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    A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure


    by , 04-03-2014 at 04:10 AM (406 Views)
    Apr 2 2014 - 2308 to 0630
    10 min meditation to 2320. Then MILD. "I realize I am dreaming in many dreams tonight." (Actually, fell asleep).

    0249 - Have to release balloons, fairly heavy, out a window. The balloons had been released in tens, etc, made of recycled(?) material and generally creeping me out. The floor of the platform is yielding and unstable, and I pitch towards the window-wall. I grab that side of the platform wall but that too is not stable. My friend Noah tries to adjust the platform for me so it isn't as tilted, even going so far as climbing on the wall ledge and adjusting things from the outside. The handle breaks off in the middle of his attempt, though, and we are left with no platform floor at all. I try to toss out the balloon anyway. It is feeble but somehow makes it out with the help of the god of wind(?). The god comes over later and converses with us. I describe my siblings/not-siblings (total four, two gold and two not, two girls and boys(?)). He realizes that I was the one who tried to throw the balloon and scoffs at my terrible attempt.

    Before: The street outside. I'm flying around at night, and giant/regular sized men grab at me. I'm looking for Kings Highway but I seem to have misplaced the street. Every time I head towards something that seems to be the st, it turns out to be a small side street that is just as shady and dangerous.

    Fragments: I have the policemen call for another ambulance, because the guy on the ground in front of me may or may not be hurt. He says that he had been called Peter(?) and was with a few other people. After the fact, I worry about whether I have to pay for the ambulance ride.

    0545-Community (or was it HIMYM?) cookies are good but Noah keeps tricking me into thinking that they might have bugs in them :(

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