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    Hospital Stress Dream and Bryan Cranston is a Red Dolphin

    by , 03-16-2017 at 01:19 PM (703 Views)
    Stress dream in a hospital

    I was in the lobby with my mom and we were waiting to be called in for some back problems that I was having, but I had lost my paperwork and I was searching frantically to find it. There were also potentially awkward encounters all over the place that I was constantly dodging - People from my high school and university that I did not particularly want to run into. I was also trying to collect all of these 1$ and 2$ australian coins. They were all over the place! I don’t know what that was about but by the end of the dream I had a hefty collection and I was trying to carry as many of the coins as I could in my hands and shirt while leaving a shiny trail in my wake.

    After what felt like an hour of this madness, my mom got called over by a nurse and the nurse lady got upset at me because I didn’t have the paperwork and she was going to kick me out of the hospital. I started to cry and she felt bad and changed her mind. I was confused about what that dream was about when I woke up, but then I remembered that my mom is going into surgery for her back later today and I think that’s what it was probably related to.

    Bryan Cranston is a Red Dolphin

    I was acting out a movie scene with Jim Carrey and Brad Pitt; Jim Carrey was supposed to be an evil clownlike character, similar to his role as the riddler, and Brad Pitt was a super tough and manly cowboy. We acted out the following scene a few times before I became lucid:

    It was a clear starry night, around midnight, and we were walking along a boardwalk. Brad Pitt slowly walked towards the water and raised his hands at his sides, face up. A cheeseburger tied to a balloon floated up from each hand and then gently landed in front of me and Jim. We picked them up and started eating while negotiating some kind of deal. I think I was supposed to represent good, Jim was evil, and Brad was a neutral arbiter. Anyways, the scene would end with Jim Carrey betraying us and trying to murder us with an impressive arsenal of various obscure and sometimes comical weapons.

    On the final take, Brad gave me two cheeseburgers and Jim only one, then Jim broke character and was showing off all his cool weapons, one of which was an old-school crossbow. I started telling Jim that there was no point in having such a weapon because it would take way too long to load. Brad picked it up, intending to show me just how wrong I was. He loaded it and fired towards the moon. The arrow came down and almost hit someone that was swimming. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Brad had kind of a crazy look in his eyes. He grabbed me by the shirt and threw us both into the water. He changed into Bryan Cranston and started talking to me about breathing underwater.
    I thought to myself, “Breathing underwater is fun in dreams…..Breathing underwater is pretty cool….Breathing underwater is fun...in dreams!

    I tried to change Bryan Cranston into a dolphin and his skin started bubbling and his body turned red, then he grew fins and turned into a sort of bubbly-skinned red dolphin. I jumped on top of him as the Bryan dolphin sped towards the bottom of the ocean.

    We swam by a colossal, ancient, white sea creature and my Bryan dolphin friend swam into their mouth. Pearly white teeth closed behind us and a golden light erupted from the cracks in the creature’s teeth. We swam out of their mouth and suddenly the red Bryan dolphin had turned into a killer whale. I didn’t remember that they were still considered a dolphin until I woke up but I rolled with it because crazy shit was happening and I liked it.

    I rode the orca to Atlantis and saw a friendly looking mermaid. I wanted to ask her questions but as she approached me, her hair puffed out, her teeth turned into fangs, and her eyes turned red. She lunged at me and started furiously gnawing at my arm. After several quick bites I threw her off me. Many more mermaids burst from the sand with puffs of black sand. I Heard a voice that suggested I should come back in another season when they’re less hungry.

    I moved time forward about 6 months and they were all nice and friendly again. I noticed that all of the muscle bound mermen were avoiding the ladies and so I asked them why they weren’t hanging out with any of the women. They told me that the guys all thought the girls were crazy and after asking around a bit I found out that all the mermen were very gay. I wanted to go talk to the mermaid ladies but I was a bit nervous since our last encounter was a bit scary, but I went over to one of them anyways. She looked uncomfortable and I asked her if she was gay like the guys were. She said, “YES! Yes. Gay. That’s it.” But I think that she just thought I wanted to have sex with her and she didn’t want to be bothered by me
    I guess she had already met Fryingman and woblybil.
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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Nice thinking transforming a DC into a dolphin! Glad you made it to Atlantis!
      Haha, love your comment about FryingMan and woblybil. Reminds me of that idea I found hilarious about the persistent realm with all of us dreamers robbing the same bank with bananas!
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    2. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      HAha! YEa! It reminded me of the banana bank robbery too. I can't help but laugh everytime I remember that dream, I can so vividly see Canis panicking and ditching you in the bank all alone.
    3. AstronomyDomine's Avatar
      Hey, that pic reminds me of an old girlfriend's reaction right after I suggested we may want to try "seeing other people" lol. But, seriously. The red font I take it is your lucid recall? That's really amazing; I'm totally impressed! My LDs right now are way too far and few between. Envious!
      AnotherDreamer likes this.
    4. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      Hey, that pic reminds me of an old girlfriend's reaction right after I suggested we may want to try "seeing other people" lol.
      Hahaha, that cracked me up

      The red font is for tasks of the year, the green font is for lucids, the blue font is for non lucid dreams.

      Thanks man!
    5. Mazerg's Avatar
      I swear your dream journal is the best! It has a nice format and interactive pictures. The way you write makes me feel like I'm there (in the dream), and keeps me motivated! Keep up the great work.