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    Some Short Dreams

    by , 08-28-2015 at 01:53 PM (555 Views)
    DILD #1:

    I had trapped a giant warrior woman in a magic bottle earlier in the dream and I was carrying her around on my back. I asked her, “What would I be good at, given my mental abilities?”
    She waited a second before responding, “You would be good at anything that involves using your creativity.”

    I jumped really high in the air, onto some rafters that were overhanging a street. I climbed across them as though they were monkey bars and then did fancy acrobatic flips to launch myself into the air above. I took off flying while I admired the warm sunrise that was illuminating the buildings around me. I saw a dream character that was flying ahead of me. He had light brown hair and brown eyes. I remembered that I wanted to practice Dreamer’s advice for flying into space.

    I took off at super speed and imagined the sky turning dark blue and stars appearing around me. It started to happen and I was really high in the air suddenly. I wanted to get back down to earth so I let myself free-fall. It felt wonderful and terrifying all at once. I saw a zoomed out view of the scene with my body falling towards the ground and golden clouds all around me.

    DILD #2:

    I was sitting outside and it was raining. I was waiting for Dreamer to be done hanging out with her relatives. I thought that I was under shelter but I felt like my butt was wet and cold. I felt my back with my hand and there was a steady stream of cold water flowing behind me, but it wasn’t making me wet. I looked on the ground and saw a rainbow coming out of it.
    I thought that was quite strange so I stood up and did a reality check, and air came through. I got really excited and then woke up.

    DILD #3:

    I was with Dreamer in our bedroom and she was excitedly telling me about these supplements that Jenkees bought called ‘tanzen’. I looked at the bottle and it said something like “Do you have good recall? Would you like to have EXTREME Recall?”
    Dreamer gave me a pill and started chewing on hers. I started chewing on mine as well and it tasted like some yummy, sweet candy.
    I felt very dizzy immediately like I was about to pass out and I did a reality check. I started talking to Dreamer and then I woke up.


    I slowly formed a dream by staring at a beautiful blue sky in my mind until it became very vivid. Dreamer was there and we did stuff together. I got a bit too excited and started to ignore her while focusing on the sky again. I saw a balloon slowly drift towards the ground. I turned towards another DC that was there and asked her to turn on the lights, since it was night time. Then I turned towards Dreamer and asked her to show me how she turns on the sun with her photoshop skills. She walked over to a brick wall and flipped an invisible switch while asking me, “Have you tried this yet?”
    I woke up.
    Stayed still, waited to DEILD while focusing on the image of the blue sky again.
    I appeared back at the same place, Dreamer was waiting for me while sitting on the ground. The sun was out now and she excitedly got up to give me a hug. I got distracted with sexy stuff until I woke up.
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    1. FryingMan's Avatar
      “Do you have good recall? Would you like to have EXTREME Recall?”
      Haha, infomercials even haunt us in dreams!

      Nice way to form a dream by staring at an imaginary sky, I'll have to try that!
    2. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      Cool dreams.
      DILD #1: had this to with the freefalling its a really strong feeling in the guts like you know nothing will happen to you but still had this strong feeling in your stomach and thinking about hm maby i should just fall a little slower ^^ i´ve once at the beginning wanted to fly into the sky but was not ready for it and after some meters everything got foggy like i would fly into clouds. i decided to let myself fall so i got out again. my perspective changed and i was down at the street waiting for myself to fall of the sky till i smashed in the ground because i didnt see when the ground was coming... this was a strange expirience....

      WILD: i think it hase huge potential to just ask DC´s to show you things like with the photoshop thing. just ask and you sc thinks its not you who needs to do anything but someone else is doing it for you pretty nice

      edit: like fryingman says: nice idea with the sky image. its nice and simple but yet efficent
    3. Patience108's Avatar
      Hey AnotherDreamer I really like the way you stared at the blue sky during your Wild dive - Is that something you have done loads before?