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    A Short WILD and Grandpa Pete

    by , 01-26-2015 at 01:41 PM (434 Views)

    WILD (after WBTB):

    The dream started with me feeling my body in bed and my dream body simultaneously. I focused on moving my dream body hands and feet until I no longer noticed my body in bed. I then moved to the edge of the bed and stood up. The room was dark, I couldn't see. I shuffled over to the door and started touching the walls and the floor. I then gradually started to open my dream eyes and the room was brightly lit. I suddenly noticed this strong itching sensation in my ear and I thought to myself, "noooooooooo".
    Then I woke up and itched it. I started to go back into the dream but B-dog and H-dog jumped up on the bed and started licking my arm like it was the most delicious thing that they had ever tasted.


    This was an attempted WILD that failed but I became lucid later in the dream.

    It was dusk and the landscape was lit up with a warm, orange glow. I was laying down in the back of a jeep with Dreamer and looking out across the countryside. We had been cuddling for awhile when the jeep started to move, someone was driving it. I think it was supposed to be Dreamer's aunt or something in the dream. The car started to move very fast and I felt like we were going to get thrown out the back so I tried to brace myself, but I still worried that the force would be too much and my arm would snap.

    I looked around and saw that they were driving after an old man, someone's grandpa. They called him grandpa Pete. He snow white hair and he wore blue jeans with a blue shirt. He was running around the city, trying to run away from something. They kept driving after him while calling out that he should stop running and just get over it. Whoever was driving the jeep started swerving in and out of oncoming traffic.
    I became lucid and asked them to stop the car. I ran across this huge interstate with 8 lanes of traffic coming at me at 70+mph. I deftly dodged the cars and jumped past a huge truck that barely missed me, then ran up to grandpa Pete. He picked up a tire iron and told me to stay back while wildly swinging it in front of him. I wasn't worried about it. He threw the tire iron at me and I asked him what was wrong. He told me that he was afraid of dying, he said that he was 88 years old and he was probably going to die soon and that he didn't want to. I told him something about life being a circle and that maybe being close to death just meant that he was going to be young again. He liked the idea of that and then he turned into a sand creature as his body melted into the ground. He laid there with his flat, sand body and a huge, peaceful grin on his face. I then decided to go eat some dream food before I woke up because I was right outside of a gas station. Woke up as I walked inside.
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Very cool! Congrats on the 2 LD's! I like how you asked Grandpa Pete what was wrong. I am getting better at doing that for SC exploration.