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    Dreamer's Box

    by , 01-28-2015 at 05:47 AM (528 Views)
    I was driving an orange sports car from the passenger seat, while the owner of the car was chasing after me. She was quite a strange looking creature with her frizzy red hair, her leathery tan skin, and her layer of makeup that was plastered across her face like a blue and pink mask. She was my friend. We were off to search for the culprit of a murder we had just witnessed. I tried to make the car swerve in circles so that she could catch up to me, since I couldn't reach the brakes and stop the car. The car lost control and went into a deep pond that was on a golf course. I sunk like a stone and accidentally breathed in the water. I noticed that I could breathe and I realized that it was a dream. The world and my vision started to fade.

    I relaxed and told myself that I didn't have to wake up yet. The dream stabilized. I tried to swim up to the surface but I fell back down as though I was on the moon and the gravity was just weird. An electric eel swam by me and shocked my hand, Ow!

    I flew out of the water and then landed on the grass. It was night time and the moon was out. I asked out loud, "Where are you Dreamer?"
    She manifested in front of me from pink and white light, then immediately started to walk away as though she had somewhere else that she really needed to be. I told her, "Wait, I have something that I want to show you."
    She turned around and we locked eyes for a second. Then I made fireworks of all different colors explode across the sky, it was beautiful. Then I focused on making a soundtrack play in the dream to what we were doing. Beautiful music started playing from the heavens. I asked her, "Do you remember?"
    She smiled at me and then we decided to lie on the grass together. We stared into each other's eyes for a minute. We were about to kiss when I remembered that I needed to find and open Pandora's box. I asked Dreamer if she had it. She pointed to her belly and said, "I have it right here."
    I lifted up her shirt and prepared myself for the gruesome task of reaching into her tummy to find Pandora's box. She stopped me right as I touched her skin, laughed, and pulled the box out of a pocket that was in her shirt. I was QUITE relieved.

    The box was very tiny, maybe the size of my thumb. I hesitantly opened it, wincing, half expecting some evil and dark shit to fly out of it. Nothing flew out, the box was already empty. I guess that someone else got to it first. All that was left in it was a mostly eaten apple. I noticed that half of the core had been eaten as well. I thought to myself, how biblical. The box was huge on the inside, despite its tiny appearance on the outside. I noticed there were some white mushrooms and an orange and purple flower in there as well. I got really excited and wanted to write all of this down so I woke up.
    I could still hear the music that had been playing after I woke up.
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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Omg, your title!!

      I'm glad you were able to turn the nightmare around.
      It's really sweet that you relived our first dream together!
      Nice work getting TotM, TotY, and a lucid dare done in one dream!
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    2. FryingMan's Avatar
      Haha yes that title, talk about bait and switch! And with this lead-in...
      I needed to find and open Pandora's box. I asked Dreamer if she had it. She pointed to her belly and said, "I have it right here."
      FryingMan's like "uh huh, oh yes, here we go!" "….aw, man."

      p.s. just noticed your tag cloud….nice….
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      Updated 01-28-2015 at 08:57 AM by FryingMan
    3. imazu's Avatar
      Aw, tiny little box. I think maybe the fact that it was tiny means something. The legend of Pandora's Box is that all the evil in the world came from it, right? So maybe you believe that there's very little evil in the world, at least when compared with the amount of good. Or maybe since this dream was such a happy one for you it means evil has very little influence or presence there.
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    4. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      @FryingMan LOL

      @blobularwindmil Wow, that's pretty impressive how spot on you are, especially with the first one, "So maybe you believe that there's very little evil in the world, at least when compared with the amount of good". Dreamer read that comment first and said to me, "hahaha she's so right about you"
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      Updated 01-31-2015 at 03:17 PM by AnotherDreamer
    5. imazu's Avatar
      Awesome! It just stuck out to me, and seemed to really fit you lol
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