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    A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure

    Competition Night #14: LD Chain (Stargate, GLaDOS, Sniper Cats)

    by , 08-10-2014 at 01:49 PM (893 Views)
    Day 14. See if I can't get some LDing going.
    this girl in alabama is probably evil. Also the detectives don't trust the locals there.
    3 LDs! Through DEILD. RCS: nose plug, as usual.
    I realize that I am dreaming. Start of the LD has to do with this guy who got into college. He's like 18. I'm tagging along with him, and I ask him how old I look. He says 13. I say that I'm actually 17, one year younger than him. He is surprised.
    At one point after that I end up softening the ground for some reason, maybe to soften my fall, and the ground starts sinking underneath me, so I put it back to normal. I use "VERB + NOUN" commands to do so. The guy asks me about it, and I answer him.
    I RC to double check again and I fly up and up and can see the college/museum spread out underneath me. It looks like a fancy government building in England, and it is absolutely beautiful. I remember the competition and decide to try some things out.

    Summary: There is a lot of walking/flying through this strange landscape that alternates from Grand-Canyon-esque (lots of rocks and stuff) to buildings and maybe even a town. I'm exploring this place and trying to do some tasks...
    Flying: I fly up a lot. I want to do a freefall. The first time, I manage to get high up but get stuck in this mountain thing. The mountain reminds me of minecraft. I eventually land on a ledge in the deep mountain crevasse and walk. The mountain is brightly lit and I eventually reach the outside. The second time (near the end), I manage to fly really up and then fall and hit the ground unhurt.
    I walk through this building. At one point the building is surrounded by sniper cats because cats have taken over the world. In that part I had grabbed a cat plushie for some reason and when I looked outside I saw cats with guns. There were people still inside the house and when they asked about the outside, I told them "militants" or some such.
    Stargate: I manage to find a Stargate (after a lot of exploring) and walk through it, though it turns into a Portal like thing. It doesn't seem like an actual Stargate. It activates on its own, and when I walk through it, I hear GlaDOS speaking and I get accelerated to this other side of the room with another gate. So two of them are connected in one room. Also there may or may not have been energy bursts.
    After the Portal thing: I come face-to-face with this weird monster thing and I freak out. I run through this building until I find a closet where there's a rack of metal pipes, and I hit the monster with it. It dies or disappears or something. I also hit someone else over the head as well. Can't remember who or why *shrugs*.
    Basic summoning: I find some people I know from a summer program and try to summon my friend and a girl appears that sort of looks like her but not really. So this probably doesn't count?
    After a while of this, I realize that I'm going to have to write everything down, and while I'm floating in the sky, I take out a piece of paper (from who knows where) to try to write down what tasks I did so I would remember. It doesn't really work.
    (Wait, does that count as summoning paper from the pocket? I wasn't thinking about summoning it, though... I just did it.)
    Had oral sex a few times, the horny teenager that I am It was really nice, considering I've never done that in real life.
    Oh, and I was wondering what it'd like to be a guy down there and managed to transform that part of my body... Hehe. It looked totally off though. Unfortunately.
    (Generally I would "wake up" after the whole sex thing but it would fade into an FA instead.)
    At random parts of the dream while I was walking/flying around, I heard random pop music that may or may not exist in real life. I went towards the music once or twice and found myself near buildings? Not sure.
    Don't think I managed to teleport. Or successfully summon something, for that matter.
    A few FAs or so. Did the nose plug RC, found that I could breathe, started to get a little worried because I wanted to wake up for real and write my dream down. Some of the FAs I was in bed with limited mobility, etc.
    Electronic device: At one point I used (or tried to use) a computer which had a really really pixelated screen. Was during one of the FAs but after I figured I was still dreaming.
    I think I saw a pikachu plushie at one point with a knife in its head. And a regular pikachu as well.

    Vividity: 8 - flying up and looking down felt real
    Length: really really long (at least 30 min)
    Lucidity: Varied (might have lost it a bit at some points)
    Stability: Pretty good. Had a close call when I started thinking about my body in bed and whether it would move... managed to focus back on the dream though.

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    1. ThreeCat's Avatar
      Antoia, congrats on what sounds like an awesome night! As for your questions:

      You totally teleported.

      You totally summoned that paper and pencil.

      And wow, your flying abilities. So cool! I can imagine exploring such a strange, shifting landscape. Very happy for you!
      Antoia likes this.
    2. greendrive's Avatar
      Awesome way to end the competition. Way to go

      Basic summoning: I find some people I know from a summer program and try to summon my friend and a girl appears that sort of looks like her but not really. So this probably doesn't count?
      I would say this counts. You summoned them and they appeared. It is rare for people to exactly match in real life.
      Antoia likes this.
    3. Antoia's Avatar
      @ThreeCat - Thanks! Also, I teleported? Where? *scratches head* The Stargate didn't count because it was less "teleportation" and more "acceleration through this tunnel-ish thing to another ring ten feet away". Hmm. I'm glad I didn't have trouble flying this time. It seems like my dream control is better when I'm *not* thinking about it, like that paper and pencil thing.

      @greendrive - Ooh, okay. Good to know. Though the DCs who are already in my dreams usually look like they do in real life. Hmmm...
    4. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Well done on an excellent final night of the comp!
      Great length and dream control! Keep it up!
      Antoia likes this.