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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Afloat on the Town's Water

      by , 01-18-2019 at 03:55 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I wish I could have remembered more from last night. I know I dreamed intensely, but recall becomes strange when I wake up frequently.

      I dreamed of a town that had merged itself with a nearby lake. The crystal clear, blue water filled the streets intentionally. Cars were adapted to float and travel on the surface. The buildings stretched several stories up. In the center was wide open water where waves could grow and rock the surface. This was such an incredibly vivid and surreal scene. I was in a large speedboat. With me I had a child and a kitten. I had to get the kitten into a small cage to make sure it wouldn't go somewhere it shouldn't and get hurt. We had just came from a street and made it out onto open water. I told the child to hold the steering wheel until I could manage the kitten situation. When finished and looked up, a sizeable wave was about to hit us from the side. I quickly grabbed the wheel and whipped the boat around to hit it head on so we wouldn't capsize. Being tossed around in the air like that was kind of fun. To my right I saw an approaching police boat, but they didn't seem too concerned. More curious than anything.
    2. Andy Samberg the Mars Murderer

      by , 01-16-2019 at 12:25 AM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      Very rarely will I dream of being on planets other than Earth. Last night I dreamt of landing on a very nicely terraformed version of Mars. The trees and vegetation was strikingly similar to Earth, but the sky had a unique yellow hue, and grass seemed a bit of a sandy color.

      I stepped out of a space ship with 3 other people, noticing a house and a few sheds next to a barren field and patch of woods. We were all wearing high-tech space suits. Our mission was to regain contact with a farming settlement that had a broken communication system. Andy Samberg was one of one of people on my team.

      We split up and began walking the property; we couldn't find a single soul. No life seemed to be coming from the house or any of the buildings. Walking around back, we found the door leading down to the basement open. Peering into the darkness, I had the feeling that it led into a deep formation of catacombs. I wasn't sure I was ready to go that far yet.

      I heard Andy Samberg start yelling, "Alien! Alien! Oh god I got him!" I then heard gunshots coming from the other side of the house. Everyone rushed over to him to find that he had, in his great ignorance, shot and killed an old man who had come to greet us. We were all speechless and serious with the exception of the smug "oops" grin Andy Samberg typically has. Just then, a large rover the size of a monster truck pulls up to the property, and the remaining settlers we were looking for came out and greeted us. They quickly realized what had happened, luckily knowing it was only the fault of Andy Samberg. We tied him up and continued on with the mission, unanimously deciding that later we would decide what to do with him.

      I mean, I'm not a huge fan of Andy Samberg as an actor.
    3. Biting Ants

      by , 01-12-2019 at 01:12 AM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I dreamed of helping preparre for a summer BBQ party. I had to run down to the basement of a house I had lived in a long time ago. I walked across the carpeted concrete floor barefoot. I had grabbed a bag of red plastic cups when I felt a stinging sensation in my toes. I looked down to see the floor crawling with ants. A few looked to be fused together, latched onto one of my toes and continually chomping down. I tried over and over to shake them off to no avail.


      I was in the dairy section of a grocery store. In this dream, for some reason I had a 5 year old daughter I was looking after. I remember keeping a close eye on her as she browsed the items on the shelves and in the coolers. She came upon a rack that was filled with colorful pool noodles, and she seemed fascinated. For the first time in a long time, I thought to do a reality check in my dream. I held my nose and inhaled, breathing in a full lungful of air. I was able to consciously think to myself that I was indeed in a dream, but everything was so blurry and faded I couldn't hold onto any small bit of lucidity. I soon lost what little focus I had and the dream soon ended.

      This is a step in the right direction; I'm noticing my efforts paying off and it hasn't been a full two weeks yet! I have no intention of slowing down, so hopefully it's only a matter of time before I'm fully lucid regularly.
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    4. Late for the Bus // FA's a result of the SSILD method?

      by , 01-10-2019 at 02:18 AM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      For the first time last night, I attempted the SSILD method. I'm struggling to find the original thread and author, but the description of it intrigued me enough to give it a shot.

      I dreamed of getting ready for the bus at my old house I lived in through high school. The sky was still dark; it was in the early hours of the morning. I had just ate breakfast and was getting my coat on as I heard the tell-tale squeal of noisy bus brakes outside my front door. I hadn't brushed my teeth yet and I was sure as hell not going to leave without doing that. I opened the door and waved to signal that I was here and would be right now. I was sure they had not noticed. The bus driver released the air brakes and started rolling forward. I ran and put a small gob of toothepaste on my lip and ran outside. The bus had pulled into my neighbors driveway and was turning around. Ironically I didn't realize that was odd, because the street was a loop that took you back to the main road no matter which way you went. I woke up soon after, anyways.

      Throughout the night I had 2 or 3 false awakenings, which I find very odd. I haven't had a single one for what seems like years. At least, not that I can remember. But multiple in one night... It could have been the mental note I made to try and wake up naturally after dreaming to try and WILD or SSILD like I had read about the night before. I need to start RCing every time I wake up from now on.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    5. One Big Family

      by , 05-03-2016 at 03:20 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      One Big Family - T-Rex Hide n Seek - Cop in the Hall Mall

      I dreamed about being 17 or 18 and being adopted by a big family. The two adults weren't that old. They kind of reminded me of our neighbors below us, Justin and Jennifer. They were busy a lot but they weren't mean to the kids. There were about 8 kids or so. All between the ages of 5 and 16. A good amount of them were adopted just like me. I remember seeing them around the big house we were at, hanging out in different spots. I talked to each one of them individually and got to know them. I had such strong emotions in this dream. I loved and cared for all of them and they returned those feelings. I felt so accepted and welcomed.

      The dream changed. I was just coming back home from somewhere when I saw them all packing up boxes. I run into the house to see some of them just hanging out in empty rooms. No one told me we were moving, which wasn't entirely bad. I asked if there was anything else I could help pack and they said no. They pretty much had everything, save a lamp and a small table they were using.

      At our new house, everything was brighter, whiter, and with shades of blue. It was almost as if the weather was cloudy before but now it's sunny and spring like. I looked out the window and noticed we were living behind a house I had lived at before when I was younger. I started pointing this out to some of my siblings and they were fascinated and began asking me questions.
      I dreamed I was running around Warther's with a buddy of mine. I can't remember if I actually knew him in real life. I don't think I did. He was guiding me down a hill and away from the main building. We hurried me through a hole in a fence and around a small pile of junk set. We knelt behind it. I asked him what we were doing but he shushed me and pointed over near the edge of the building. A T-Rex stumbled out. You could hear people scream in terror as they ran from it. My friend and I were at a safe distance and giggled at them. It was exciting.
      I dreamed of being in a subsection of a mall. It was a room lined with couches and hallway with ascending steps grouped by 5 with a 10 foot landing in between each flight. There were doors on either side of the hallway at each landing. Each door lead to a room. In each room, someone had personalized it for different reasons. Some had set up a personal store, some set up videogames, some set up blacklight parties. At the end of the hallway at the very last door, I walked in and saw my highschool bully. He and a friend of his were smoking weed in the room. I talked with them a minute before walking back down to the main room with couches. A cop came out of nowhere and called me over. He asked me if I wanted to do something for him: to go in to multiple rooms and start causing paranoia. To start loudly saying, "Oh man, I really hope there aren't any cops coming up to this part of the mall." And walking out. I was skeptical of this, but agreed. I felt obligated. The dream ended before I could start.
    6. Ashen Trees

      by , 03-02-2016 at 10:19 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I dreamed many dreams last night. Seemingly after every block of REM sleep, I woke and remembered them in full detail. However, I was too lazy to crawl out of bed to write them down, which made me forget most of them.

      I had an early dream of Milli giving birth. No surprise there. No details stuck out really.

      I dreamed of being in a theater about to watch a play with Milli. The audience was only about half full. Some of the actors came on set to act out a scene but broke character to announce they didn't have enough actors. They said they needed some for a choir, some small parts, and started calling out names of their friends, asking them to come up on stage. Some people around me got up and ran up to join them. They called out for a specific acting part no one had answered to. I looked over at Milli and asked quietly, "Do you think I should? I mean, why not?" I ran back stage, got into my purple morphsuit and then ran out onto the stage to act the parts that were called for. This pleasantly surprised some of the actors, who quickly followed suit.

      I exited when my time came to leave. I quickly undressed. Milli was backstage with me. I heard them start doing the bows for each character but I didn't feel I did enough to be a part of that so I stayed out even though they had called for me. We left.

      We went through the side doors and out into the halls of a school. My mother was there. She congratulated me. We passed a couple people I hadn't seen from high school. They did as well and made strange comments about my hair. We continued down the hall, past drinking fountains, and to this glass door that lead outside.

      The clouds were looking sort of ominous but in a way that indicated a storm had just passed. I noticed there were two trees that had fallen against the building. I opened up the door and walked outside. I noticed there was something white and snow like along the leaves, branches and trunk on the top side of each tree. Upon closer inspection, it was ash. It was like lightning had struck the trees so hard they toppled over. I grabbed a tiny bit of ash between two of my fingers. It burned, so it must've happened very recently. My mom was trying to propose ideas on what could've happened but I already knew.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Consciously Skipping Years of my Life

      by , 02-18-2016 at 04:12 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      NOTE: My recall has increased rather quickly since I started journalling again. I dig it! 4 dreams remembered last night. I had tried to perform a WBTB without setting an alarm but I have a bladder of steel so I never woke up.

      I dreamed of skipping several years.
      I remember waking up in my dream and seeing I had two sons with Milli. They loved me so incredibly much and I loved them back even more. They were about 4 and 8. I remember my first night with them. We had all hung out and when it was time to go to bed, I stayed up late to make sure the doors were locked and I was cleaning up things that could've been potentially dangerous. The basement was somewhat messy but it was okay. There may have been a small bouncy-house there. I was trying to figure out the best way to lock the garage doors we had in the basement. I saw a blue circular sled and placed them where the doors would be but that literally did nothing. There was snow outside but it wasn't that cold.

      I then realized we actually had garage doors. I pulled them down, and tried using zipties on the moving parts up top but that didn't work at all. I twisted the handle, engaging the locking mechanism like my old garage would in the house I grew up in. For some reason there were two broken glass bottles on the steps coming up from the basement. I cleaned those up as well.
      I got upstairs and saw they were both in bed, sleeping. I wrapped my arms around Milli and couldn't stop from smiling. This was utterly fantastic.

      I dreamed of being at camp, and Milli was showing me how to take care of campers at night. There was a Custer girl passed out on my lap; I didn't dare move a muscle. I can't remember any of the steps Milli spoke about but it was detailed and precise.

      I dreamed of being in a car at a park. I was naked in the passenger seat. The car door was open and there were people driving by. I specifically remember a newish white SUV approaching at 15mph. I thought to myself, Oh, I should probably close the door so they don't see me. I just ended up closing it part of the way for some reason.

      I dreamed of trying to find a bathroom. I passed by several. One had a sign that depicted female, another had a sign that was genderless. I couldn't find a male specific bathroom so I opted for the genderless. Inside, most of the stalls were taken or out of order. The floor was this bluish white tile with very small squares. As I walked futher inside, I looked and saw that most of the stalls had been destroyed. They had been knocked down with dozens of of the wall panels littering the floors.

      Beyond the five or six that were still standing/being used/out of order near the door, there was only one stall standing in the middle of the room. This lone stall was surrounded by the mess and clutter. I didn't take that stall. I walked back to the group of stalls by the door and found an open one.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. Polar Bear's Curiosity would have probably Killed Me

      by , 02-17-2016 at 04:42 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I dreamed of being on a small backyard beach. A friend, maybe Milli or Dan, (It was actually Dan)was sitting on on the dock, looking out at the lake. I was playing in the shallow part of the water. We saw a brown bear float by on his back, totally relaxed and non threatening. And we just observed with curiosity. And it kept floating. Eventually it was out of sight.

      Scene change. The scene actually didn't change. I was walking up towards the dock where Milli was sitting. I started telling her about what had just happened. How a Dan and I saw a bear just float on by. As I was telling the story, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. It was a somewhat young polar bear in the shallow end where I just was. It hadn't noticed me, 25 feet away, up the bank and in the grass. I stopped talking immediately and watched for a second. I felt uncomfortable. There was a large bush I was peeking around and I felt I had enough cover to run. I knew if it saw me running it would take interest and chase me. I didn't think its intentions were entirely evil and bloodlustful, but I knew it would attack me if it got close.

      I looked over at the house right next to me. I felt I had enough of a lead to get into the fenced in backyard and into the back door safely if the bear saw me and decided to come after me. I ran. The bear took notice but I did have enough time to get past the fence's gate and into the backyard. I got in and noticed there was another layer of fences I had to pass. It was almost like a maze. The bear had caught up to me and was getting into the first set of fencing. I opened up the glass door to a partly open green house. I looked back to see if he could reach me in here or if I was isolated. My main goal was still the house.
      I ran to the back door to realize he only had about 15 feet and a left turn around the green house glass to reach me. He saw this too and started running for me as I was turning the knob. I woke but it took me a while to actually fully get myself out of the dream.
      I dreamed I was in a McDonalds in a subway system. I was riding around a very small indoor train meant for public transportation. I didn't really know were I was and needed to get back to the main transit system so I did a couple loops and took the time to figure it out. On one of my loops (as fast as a power walk, the train took its time) I passed a child. She stuck her hand out and I gave her a high five as I passed. I continued dwn the track to hear the mother start freaking out about how dangerous that was. The general manager was agreeing with her but I knew she was just putting up with her bullshit.
      I made it out of the McDonalds, up an escalator and into a subway car. I stepped out to look at some signs to see if I was in the right place. I heard the hissing and beeping of doors closing, started to panic, ran back and got inside the car just as the doors closed. I had almost been seperated from my bags. (Camera bag and a bag that held a Ronin Gimbal) I made a sigh of relief and looked over at the younger guy across the aisle. He seemed like a trustworthy dude. He probably would have helped get my gear back to me if I had lost it.
    9. A Barricaded House

      by , 01-04-2015 at 04:19 AM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I remember a super real dream. I was taking notes on something rather interesting but I can't remember much of that now. I Was also having a really cool conversation. After that I dreamed of yet another zombie apocalypse.

      My small group had a house we were living in and barricading. We saw a rather large guy walk into the half of the house we weren't using and hadn't barricaded for stray zombies. He kept walking in and around the house. We quickly became paranoid and assumed he wasn't friendly. I crept downstairs and around to the living room when I saw a ten year old boy with blonde hair. I froze, staring at him. His face lit up and he said "Hi Greg!" ... "I know him. I know this kid. But from where??" I thought to myself. I told him that I knew him but couldn't remember. He said he and his dad were from back in Season 1. ( I instantly knew he meant earlier zombie dreams of mine) I suddenly remembered and became really happy and excited because we were separated way back then. I thought I'd never see them again. When his dad came back, he was no longer a stranger to me. I greeted him with a bear hug and we had a little reunion.

      That has to be the funniest thing a DC has ever said to me. "We're back from Season 1." I guess I DO have a lot of zombie dreams.
    10. WILD #3 + Dreams

      by , 11-05-2012 at 08:07 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      This was my attempt #3.

      I tried right before sleeping. I didn't make it much farther than before so I let myself fall asleep.

      I dreamed of being in a seat at a massive stadium. A soccer game was being played on the field. An excited fan ran out onto the field and interrupted the game and when he was taken away, many of the fans were booing at the security for taking him away. I mean, he was just an excited fan having a good time, right? More started coming out onto the field. About a dozen or so with brightly colored jerseys, or no jerseys at all! They kept coming until there were about two dozen of them out there, running around, hollering like idiots and having a blast. security gave up trying to get them off the field and the players couldn't do anything but walk around and wait for it all to subside.

      Scene changed. I was in the back seat of a really expensive sports car. I was sitting next to a girl a little younger than me. Her older male friend was giving her a ride home from the highschool football game. I don't think they were aware that I was sitting in the car with them. The guy was a family friend, from what I understood from them talking back and forth. The girl was sleepy. As we are in the downtown area of the small town I live in, we drive past the police station. The guy takes a left and drops his car down into first gear and guns it. The car roars as he lets the RPM skyrocket before jumping into second, and then third, and then fourth. By this time, I'm gripping the luxury leather seats in terror, my heart was racing and my adrenaline was pumping. He presses the breaks and lets out a breath of relief (I did too) that he didn't take it too far. They both laugh a little bit and grin. He looks around and says "Oh, I kind of missed your driveway, didn't I?" She replies, "Yeah, haha it's okay."

      I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock going off. Time for my real attempt at inducing a WILD.

      This time, I don't wake myself up as much as last time and I don't eat anything. I went to the bathroom and checked my email and that was about it.

      I laid in bed and took my time finding a comfortable position. I let my body stay still as I counted my breath all the way to 100. I was able to focus much more easily this time around.
      Not that much happened that hasn't already happened except for one thing. For a split second, it felt like my body was being pulled in another dimension and it startled me. My mind was quiet at the time and right after it happened, I loudly said to myself, "What the FUCK was that?!" I actually got a little excited because I thought this was a good sign that I was getting closer to achieving my goal.

      Other than that, not much happened. However, I found that getting my body into a super relaxed state was getting pretty easy. After a while of having good focus, I almost let myself fall unconscious. After a while, I woke back up and realized I wasn't going to get much farther tonight so I rolled over and let myself fall asleep. As I tried to sleep, my body went straight back to the super relaxed state before so I thought, "Why not" and tried again. This time I didn't bother to do any counting or any breathing exercises, I just let myself be calm, quiet and drift. After a bit, I fell asleep again.

      I dreamed I was walking around a department store with my roommate. He was horsing around, picking up things and leaving them wherever he felt like it when he saw something more interesting. He picked up a mouse for a computer and looked at me like we needed to find a counter so he could actually buy it. We made our way to a customer service desk near the back of the store where several employees were hanging around talking. I had a feeling they were looking at us and thinking we were just kids horsing around. I waited for him as he went up to the counter. I decided to go and get a drink of water over by the restrooms. As I finished drinking, I heard footsteps behind me. Before I could turn around to see what it was, someone jumps on by back and grabs me. My first thought was that it was my roommate horsing around, which would make perfect sense, but it wasn't. It was a girl. I could carry her easily. I thought about bumping her up against a wall or falling on the ground to get her off my back. I was off balance so I was stumbling everywhere. I leaned forward and flipped her over my head and onto the floor. She said, "Hey, don't be so rough!" I saw her friend and my roommate behind us, laughing. I looked back at the girl and I realized who she was. I went to school with her in middleschool but I haven't seen her since and she was in one of my most memorable lucid dreams. I don't know why.

      For some reason, my roommate felt the need to start taking off his clothes. He stripped down to his boxers and looked like he was about to start running through the store. The two girls were laughing and hollering hysterically. Then he felt the need to get naked. I thought this was out of control. I was about to tell him to stop when suddenly we weren't in the department store again. We were in the backyard of one of my older houses. There was a gap in the fence dividing my yard from my neighbor's yard and big, giant inflatable toy was stuck in between the gap. The four of us were laying on the inflatable toy/raft thing. My roommate slipped off it and into my neighbors yard I said to him in a hushed voice "Sean! You shouldn't be in their yard! They have a big dog that isn't exactly nice!" He was still almost naked, covering himself up. I saw my neighbor walk up to us with a relaxed look on his face like he was okay with all this. Relief spread through me. I noticed his daughter, barely at a walking age, was chasing around their three cats. I also noticed he had a mug of some fruit drink with a little paper umbrella in his hand. The cats came up to the inflatable toy and jumped up on it where we were. The girls squealed at their cuteness. The biggest one, which was a medium/small orange and white cat looked extremely familiar to me. It was as if the front half and the back half of the cat was from a different cat I had a while ago. I was going to ask the man if he was one of the people who adopted a kitten from us about a year ago but he and his daughter went back inside the house.

      What was interesting was that instead of just going straight from a dream to waking up, I actually watched the dream fade and felt my mind and body slowly coming back to reality. Almost like the opposite of a WILD.
      I'm getting closer.

      I had another dream but I can't remember when it happened last night.
      I was at a family member's house/property. I was out back and they were throwing a reunion in the house. I remember walking and exploring their backyard which consisted of a couple fountains, some twisting and winding stone paths and a greenhouse. I remember the sky being a dull gray color, matching the color of the stone I walked on but the greenness around me was vivid. I remember seeing younger cousins walking up from the pond that was downhill from the house off to the right. All around the backyard and pond were trees. The younger cousins didn't look too happy but I was still intrigued and curious about them because I don't remember ever meeting them. We were all called into the house for dinner.

      This has been a major improvement of my recall. I'll definitely keep posting my dreams.
    11. Tour in Africa

      by , 10-17-2012 at 07:24 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I remember being on a tour to what looked like an African country with several people I went to school with but don't talk to. I remember a fragment of driving around in a jeep through the African desert. The jeep was whipping around in the dirt and was pretty exhilarating.

      I remember coming back to a concrete building used for recreational purposes. Crafts. Possibly by younger campers coming here on a trip.

      It was night. I remember being at this party with the native tribes people. We were all outside. There was a bonfire burning, giving off the only source of light on the sandy plane. They had an area of land taped off and beside that we were all crowding around as people played a game where they roll flat stones in the dirt. I remember seeing a older woman, completely focused, roll her stone and shout in victory as she beat her opponent. When she shouted her brown/black teeth flashed in the firelight.

      Scene changed. I was back home in my old neighborhood. The people I used to go to school with were carpooling and were about to leave for Africa again. They were calling names to see who all was going, like a roll call. They kept saying the name "Jimmy Jack" which was the only name I didn't recognize. I kept frantically searching and double-checking for anything I would want to take with me when I heard them start the car and start to leave. They kept calling "Jimmy Jack" because he wasn't in the car yet. When I approached the car, a girl I knew said "Oh there you are Jimmy Jack! Come on!" I realized they must've made a nickname for me on the last trip.

      I didn't get in the car yet. I insisted on walking down the road surrounded by trees and woods to find a bottle of water, because I was already thirsty and I knew I would need one since we're going to Africa. I had a feeling they would leave without me if I didn't hurry up.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. Reintroduction to the Infinite Worlds of Dreams

      by , 10-04-2012 at 10:56 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      I started lucid dreaming about five years ago when I was still a young one. As I've gotten older, I lost interest and new things took over my time and demanded my attention. This is my attempt to reintroduce myself into the dreaming scene again.

      Dream 1: Resolution of a reoccurring tunnel

      I dreamed I was entering these concrete tunnels I've been dreaming of off and on for about a year or so. Every time I dreamt of it before, it would always end when my friends and I would get to a certain point where we weren't supposed to be and we'd get caught by the people who owned the tunnels. This time it was different.

      Dan and I entered the tunnels and started walking. It was pitch black ahead of us, and we had nothing but small flash lights that didn't light up much more than a few feet ahead. We had to crouch to keep our heads from bouncing off the ceiling. Dan started running. I did too, so I didn't get left behind. It was actually pretty easy and I remember seeing myself and Dan in a third person view like we were in Gears of War, doing the crouch/sprint thing. After a little bit the tunnel started opening up and we came to a big garage type looking area. the walls were tan in color and I got a deja vu feeling. I knew this place.
      "Crap, Dan, I didn't think we'd get here this fast. We're not supposed to be here." I said in a hushed voice.
      "Just a second, I wanna try something." He replied.
      "What? No, dude we need to get out of here!"
      He got something out of his pocket and disappeared around the corner of a doorway for a second and came back out, running at me with a big smile on his face.
      "Lets go!"
      We sprinted out of the tunnels. I remember feeling my back aching from being bent over so long. We came to the entrance. The sunlight blinded me once we came out. I'm not exactly sure how long it we were outside until we were approached by a group of people. An older man with a medium sized gray beard and goatee came up to me with a serious face and said,
      "We know where you were. You shouldn't have been down there." He handed me two pieces of construction paper that were folded like brochures.
      "He wanted me to give you this." He said, and left along with the other couple people with him. I opened up one of the brochures and saw that it had a bunch of small Polaroid pictures glued to it. Most of it was of Dan in various areas(almost like vacation pictures), smiling his face off and, essentially, living life like every human being should.
      "That's what I left for him on his desk." Dan said. I opened up the other one and it had more Polaroids glued on the inside. It was the owner of the tunnels. He looked very similar to the man who confronted me. I realized they must be brothers. The pictures were of this man living his life with joy and happiness. I think the message here was that we're all just human, just people looking to enjoy life full of joy and happiness.

      Dream 2: Kids and the Storm

      I dreamed I was at a house I did not recognize with my niece and nephews and my mom. They were in their swimsuits playing in the back yard, ready for my mom to take them to the pool to go swimming. I was out back playing with them. They were swinging foam noodles around, smacking me and each other and having a blast. I don't remember who it was but someone came up to me and handed me a big metal sword. They had one of their own and we started sparring. We were being super careful not to hit one of the kids. The other person had a hold of the blade and was swinging the handle at me. The blade was extremely dull so it wasn't cutting them. I said hold on a minute and tried showing them what they were doing wrong. I demonstrated, after making sure no one was around me, and swung the giant sword around me in a circle. I noticed the sky was getting really dark and foreboding, like it was about to storm really badly. I went up to my mom and asked if she still planned on taking the kids swimming. I said she probably shouldn't because it's about to storm. She said I was probably right.

      I went inside to go get changed because I had to leave for work. I came out, said bye to everyone and got in my car and left. Going down the road, I realized I didn't recognize any of my surroundings. I thought maybe I went the wrong way. I worried about if I was going to be late for work. I remember passing this small park or golf club house. I was really doubting my sense of direction now. Most of the area around the road was all brush and trees. I saw this gutted old car in the ditch and stopped to look at it. It had a sign saying "Free for Scrap". I vaguely remember going into the park and looking at the club house a little closer but I returned to my car and kept going after that.

      As I continued down the road a car pulled out in front of me and a police car pulled up behind me. I kept saying to myself "Shitshitshitshitshit" because I realized I didn't have my seatbelt on. It kept getting caught on something as I tried to inconspicuously pull it over my chest and latch it. The cop turned his lights and siren on. That's when I thought I was done for. He swerved into the other lane and sped past me. The car in front of me floored it and I was left in the dust trying to grasp what just happened.