for putting his hairs in my pizza.

      The dream was suddenly interrupted by this out of place dream character that was supposed to be an angel. She had very fair features, soft, pale skin, bright, blonde hair, and deep blue eyes. She said to me that they didn’t really understand me (the DCs), because they didn’t actually know English. She started talking about this other language that was supposed to be the language of communicating with the higher self and other realms of existence. I kept talking with the dream angel while we casually strolled through an enormous garden. I have no idea what we talked about, but I do remember that she was at least 30 feet tall. I thought it was neat to see such a huge DC since I haven’t really seen giants that much in my dreams. I had another FA but never realized it was a dream.


      I was having a very nice non-lucid dream with a lot of beautiful scenery that is beyond my abilities to adequately describe, sadly. I really wish that I could take pictures of my dreams or draw them better.

      I was on a beach, alone, searching through the sand for lobsters/crabs. I found a dead one’s enormous limb, but no real lobsters/crabs. I walked around this giant wall and found an inlet into a manmade bay. There were 100 foot sandstone walls on all sides and rocks below. Some DCs were playing a deadly game where they would try to free climb up the walls before these gigantic, tsunami sized waves crushed them. The waves were coming from all 4 sides as well, it was very strange, but the game was a lot of fun! I climbed with them using incredible athleticism that I most certainly do not possess IWL. It felt really nice to be so agile and strong. Everybody got to the top before the enormous waves came in and we were all hanging out on a small, mossy stone cliff. A girl with blonde hair and blue eyes was there and she said that she had romantic feelings for me. I strangely felt a connection with her too. I was starting to tell her that I was in love with someone else when I woke up into a FA. I told Dreamer about the dream and the girl and she got quite jealous, very unlike her. I thought it was funny that she was so jealous though. I did a WILD in the FA and took Dreamer with me, back to the previous dream.

      We started back on the beach. I showed her the cool free climbing death game, and she struggled a bit to get up to the top with me. I noticed that the waves were going to crush her so I jumped down, grabbed her, and then flew up high. My flying skills failed me though and we started to crash back down to the ground. We landed on the beach, but there were no waves at all.

      I decided that I might as well try the fishing task, so I reached my hand into the sand and pulled out a fishing pole with a feather and a fishing bubble attached to it. I threw the line into the water with the intention that I wouldn’t catch or harm any fish. I felt a tug almost immediately and started to reel in, and there was a mackerel on the line. I pulled it up to shore, feeling quite awful about it, but I decided that I was going to try to get something positive out of it. I held the mackerel up to my face and asked it to tell me a secret. I saw the hook coming out of its chest and I struggled to get it out while the mackerel was talking to me. He didn’t seem to feel any pain and his name was Norigawa. He said to me, “Inner tail not good, powder is yum.”

      I thought that was a bit strange. He suddenly had huge, long, spiny fins. I tried to gently put him back in the water now that the hook was out, but I pulled the skin off his fins, revealing bones, and his chest had a gaping hole in it. I felt awful that I had damaged my fish friend so badly. Dreamer scooped some of the skin from his fins out of the water and stared at it in her hands.

      I wasn’t happy with how that fishing experience went so I decided that I was going to do it again! It was getting dark now, the sun had almost completely set and we were surrounded by palm trees. I said to myself that this time I would catch something profound. I started to throw my line out when a long, snake-like dragon started slithering towards me from the ocean, trying to be caught. It scared me a little bit so I said to it, “No, I don’t want to catch you!”

      It kept slithering towards me and I felt like it was going to become hostile if I kept being afraid of it, so I banished it to another realm that was halfway between here and somewhere else. I could still see it but it looked ethereal now. Dreamer said to me, “Aren’t you worried that it will escape?”

      The dragon transformed into a skeleton with Nordic armor and started to charge itself up with various rpg skills. I told her as I threw the line out to the ocean, “No, it can’t escape, unless something sets it free”.

      Suddenly there was a bright, fiery, orange glow beneath the surface of the water that was rushing towards my hook. I thought to myself, “Damnit…”
      This huge creature made of fire grabbed my line then jumped out of the water, its name was Diablos. It set the dragon-skeleton free and they both started to attack us. I summoned mirror images of them so that they would be evenly matched automatically, then summoned mirror images of Dreamer and I to use our own dream powers against them. I then made glass walls appear all around the dragon and Diablo, and vaporized them with a powerful, fiery explosion. Woke up.


      I don’t remember most of this series of lucid dreams, just small fragments.

      In one I was at a vegan bakery and I tried their pavlova, their cake, and this custard pie thing. Only the custard pie tasted delicious and I told the DC that made it that. She said to me, “I would hope so, that recipe is what built this place.”

      Another part, I was wandering through a restaurant, eating food off various DC’s plates, yum. I came to one old lady that was cutting up a huge steak. I thought to myself, “Hmm, that might be interesting.”
      Spoiler for Sex:

      Another part, I was wandering through a house when I saw Harley Quinn and the Joker. Harley Quinn said that she liked me but that she was never going to monogamous to any person, then asked if I would be jealous. I said no. She asked me again, “So if I was having sex with a guy in front of you right now, you wouldn’t even flinch?”

      I said no again.
      Spoiler for Sex:

      Another dream, I was non-lucid while standing on a frozen lake with Dreamer. There were characters from sesame street surrounding us. They were summoning random objects like old shoes and pans to throw at each other, but they would always miss. Splashes of various colours would appear where the objects hit the surface of the lake – green, red, purple, yellow, orange, blue. It was quite pretty to see. I’m pretty sure that the trees around us were sparkling too, I felt like I was in some weird fairy world. I became lucid from that and took Dreamer for a fly on a bicycle, it felt very E.T. and it was a ton of fun. I really loved flying through the air on that bike with her, exploring the magical landscape. I wish that I could remember more of what happened.
    4. Naked Burrito

      by , 04-22-2015 at 02:14 PM
      In the earliest part I can remember, I was lucid and walking across a bridge with Dreamer. I remembered the two dares that I wanted to try, so I started by asking her what she wanted me to do. As I waited for her response I hurriedly tore my clothes off so that I could get naked before she finished answering. While I was working on taking my socks off, hopping beside her, she told me that she wanted me to go to the store (probably incubated from her usual waking life request ). At that point I was completely naked and she didn't seem to even notice.

      I took off flying at super speed to get into town, I was really excited because I was able to fly so quickly over mountains and such. I got to a small town, slowly flew down to it, and then landed on pavement. I was in the middle of a marketplace, there were asian restaurants all around me and this gas station right in front of me. I walked into the gas station and there was nobody there, so I just looked around at their merchandise. They had this huge wall that was lined with deeeeeelicious green chili burritos that were all hot and steamy. I grabbed one and completely devoured it. The store owners came out from the back and looked at me, a naked stranger that was eating one of their burritos like a feral animal, and they acted like they didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I guess I would probably do the same thing if I saw such a scene. They creeped me out so I left the store with my newly found burrito treasure and continued to munch on it while I wandered the streets, still stark naked. I think that I went into a restaurant after that but I don't really remember this part very much.

      In the next part that I can remember, I was flying back to Dreamer to tell her that I had completed her task. I remember finding her but I don't remember what happened, the next part that I can remember after that was flying to Neverland because I couldn't think of anything else to do.

      When I got to Neverland, it was made of blocks like in minecraft. I got involved in some story line and played along as a super hero that was playing both sides in some kind of robbery that had gone wrong. I didn't want anybody to get hurt so I was trying to get the criminals out of there safely. I don't remember that part very well, I just remember that it was fun being able to abuse my powers and show dream characters just how cool I am.

      I'm a little bit worried about how awful my recall is lately, I think I'm going to start writing more of my lucid dreams in my DJ. Maybe if I'm lucky, Dreamer will teach me some of her tricks to have ridiculously awesome recall like she has.
    5. Smushed

      by , 02-07-2015 at 02:30 PM
      DILD #1

      I don't remember this one that well, it happened very early on in the night. I just remember being lucid and having a sex dream with Dreamer. I remember stretching her limbs to ridiculous lengths like she was Mister Incredible.

      DILD #2

      I repeated this dream a few times. It started with me eating roast beef, thinking it was vegan. I realized it wasn't and was a little grossed out by what I had just eaten.
      I became lucid from that and went on a journey with Dreamer in some strange shopping mall. I actually repeated the dream a couple times. When I didn't like how it went, I would restart it from the roast beef decision.

      In one of the restarts we were exploring some staircases when I saw an abomination.

      He threw his hook at me but I ran at super speed and dodged all of his attacks while jumping super high as well. I restarted that one when a few more abominations appeared.

      In another one we were exploring the same staircases when I summoned Percylucid. He started talking about some dream stuff, I don't remember anything that he said though. I think we kind of went on exploring without him and eventually got to some place that looked like an insane asylum. There were straight jackets and those Hannibal Lecter style masks everywhere. I could hear doctors and nurses rushing in to restrain us. I decided to try a teleportation technique that I had read in Percylucid's DJ. I closed my eyes, visually imagined and felt where I wanted to be, then jumped in the air. It worked, sort of. I got out of there but I ended up in the bedroom again with Dreamer. I forgot that I was dreaming and I don't remember what happened after that.

      DILD #3

      I was having a stress dream where I was in a shuttle bus with a bunch of old people. It was taking us all to the airport. I took the wheel at some point then dissociated from my body and realized that I was actually sitting down next to another version of me that was driving.
      I became lucid from that and told myself to make us fly into the air super fast and do crazy flying moves like spins and dives and rolls. He pulled it off effortlessly. He then crashed the car into the ground, but I wasn't injured at all despite the brutality of it. I asked Dreamy #2 to summon a microwave that was big enough for me to get into, one instantly appeared in front of me. I opened it with my mind and tried to climb into it, but it was just a little bit too small for me to fit inside of. I remembered what Dreamer did and I made the microwave start to suck me in while my body simultaneously shrunk. I eventually fit into it but with my limbs all tightly compacted in a very uncomfortable cube. The dream started to end so I quickly turned the microwave on and the last thing I saw was a 3rd person image of my legs and arms and face all smushed up against the side of the microwave window.

      DILD #4

      I became lucid in a shopping mall/amusement park. There were little food stands and small rides everywhere. I couldn't think of anything that I wanted to do, so I just relaxed while calmly walking through the dream and admiring the beauty of the world around me. These two old, blind women walked up to me, I think they were attached to each other. They told me that they could teleport me to any place that I wanted! I really liked the idea of that, so I asked them to send me to D.R.

      They said sure then started summoning portals while running around. Right as I would run up to them, the portals would disappear. The two blind women thought this was hilarious and they kept summoning portals for me to run into them making them disappear right as I got to them. After trying that about 4-5 times, I gave up and decided to just try to get there by myself. I closed my eyes and jumped in the air. I ended up in a void then woke up shortly after.

      DILD #5

      I became lucid while in a fight with some guy. I became lucid from it because his punches weren't really hurting. I then took him to the ground and used my super dream wrestling skills and thought to myself that I wish I was that good at wrestling outside of dreams.

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    6. A Scary Spider Bite and PercyLucid's Awesome Dream Control

      by , 01-25-2015 at 11:51 AM
      Non-Lucid Dreams

      NL Dream#1:

      I had a False Awakening where I started to look at dreamviews. I saw someone post about how PercyLucid uses the heat from his hands to control his dreams. I heard Dreamer's disembodied voice explain it to me further while I saw Percy acting it out in a dream. She said that his life energy would flow from his hands and he could expand his conscious awareness to embody more of the dream. I saw this golden light come from his hands to occupy space and whatever was within that space, he could manipulate as he desired. Dreamer said that it was a very powerful technique for dream control and that I should try it. I'm totally going to try it.

      NL Dream#2 (fragment):

      I was going to some secret club in a back alley with Dreamer. The ground was overgrown with weeds and the club looked like a cement bunker. She had bought only one ticket and I wondered how I was going to get in because I didn't have one. The bouncer guy at the entrance looked like a real creep but Dreamer wanted to be friends with him, she is very nice to everyone. She ran into the club without me and I tried to chase after her but couldn't keep up.

      NL Dream#3 (fragment):

      I had a False Awakening where I was writing in the dream journal for the study. I noticed that I had marked the year wrong for all of the dates (I put 2016 instead of 2015). I started to worry a little bit that I was doing something wrong and that I would mess up the study.

      NL Dream#4 (should have been lucid ):

      I was in a parking garage with a few people that I knew really well in the dream. They were my dream family I guess. My grandpa was Clint Eastwood, my dad was some random actor that starred in action films, and I also had a younger brother that was pretty much just a little kid DC. Grandpa Clint Eastwood was driving around the town, he was supposed to be an ex-cop. There were ambulances and police cars that drove past us, he said not to worry about it. Grandpa Clint Eastwood then began to drive very fast and very fancy-like. I knew that I had nothing to worry about because he was a pro, but my little brother was still worried. He drove us off a ramp that went over a giant river (probably about 300 feet across). The car started spinning as it went through the air and ran through this floating oil that was supposed to clean the car somehow. I remember thinking that such a thing was ridiculous and there was no way it would clean the car. The vehicle landed in the water and I jumped out before it could sink, but when I got in the water the vehicle started to float like a boat and took off towards the land. I swam after it by pushing the water behind me like it was solid.

      I swam SUPER fast at mega speed and remarked to myself that there was no way that I could do that in the regular world but I never acknowledged it was a dream. Dreamer was at the shore, she began to take off her clothes to get ready for a swim. I noticed that she had a giant outie belly button and remembered that it was normally an innie. I looked away and back again and it was super long now, like an elephant trunk coming out of her tummy. She could move it around and it had a patch of fur at the bottom that resembled some nice, bushy pubes. A guy from my old lab group appeared and took off her belly button. She took it back and started trying to put it back in this now empty, black hole that was in her tummy. The guy said that he was surprised she could do that and that his belly button stuck to him like glass.

      Lucid Dreams

      Lucid Dream#1:

      This happened really early in the night so I only remember part of it. I was lucid and hanging out with Francine Smith from American Dad. I thought that she was boring and I wanted to find Hayley Smith so that I could have dream sex with her (my usual auto-pilot lucid dreaming activity ). I tried to find her and get to her but I woke up before I could.

      Lucid Dream#2:

      This was another short one. I was in the backyard with Dreamer and one of her friends. She was doing something on her phone and I didn't want to bother her. I noticed that I had a huge bite on my arm and it looked super swollen. Her friend saw it and he said that it was probably a bite from a water creature. I did a reality check to make sure that it was really happening and air went through my closed mouth hole. I stood up and started to walk around while trying to think of what to do. I was really bothered by the spider bite so I popped it and white goo came out.

      The dream started to fade so I stayed calm and tried to rebuild it by imagining details and engaging my senses. The dream came back and I remembered that I wanted to create a portal so that I could teleport to D.R., but I was worried about the stability of the dream. So I recited a mantra about being stable and calm but the dream ended super quickly and I woke up.
    7. Island Resort

      by , 03-08-2014 at 07:57 PM
      Dream 1:

      I was on an island resort with my father. I went for a run through the tropical forest outside and there were people from my high school running there too. I tried to avoid the people I didn't want to talk to. I remember that it was quite beautiful though; there was mist rising up from the ground, light pouring through the cracks in the trees, lush plant-life everywhere. The trail was a giant circle, I thought that was pretty weird and that there had to be more to the island than this giant circle. I grew tired of running and decided to go back inside the resort.

      The inside was now a giant, circular, track of lockers, high school style. There were also vending machines for weed. They said it was legal on their island now, to attract tourists. The owner of the island was some angry little woman that barely reached my waist. She got angry at the manager of the resort for making it legal because professional sports athletes wouldn't be allowed to go there now. Dream kept getting weirder.

      I went outside to this enormous beach area that had scattered palm trees and groups of people doing fun little events. I decided to go flying by using a parachute. I strapped it on and the wind took me up into the air like I was a kite. I had to navigate to channels of wind to stay up so that I could explore more of the island. After going on a little bit of a flying island adventure I decided I was done and I went back to the resort. I suddenly had an enormous pike in my hands, naturally I gutted it and prepared fillets, not sure why. Then these kids from my high school appeared and wanted me to take them flying too. Didn't work as well because they added too much weight. They started to get upset that they weren't going very high. I looked to the shore and saw giant 20 foot waves coming in and thought, ooooo that looks like good wind. Sure enough it sent us soaring. I looked to the shore again and saw these 100 foot walls of water coming towards us. I became lucid and tried to fly away from the island but the parachute and these 2 DCs were weighing me down. Black clouds began creeping along the island's ground. I could hear thunder. I woke up.

      Dream 2:

      I was at my parents' house, talking to my parents when I noticed that my dad was black. I became lucid and asked him, "Why are you black in this dream, dad?" He said something about having revitiligo, I thought it was hilarious in the dream. I woke up and thought, what the hell was that about.

      Fragment 1:

      On another island with my family and a witch. I don't remember most of the beginning of the dream. I just remember that there were these snakes biting me, hanging onto my skin and that reminded me of another dream I had earlier this month. They made a popping noise when I would pull them off, sometimes their bodies would come off and their heads would stay. It hurt. That made me lucid and I sought out the witch as my family left.

      It was nighttime and the moon lit up the island with a blueish hue. The witch was at a cliff edge, staring longingly towards the ocean. I asked her to teach me her powers. She just kept staring for a minute and then looked at me and said that I could control those snakes if they appeared again. She made several snakes appear and told me to control them now, stop them from biting me. I made them fight each other but then I noticed the witch was holding a cute little kitten and the snakes started to attack me. She made them disappear and I realized that I lose control if i lose focus. I feel like she taught me a couple more things but I can't remember them. I followed her around for awhile and eventually asked her if it was possible to stop mutations. She told me that it was impossible, that no magic could do such a thing. I felt a little bit disheartened at her response. She gave me a big hug and told me not to worry, that I was only at the beginning of this journey. I woke up feeling a lot better.
    8. Rich Party

      by , 02-24-2014 at 11:01 PM
      I remembered this dream a lot better a few hours ago but I had work to do in the morning :'(

      I was going to a party thrown by a very wealthy family.
      do blind men have lucids?-architectural-interior-design-photographer-florida-eastern-living.jpg
      The inside was filled with men in black and white tuxedos and women in dresses worth thousands of dollars and jewelry worth far more. The hostess treated my friend like she had known him forever but when she looked at me, I believe she said that I looked homeless or something. She made me go down to their basement which was a spa, stocked with several copper bathtubs and a lady that worked there.
      do blind men have lucids?-beautiful-copper-bathtubs-william-holland-sub21.jpg
      The lady in the basement spa made me get into a bathtub that was just filled with warm water first and then a second bathtub that was filled with some special blend of herbs. The hostess' husband and son were also down there and they took a bath too. The husband was pretty nice. I remember he had a big smile on his face and he was constantly smoking a cigar. But the son was a little asshole. The hostess' daughter came down and started hanging out with us. After awhile we ended up doing naughty things together (myself and the daughter).

      All of a sudden it's morning and their son has decided he hates his parents and the wealth and he wants to go live somewhere else. So he throws me a set of keys and I'm thinking, sweet a fancy new car! But no, it was the key to his portable washing machine (lol what?). I asked him if I could take his ps3 and he said, "no way!"

      I took it anyways.

      The hostess came down and was furious that I had slept with her daughter and she let me know that she called the police. I raced upstairs with this portable washing machine and a box filled with ps3 stuff. My friend was up there and we went outside. The police were waiting and they were really nice. I repeated the end of the dream a 2nd time just for fun and in the 2nd version I decided to stay on the rich peoples' lawn to see if the police would mess with me and they ended up tasing me.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. An Adventure and a Dream Guide

      by , 12-30-2013 at 08:23 PM

      I don't remember how this dream started, I just remember that I was living in a dystopian, industrial city and we were not allowed to leave. Outside the city's walls were the outlanders and they were supposed to be uncivilized and miserable people that would sooner eat you than help you. I guess it was supposed to be like Mad Max or The Road Warrior out there.Did you know...-rwmax1.jpg

      After wandering around the city for awhile doing stuff that I can't exactly remember, I eventually came to the wall where I spotted these two little kids scurrying over it. They used secret footholds in the wall. I went up there and did the same. On the other side I found an interesting house, it had no walls but it had about 4 floors and very unusual architecture. Reminded me of something I might have seen in Waterworld. Did you know...-waterworld_structure_small.jpg

      But there was desert below, not water. The kids' father was a nice Chinese man that also happened to be a chemist. His house was filled with all kinds of awesome contraptions, whirring gizmos, and bubbling vials. After talking with him for awhile about what the outside world was really like, a gatekeeper came to his home. He told the nice Chinese man that one of the gate monitors had been tripped and that he was looking for someone that had escaped from the town. He told him that he had seen nothing and the gatekeeper left. I thanked him and then left on a trek across the desert to see what I could find.

      I walked for quite awhile, until the Chinese man's home was no longer visible. There was an excavation site up against a cliff wall. I walked over there and tried to blend in with the workers. I saw all kinds of exotic, precious minerals of various colors just laying around everywhere. There was also a giant mound of unrefined gold and gems. I picked up a blue crystal and it started soaking up this weird blackish green substance. A young man told me that this particular crystal was very special, it could soak up evil essence. He said that he was using these to cleanse the world. I thought that was pretty cool and I definitely approved of his noble mission, so I followed him away from the excavation site.

      He led me to a camp of outlaws, this part really was a little bit road warrior. They were all dressed up in strange armor and some were wearing masks. They had a lot of engineers among them and they drove motorcycles and large machines. But they weren't mean, they were just misunderstood . Did you know...-387_4.jpg

      They were about to go on a secret raiding mission where they would attack an old-world machine factory. They used to produce massive war machines there before the great fall, and some were still operational and on autopilot. I went with them and we found an enormous machine that had spikes all over it to impale anybody that tried to climb on it and it had a massive chainsaw and a buzzsaw at the end of its arms. It immediately started attacking everything it saw, cutting motorcyles in half and sending my fellow outlaws flying. I climbed to the 3rd floor of the factory and knocked some spikes off the machine. I then jumped down into the pilot's seat, turned off auto-pilot, and took control. Everybody cheered and I drove it back to their base.

      When we got there, the lead outlaw started telling me about another secret mission. He wanted me to go with this other guy to infiltrate a town. I was supposed to watch his back while he did what needed to be done. We left for this town, riding motorcycles. We rode for what seemed a very long time, crossing this magical land that resembled night elf land from WOW, but it was much more beautiful and vivid.

      The town was very medieval and magnificent looking. Did you know...-brettonian-town.jpg

      We went into a tavern that full of people getting drunk and having a good time. My buddy led me into a backroom where some of the town's most powerful individuals were playing poker. They didn't trust me being in there so they made me leave, but my friend was allowed to stay. So I went back into the room of people getting drunk and had a beer. I talked with this strange looking creature. He was short, fat, and he looked like he was from another world. His skin was green and scaly and he had very thin arms and legs. The leader of the outlaws showed up and told me that this creature was just trying to distract me. He told me that they knew about us, and it would only be a matter of time before we were all captured. An evil smirk ran across the ugly little creature's face and he tried to grab me. I punched him in the face and he went flying. Everybody in the bar got up and started fighting. A lot of them ran after us and the outlaw leader jumped into a giant war machine and started riding away, so I took off flying with my friend that was in the backroom playing poker. We flew back across the magical landscape but this time there was a ceiling and walls. After awhile we came up to a bunch of spellcasters and swordsmen from the town. They spawned plants on the walls and the ceiling that tried to devour us. Fireballs and lightning bolts were flying all over the place and we somehow managed to dodge them all. We got back to the base safely and the dream ended.

      Dream 1:

      Before this dream started, I woke up and experienced a little bit of sleep paralysis. I couldn't move my body and it felt like someone was laying on me. Fear started to set in, but I just said nah, not gonna be afraid. Instead I started to feel my dream body - I flexed my hands and feet until I got back into a dream. Wasn't lucid though. In the dream there was a cat laying on top of me and I thought, oh no wonder if felt like someone was laying on me! Silly kitty. He jumped off and turned into a dog. Then I went into the kitchen and my mom and sister were there. I said to them, "What are you guys doing, you're not supposed to be here!" My mom was manically cooking pork chops while talking about cooking chicken and my sister said to me, "what are you talking about David, mom's not here". Then my mom vanished and I asked my sister if this was a dream. She told me no and I tried to move something with my mind and a coffee mug flew across the room. "Liar!" I exclaimed. Then she walked away and I went outside. I tried to use telekinesis again just to make sure that it was a dream and then I thought about what I might want to do and I decided I wanted to talk to my dream guide. I said to the dream, "Okay, I'm ready to talk to you Mr. God". He appeared right in front of me, instantly, and he looked almost exactly the same as before except he was wearing different clothes and he was about 10 feet tall. I went to hug him and only got up to his waist. He said something really strange that I can't quite remember. I can only remember key words: cosmic, below the belt, joke universe. At first I thought he was making fun of my dick, saying that it was the joke of the universe. Then I thought that maybe he said that because my face was practically in his crotch. I never figured out, maybe a metaphor or something? Anyways, I woke up and DEILD'd.

      Dream 2:

      I was outside still but my dream guide was gone, I used telekinesis to make sure I was dreaming again and a flower pot moved over a ledge and broke. I summoned the dream guide again and this time he was shorter than me, same clothes and appearance otherwise. I noticed the dream started to get blurry so I stabilized and then walked over to him. I asked him how long I could talk to him for and he told me 20-30 minutes if I choose. I had the instant thought of no way, I'm going to wake up really soon I just know it. He gave me an understanding, compassionate smile and then hugged me. I hugged him back but then I started to feel a little bit uncomfortable. I had the split second thought that maybe he'll turn evil and bite me. Instead, he hugged me tighter and gave me more love. I snapped out of all my thoughts and was lost in the all pervading feeling of love. Then I woke up. DEILD'd again.

      Dream 3:

      I was at my parents' house and my mom was going to let some strange black dog outside. I used telekinesis again just to make sure and noticed that I was chewing gum, it was getting a little bit bland but still had some flavor. Dream ended as I was trying to go outside to summon my DG again.
    10. I lit a man on Fire

      by , 12-29-2013 at 06:59 PM
      fragment 1:

      I was outside and I spontaneously became lucid. Looking up at the sky, I saw a huge planet and I had the split second thought of it crashing into Earth. Oh no, not another one of those dreams. I decided to teleport to Denn, away from this place. Closed my eyes and imagined it, didn't work. So I tried to teleport to the other planet at least, that did work. I'm not sure why that made me feel any safer but it stopped the planet crashing from happening. I started flying around and I noticed the skies were getting dark. Tornadoes formed, but I wasn't afraid of them. I took control of them and made them move out of my way. Then I thought it might be fun to go inside one, so I flew really fast into a big one. Wind was rushing past me at extreme speeds and I kept spinning round and round, was fun! But it woke me up.

      dream 1:

      I was sleeping in my room when I noticed someone opened the door a crack, I got up and went to look and there was nobody there. I went out into the kitchen and I saw a man that looked really unhappy. I ran back to my room and tried to barricade the door, but it didn't work. He opened the door and sprayed me with lighter fluid then threw a match on me and ran away. I thought about chasing him but decided it would be better to turn on the shower and stop the fire. After the fire was out, I ran after him to stop more havoc but he already tried to light a cat on fire and then the kitchen on fire. I got my own lighter fluid and then I came up behind him as he was about to throw a match and sprayed him with the lighter fluid so that he was set on fire. His brother was outside and he kept saying to me that I had betrayed him and it was my fault, I ruined his life. In the dream world, I had apparently made a deal with him and made some kind of merchandise but it had the wrong name on it and nothing would sell. Some of the things I think up are really weird. The police came and handcuffed the guy's brother and me as well. Then someone also put handcuffs on the lead detectives ankles and I thought, ohhh so this is a dream. I rewound time a little bit until the police were no longer there and that guy was no longer burnt to death. I went outside with him and got the full story of why he was so pissed. Then the cops came but only a beautiful lady detective, wearing a short skirt got out of the police cars. After she walked past me, I rewound time a little bit more and then froze it. But I woke up before anything more exciting could happen .

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    11. Battling an Evil Corporation with Johnny Depp

      by , 12-28-2013 at 07:00 PM

      I was at my parents' house playing poker with friends like we used to do all the time back when I was in high school and for some reason there was no roof on the house. There was a beautiful night sky above and I noticed some strange flying machine that I called a drone in the dream. It zoomed in close to look at us and I became spontaneously lucid. It didn't like what it saw in the home I guess, so it dropped a mini-nuke on the house. I made myself invincible so I couldn't get hurt by it and made all of the fire collect into a billowing pillar of flames that I shot at the drone. The drone flew away and I used my mind-powers to make all of the smoke leave the house. Woke up.

      fragment 2:

      Was playing some kind of RPG where I would run around a shopping mall and collect powerful mops and brooms of various colors to battle these evil guys that were chasing me.

      fragment 3:

      I was on a stakeout mission with Johnny Depp as the CIA agent from Once Upon a Time in Mexico. We were hanging out in a cab, waiting for someone.
      The corporation discovered us and Johnny gave me a tiny pistol about the size of my thumb, but it still worked. He said he used to use it all the time on spying missions because it was so easy to hide. We ran to a park and got into a gunfight with some cronies from the corporation. Then a car pulled up with more corporate guys. One of them was carrying giant vials filled with a mysterious red substance. He broke them and clouds of red dust went everywhere. We both ran away, covering our mouths and trying not to breathe. People around us that inhaled the dust started convulsing and then turned into zombies. I had taken one of the corporate guys revolvers and so we kept shooting the zombies as we were running. Eventually we got to a group of other normal people that were hanging out, having a little fiesta. Only two zombies were chasing us at that point, a bride and a groom. They were both moving really slowly too. Johnny said, "Well, no point wasting bullets on these guys. Everybody, grab something to hit them with". The Queen song Don't Stop Me Now started playing as everybody moved around the zombies in a circle, hitting them on the head in unison with various objects.

      After awhile, there was nothing left of them but bean dip, some salsa, and a brain. One guy bent over and scooped up some of the bean dip with a tortilla chip and ate it. I told him, "You know you're totally going to turn into a zombie, right?" He just smiled at me. Dream ended.

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    12. Finally got to Denn, yay!

      by , 12-27-2013 at 09:10 PM
      fragment 1:

      I think that my mother, my sister, and I had just gotten back from some swamp. We were at my parents' house and my sister kept acting very sleepy. She kept passing out. I tried to help her get to the kitchen but she passed out on the way there. She wouldn't wake up so I decided to call 911. Instantly, my mother pulled out a gun and said, "Don't you dare call them, put down that phone!" The way she did it was very much like Frank Reynolds in Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but not quite so funny. I called them anyways, there was no way she would shoot me. But she started firing, so I ran behind a wall and told the dispatcher that my mother was trying to murder me. The dispatcher thought that was hilarious, meanwhile I'm freaking out and crying. The dispatcher kept laughing her head off, she said to me, "A very nice try, but I am a trained actor and I can tell that you're indicating". I threw the phone and my sister got up and pulled out a shotgun. I became lucid and made myself invincible. I walked out and ignored their shooting me then made both of their guns fly out of their hands. They both passed out and I went outside.

      I remembered that I wanted to try some teleportation techniques and so I first tried one that I thought of. I flew really high in the sky so the city below was obscured by clouds. I imagined that the world below was Denn and it was working, I could see the city below morphing into another town. When it was done morphing, I could tell that I was flying above Denn but as I almost got there, I woke up, DEILD.

      dream 1, DEILD:

      I was standing on the clouds above the city, Denn looked like a partially materialized town, kind of like how towns look like as they're loading in assassin's creed. I flew down and started to run across the rooftops of the partially materialized town, but then I woke up fully.

      dream 2, WILD:

      I started out in a fully enclosed, stone room and there were what looked like two police DCs in there. Must have been a continuation of my previous nightmare. I ignored them completely though and remembered the next teleportation technique I wanted to try. I closed my eyes for about 7 seconds and imagined being at Denn. I could both see the town and feel myself being there. When I opened my eyes it actually worked, I was a little bit surprised but happy all the same. Denn looked like an Arabic town from back in the day. There was sand on the ground and all of the buildings were made out of sandstone. Most of them had beautiful cloths draped over the top as a roof and cloths for doors. I was in the free market and the blacksmith was standing in front of me. He had a huge barrel of weapons next to him, so I told him that I needed a weapon and he threw a little baby spiked dagger at me. He asked me, "Does this work for you?" I told him no and tossed it on the ground. He then threw me a double-bladed battleaxe and I thought about it for a second and told him no again. Then he pulled a large-bladed scimitar out of the barrel that could fold in on the handle so that I could store it like a pen. I told him, "Now that's what I'm talking about". I reached into my pocket and pulled out some wooden coins, half of them flew through the air towards the blacksmith. I thanked him and decided to head towards the green fairy. Dream ended, DEILD.

      dream 3, DEILD:

      I was back in the free market, wandering around while looking at all the cool stores. I saw a medicine store and thought about going in there, but then the dream ended again, DEILD again.

      dream 4, DEILD:

      I started out on the rooftops and the town looked like it was only partially materialized again, so I ran across the rooftops for a minute to solidify my place in the dream and then I jumped down. After wandering around for a little bit I found some taverns, I almost went in but when I looked at their signs they didn't say The Green Fairy. There were a lot of taverns too, I figured the people in this town must be a bunch of drunks. I asked a DC where I could find the Green Fairy and he pointed around a corner, I thanked him. Sure enough, the Green Fairy was around the corner. It has old-western style swing doors. As I walked inside, I noticed that this building was very tall but it had a white cloth for a roof above the 2nd floor. I asked if there was a table I could sit down at and the bartender told me to go to hell, dream ended. I DEILD'd again.

      dream 5, DEILD:

      Back in the Green Fairy, but this time I was sitting down at the bar, drinking beer with my dream girlfriend. We talked for awhile and joked around, I started to get a little bit lost in the dream but then it ended again. DEILD, last time.

      dream 6, DEILD:

      We were now sitting at a small table by the bar and our pitcher of beer had almost ran out. Bartender walked by and spilled our beer on the floor, I was pretty upset. I had forgotten that I wanted to start a brawl in there though. I drank the rest of the beer in the pitcher and got over it. He offered to move us to a nicer table, I said okay. As we were walking I remembered what I wanted to do, meet Staysharp and battle him in the bar. Dream got blurry, I tried to stabilize, didn't work and I woke up. Tried to DEILD again, wouldn't work, woke up fully. Tried a WBTB WILD, didn't work. I was too excited that I finally got to Denn.

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    13. Unsatisfying Sexual Encounters and a lot of Food.

      by , 12-26-2013 at 07:41 PM
      Fragment 1:
      This one is a little bit hazier, happened at the start of REM. I was in a school, in a giant lecture hall. The professor was acting drunk so everybody started to get up and leave. He finally gave up so I got up and left too. I went upstairs where I met one of my buddies, we were apparently part of a secret organization whose mission it was to infiltrate and reveal the mysterious happenings of this school. He told me to pretend that I was a janitor so I went into a classroom that had just ended, wearing a blue jumpsuit. I started cleaning the room, looking for information and I noticed that I was covered in ants, they were everywhere. I poured water on myself to get them off. I noticed a giant hole in the wall that they were coming through so I picked up a hose and started spraying the ants coming out. The ants just got bigger and started pushing against the water stream. They eventually broke in and I left the room. Outside, a couple of teachers were talking to each other about how horrible their teaching conditions are. I listened from around a corner. That's the last part I remember.

      Fragment 2:

      I was in the living room with a bunch of friends, just talking. One of those friends just happened to be Hayden Panettiere and another was this beautiful blonde girl. I became spontaneously lucid. The beautiful blonde girl was flirting with some guy so I moved him away from her with my mind and touched his face, transforming it into something much less appealing. Everybody started to leave and I told the two girls to each go to separate rooms and that I would get to both of them. I went to the beautiful blonde girl's room first and we started making out. After a little foreplay, she took off her clothes and I felt her pussy. The dream started to get blurry, so I stabilized (ommmm). She instantly turned into a little cat. Damnit. I tried to visualize her turning back into a human, didn't work and the dream started to destabilize again so I stopped.

      I decided to go to Hayden's room, but there was nobody there. Just two open windows. I said to the dream, Hayden Panettiere come here! Nothing, so I went outside and my sister was there holding a platter of salmon. She said that her friend worked at a storage house for the best salmon in the world. I tasted it and it was amazing, definitely better than any salmon I've ever had. Focusing too much on the amazing taste started to destabilize the dream, so I stabilized again. I went back inside, looked out the window and said again to the dream, Hayden Panettiere come here! I saw her driving towards the house in a purple SUV. She drove on the lawn, got out of the car, came towards the window and started coming inside. I had the split second thought of oh man, is she going to turn into a cat too? She didn't have time to because I woke up.

      Fragment 3:
      I was at a barbeque at a worn-down park. I became spontaneously lucid again while talking to a gorgeous thai girl from high school. I made a little piece of grass fly through the air, then I thought that it might be interesting to eat something again. I saw two options, a big pile of poop or some grass. I chose to eat the grass and it tasted just like grass too, not too exciting. I started kissing the girl from high school. She took off her shirt and pants and I started to finger her. Dream got blurry, so I had to stabilize. We got up on a car and started having sex with her on top, while I played with her pussy. My dick fell out and wouldn't fit back in, it was too big for some reason. I tried to get it back in for awhile but it just wouldn't fit, then the dream ended and I started to wake up. I DEILD'd back in.

      Dream 1:
      I was in a dorm and I was determined to get some sort of satisfactory experience. I looked around for a cute girl and found one room with a sign outside that said guy and girl. I made the door burst open with my mind and I took control of the guy. I made him leave and I started to undress the girl. She said to me, "No, don't do it I'm a guy!" I refused to believe her being that she was so cute and I really wanted her to be a girl, but sure enough her penis was larger than mine. I tried to turn it into a vagina, but it wouldn't work, then the dream ended again. I DEILD'd back in once more.

      Dream 2:
      This time, I was in a sunroom, looking at someone's backyard. A bunch of people came into the backyard with liquor and food, laughing. I opened the screendoor with my mind and went outside to join them. Dream already was getting blurry and I could feel adrenaline, signifying the end of my REM cycle so I stabilized by rubbing my hands together and looking around. I asked the people what they were doing here, they all said, "Orgy!" I thought, yes....finally!!!! One of the girls bent over a table and pulled down her pants for me. She looked just like a super model, but she was a little too skinny for me, oh well. We started having sex and I looked around for a pie that I saw someone lay down earlier, but I couldn't see it. I saw one girl holding a green apple and I told her to give it to me, but she wouldn't. I made it fly to me and she told me, "I can't give you the apple, I already ate it.." What a dirty little liar. I took a big bite of the apple and it tasted very bland. I took another bite anyways. Dream got blurry again and I tried to stabilize, didn't work this time. Dream ended and I woke up.
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    14. I need to get to Denn :(!

      by , 12-24-2013 at 07:37 PM
      fragment 1:
      Zombie children were chasing me around, I had just watched sinister 2 so that probably had something to do with it

      fragment 2:
      I was in a mall, the earliest part I can remember I was already lucid. I was walking around the mall and some girl was with her boyfriend up on the 2nd floor, making fun of me. I flew up there and waved my hand across the guy's face jedi-style and said, "walk away, these are not the droids you are looking for". He walked away. I kidnapped the mean girl and flew away. I eventually saw a high-tech store where everybody was working on computers. On the way in the world started to get blurry, so I stabilizled by making an Om noise and felt it reverberate through my dream body and the world around me. I went in with the girl and sat down in the back with Zach Galifianakis, we made jokes for awhile. I wish I could remember what they were because I thought they were hilarious in the dream. The girl eventually said that she wanted to be set free, I laughed at her and then unzipped my pants and said, "okay, but first you have to do something for me". She gave a look of horror and slowly moved her head downwards, but then she transformed into a guy in a business suit and I quickly said, "Wait, just kidding just kidding! you're free to go". That's what I get for abusing dream characters.

      As I was walking out of the store, I saw a gorgeous Japanese lady working at one of the computers. She was wearing semi-transparent pink lingerie. I asked her boss what she was doing and if I could take her. He said that she was working on designing a proton circuit and that it was very important. I asked him if I could take her if I found a genius replacement, he said yes. So I went outside, expecting to find a genius and immediately I saw an old friend from middle school. He was one of the most brilliant people that I have ever met. I walked up to him and waved my hand across his face (jedi-style again) and told him that he was a genius and that he was going to follow me. A mysterious smirk ran across his face and he followed. When we crossed the store's threshold I suddenly woke up in a chair in the same store with killer head pain and my teeth felt awful (My real body's jaw was clenching). The genius was sitting next to me with an evil grin on his face. I pulled upper and lower teeth retainers out of my mouth and then cursed the DC that was still staring at me very evilly. My teeth had turned into the teeth of a little girl, the genius DC started laughing at me. I pulled all my teeth out, made a huge toothless grin at the genius DC and it felt a lot better. Then I grew new, powerful teeth and I realized that I must have made him a little bit too smart for his own good. The dream ended here, DEILD'd back in.

      Dream 1, DEILD:
      I started in an ancient, Mayan, temple courtyard, walking along with the genius DC from the last dream. The walls were probably 100 feet high and covered in moss and vines,. Tree branches were overhead with light pouring between the cracks. The ground was a combination between moss covered steps and patches of earth/grass. I said to the DC, "Hey! you were in my last dream, weren't you". He nodded. I asked him, "I made you too smart didn't I". He nodded again. I remembered that I wanted go to Denn and immediately I started running towards a wall, the keymaster started chasing after me. He was a short, old man with a ton of keys around his waist. He deftly knocked the lock off a hidden door, opened it, and patted me on the back as a way of saying I was good to go. Dream edges started to get blurry, so I stabilized again. I went through the door and there were several more doors that I had to go through, one of them I had to knock the lock off with telekinesis. Eventually I came to a little maze. On the other side of the maze was the forest outside of Denn. The forest was lush with plantlife, ferns, enormous trees with buttress roots. I transformed myself into the Psyblade character I made, and then I walked down a river expecting it to take me to Denn. Along the river were elementals, some fire, some earth, some water. Thinking back on it, I probably should have befriended one. One of them attacked me with fireballs, I dodged them, jumped on its head then started running away. After running for a minute I saw the rooftops of Denn off in the distance. I came to a small house and looked around. Straight ahead of me was Denn, to the left was a cave, and to the right was a bamboo forest. There was also a Japanese lady running around the house at super speed. Her legs looked like the roadrunner's. I tried to run as fast as her but I couldn't keep up and I forgot to stabilize. Dream ended, woke up.

      Dream 2, WILD:
      I started at my parents' house. My sister, her bf, her bf's friend, and my sister's friend that has a crush on me were all there. My sister's bf's friend started being mean to me, so I slapped him around and locked him in a room with my mind powers. I went out into the living room and my sister was there with her friend, I talked to them for a minute as I was walking around, looking for the keymaster. I almost stepped in dog poo. Dream started to get blurry again, so I stabilized. I figured I would try to do something cool while I was here. I tried to make flames come out of my hands. Initially, nothing, but as I started to visualize the flames better, they erupted out. I started shooting flames at the kitties, chasing them around with it. It was harmless, cold flame though so they couldn't get hurt. Dream got blurry again, I forgot to stabilize and it ended. DEILD'd back in.

      Dream 3, DEILD:
      Back at the house again, only my sister was there now. I walked around looking for the keymaster again, still nothing. I asked my sister what happened to everybody else, she told me that they went skiing. dream ended, fade to black (damnit). DEILD'd back in.

      Dream 4, DEILD:
      Started in my old room, my sister was in there. She showed me a picture of someone on her phone. I told her that was nice, pushed her aside and opened a door, expecting to find Denn. Nope, nothing. I opened another door, same thing. I went to the front door, dream started to get blurry. I tried the stabilization technique that Sivason explained. I got really close and looked at the door handle like I've never seen one before, and it became very detailed and vivid. I walked outside and everything had a bright, glossy hue. I tried to yell for the keymaster to come help me. Nothing came out, weird. So I just imagined the words as I walked around looking for him. After wandering for awhile I felt a surge of adrenaline and woke up, tried to DEILD again, too far awake.

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    15. Another school nightmare and Beach Dream

      by , 12-23-2013 at 08:19 PM
      Dream 1:
      I was back in that same classroom as my previous dreams, I had entered a class late in the semester. I had no idea what was going on and I was late to class, so everybody was taking a test on something that I was supposed to know about. I actually did know a lot of the answers for some reason (it was related to biochemistry and physical chemistry). I only had completed 5/10 pages by the time everybody started to finish their tests. Woke up.

      fragment 1:
      I don't remember the beginning of this dream, I just remember that I was on a beach and my old best friend was there. I became lucid and started talking to him. He wanted me to show him some dream powers, so I turned him into a dolphin. He started swimming in the ocean and he loved it, he was laughing like a maniac, and with such glee. I went off to start an RPG and I expected him to keep up. Was kind of a lame RPG, honestly. I was supposed to find these bottles with secret letters in them along the beach and bring them to some NPCs to continue the plot. I did that and my old dolphin-buddy eventually caught up to me. While the NPCs were acting out some dramatic scene, I noticed my buddy was having more fun, so I thought I would turn myself into a dolphin as well. I started to transform, got the tail and the flippers, but then a mega-dolphin with a huge horn on its head came out of the ocean and scared the shit out of me. Both of us turned full human and ran to the shore. I don't remember part of it here, but we eventually got into this giant building with no roof. There was a low-cloud sky right above us. My friend took off flying into the clouds, I followed him. I noticed a giant hand of Zeus reaching down through the clouds. Reminded me of that Michelangelo painting on the sistine chapel ceiling, so I went over to touch it and suddenly lightning started coming out of the fingertips. Changed my mind pretty quickly. The clouds started to turn stormy, mass amounts of funnel clouds started forming. I knew that I didn't want tornadoes everywhere, that didn't sound like too much fun. So I turned the entire sky into an enormous ceiling, and each funnel cloud turned into a chandelier.

      I went to the 2nd floor of this building and there were a lot of my old, dead relatives hanging out up there with my old best friend. I started hanging out with them too, talking about stuff. Eventually my grandma that died about 20 years ago told me to come over, she looked at all the cuts and scrapes on my hands and wrists and told me that these were signs of the devil. Okay grandma . Then the dream ended, I tried to DEILD, I managed to do it but I don't remember what I did. Had a false awakening, wrote down the dream. Woke up for real, was disappointed that I had to write it all down again.

      Dream 2:
      I was back in that school again. The class had ended and I left out the front door. I lit up a smoke and some professor came up behind me acting all uppity and asked me for my name (smoking is banned on campus). I told him, "Hey man, I don't go to school here". He pointed to my backpack and I just walked away. He threatened to expel me and I just ignored him as he followed me. He was hanging out by all the cars, waiting for me to get in so he could take down my license plate # down no doubt, so I walked right by it. I wandered around the town for awhile until I decided it was time to go check if he was still there. I flirted with a couple girls on the way back. When I got there he was still waiting by the cars, of course. He saw me and started following me, I pulled out my phone to record him. He followed me off campus and then cut me and ran away, what a weirdo. I started walking back to my car and this gay guy started being all mean and discriminatory towards me, so I gave him a big hug filled with love and we walked down the street as buddies. I forgot about the car entirely and went into some restaurant. I sat down at a table and everybody was being racist towards me, I don't know why! I'm a white male, so I am part of the population that is almost never confronted by discrimination. It made me kind of sad to think about how many people experienced that kind of treatment on a daily basis. Then I woke up.
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