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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Late for the Bus // FA's a result of the SSILD method?

      by , 01-10-2019 at 02:18 AM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      For the first time last night, I attempted the SSILD method. I'm struggling to find the original thread and author, but the description of it intrigued me enough to give it a shot.

      I dreamed of getting ready for the bus at my old house I lived in through high school. The sky was still dark; it was in the early hours of the morning. I had just ate breakfast and was getting my coat on as I heard the tell-tale squeal of noisy bus brakes outside my front door. I hadn't brushed my teeth yet and I was sure as hell not going to leave without doing that. I opened the door and waved to signal that I was here and would be right now. I was sure they had not noticed. The bus driver released the air brakes and started rolling forward. I ran and put a small gob of toothepaste on my lip and ran outside. The bus had pulled into my neighbors driveway and was turning around. Ironically I didn't realize that was odd, because the street was a loop that took you back to the main road no matter which way you went. I woke up soon after, anyways.

      Throughout the night I had 2 or 3 false awakenings, which I find very odd. I haven't had a single one for what seems like years. At least, not that I can remember. But multiple in one night... It could have been the mental note I made to try and wake up naturally after dreaming to try and WILD or SSILD like I had read about the night before. I need to start RCing every time I wake up from now on.
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    2. A House of Flowers, Piercingly Blue Sky, Subconscious Tattoos!

      by , 01-10-2015 at 06:18 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I dreamed intensely and lucidly. I remember my mom and step dad were getting married. I wasn't too thrilled about it. The house they had was huge and very nice. A blue white color scheme. There were lots of guests and this reception. It was very hard to get through the house because of all the racks of clothes and endless walls of flowers lining the rooms and hallways. My room was untouched thankfully. I took refuge in there and ended up falling asleep on the floor next to a few of my belongings. I woke up, changed into street clothes and packed my things to leave. My parents were asking me how it all went for me and other trivial things but I didn't have much interest in listening. I answered them shortly and was on my way.

      I was outside on a beautiful sunny day. The downtown square of the town where I grew up. The sky was a very deep, gorgeous blue with light streaks of clouds. I could feel the breeze and the sun on my skin. The entire area was empty except for me and someone who I think I met before in school. He was talking to me while I realized I was dreaming. I jumped onto a cool, steel street light post that ran horizontally across the street to hold street lights. I stared up at the beautiful sky and thought "wow, that's the prettiest dream sky..." I jumped down and started running down the street. I thought of techniques I could do to enhance the dream but I felt I would just get corny results.

      I then thought of a meditation book I have and how it used guided meditation that involved going down stairs to guide you to a dream world. I thought of how that could guide me to my subconscious. For some reason, I imagined finding a dentistry office. I found a door to one of the buildings on my right and opened it. Inside were dark, creaky stairs leading down to another door. I didn't even hesitate. I ran down them and burst through the door. I had entered a waiting room. It was quiet except for a light buzzing and whirring sounds of tattoo guns. Beside me was a tattoo artist working on someone's tattoo. The tattoo artist looked up at me, surprised. She had dark rimmed glasses and pink streaked hair tied in pigtails. She wore a black tank top and was covered in tattoos. I immediately apologized for interrupting and went to the counter. I started talking with another female tattoo artist about my tattoo. This one had on a similar black tank top and dark rimmed glasses but she had blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. I described how much I was quoted on it, the details, the color scheme. She looked really enthusiastic as I told her this. She immediately pulled out a tattoo gun and told me to lay my arm on the table. I did as she told and then piped up, explaining how I never got a tattoo before. She started pushing the needle in my skin. I didn't feel anything. And then I "woke up".

      I was in the back of a car that two of my bosses (and role models) were driving. I was ecstatic about the dream I had and I began to tell Carrie, the one in the passenger seat. She didn't seem very interested in me at all. She seemed distracted. I struggled to remember any details of the first dream for a little while until the colors started flowing back to me. I remembered a part I hadn't originally recalled.
      In the narrow hallways of my parents house, the ones lined with flowers, several marionettes hung by the back of their shirts among the flowers. They came to life and started offering me the candy in their pockets before I was able to get to my room. I had declined and kept walking. Carrie asked me a few questions, prodding for detail, and I was able to answer them. I then woke up for real.

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