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    Re-entry: The Atmosphere

    Pillows for Sails

    by , 02-04-2017 at 06:05 AM (238 Views)
    I dreamed of being at a dinner table. Familiar people were sitting around me, but we weren't having dinner. We were just finishing up being briefed on a big game we were about to help lead and play in. There were lots of kids waiting to jump in and play. We were going to use these tennis courts on a hill.

    We were about to start the game, but I was slightly unprepared; I didn't have any shoes! I knew I could do it without shoes, but for the sake of my own enjoyment, I got up and quickly started running down the main road in town to find my car where I left my shoes.

    I had a pillow from my couch in my hand for some reason. As I ran, it caught the wind like a full sized sail. I held the pillow in front of me at different angles until I found the best one. I flew down the road, up onto the side of a middle school building and across the front railing. I managed to stop myself to peek inside. A young boy came out and his father quickly followed. I asked if this building was no longer being used as a laundromat. The man gave me a strange look and told me no. Not for a very long time.

    The wind started picking up, and I said "Catch me if you can!" I slid on my feet down the railing and flew on down the street once more.

    I came across a different laundromat and saw someone I was looking for inside. Chris had just put his laundry in and sat down with a small group of other college kids to start class in the middle of the laundromat. I literally make a grand entrance. Without stopping, I burst into the room and slide Casanova style into an empty space between two people sitting down. Chris takes one look at me and asks what drugs I'm on. I could feel the eyes of every student there on me mercilessly. I shrugged it off. "None right now." I said. It seemed like class hasn't started yet, so I took that chance to ask Chris a question. I woke up.

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