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    Re-entry: The Atmosphere

    Dusk Rider // Lockers Upon Lockers

    by , 03-21-2017 at 09:08 PM (174 Views)
    I dreamed I had a light up skate board. My friend Tommy was there along with several other dream people. I was riding up and down this smooth road at dusk. Is pick up a good bit of speed before deftly maneuvering around a few small potholes and pebbles. It was getting late so I was going around telling everyone in the area goodnight, and that I was about to skate home. There were two girls digging through a pantry for something. I knew them, so I said goodnight. I remember seeing a big Tupperware tub filled with small, peeled onions.

    I then remember being in a locker room trying to find a toilet. I wandered around the vast space filled with lockers, stalls, and people changing. I kept my eyes up and made sure not to look at anything I wasn't supposed to be seeing. The toilets I found were at an unmarked coed section. I approached hesitantly, thinking how strange it was that both men and women of all ages were using these six stalls together without thinking anything was out of the ordinary. What REALLY caught me off guard was the fact that the stalls were only half there! It seemed like someone took a chainsaw and very neatly cut off the entire top half of the stalls, leaving them only waist high.

    I went with the flow. I took a leak and left.

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