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    A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure

    Competition Night #3: Math, Mars, and a short LD

    by , 07-31-2014 at 12:23 AM (825 Views)
    I'm on a train station platform. Am with a bunch of people like a girl like Regina and a girl who has an unzipped hoodie and who's not wearing anything underneath. We are trying to figure out something given t and m (3 and 2) and find something per sec by picking an arbitrary number and dividing (wanted it to be 2-3 but I kept getting 5 or so). I had a pencil (wooden) but dropped it on the tracks while trying to board the train. The people were going to leave but they're delayed because I need to get on with something (calculations or equipment?). There is also this black dude who also needs to get on (possibly Teal'c).

    Also, recursion—kept getting a method stuck in an infinite loop so inside this thing is infinite repetition. I fire up google to show someone what recursion is and the example is different—instead of did you mean: recursion? it's like "google x = recursion y" and it repeats on the platform somewhere. I point to both and explain how it "works".

    Woke up, back to sleep.

    First, an FA in which I think it's almost 6. Then a very brief LD? I am on DV and my username is antioa instead of antoia, but the thread name is correct.
    I realize it's wrong and RC. I grab my glasses from my desk and put them on and everything becomes clear. I go onto the balcony and look to the left. Everything fades into sepia there. I look back inside my bedroom. Everything is brightly lit and different and there may have been some random people in there. I remember the competition and try to fly which sort of works but not really. Dream fades.

    Woke up, back to sleep.

    Mars is taken over by people possessed by Goa'ulds and pokemon and stuff. Mr Z (CS teacher) is the leader of the anti-Goa'uld (?)movement (the opposition, anyway). I am possessed by a Tok'ra. The symbiote helps me become stronger and fight. Teal'c may be there. I jump around the place going to "the Court" where people are meeting because these worm things have grown really really big and are scattered all over the place and on the roof and stuff. I accidentally crash the enemy camp and they freak out. I get the hell out of there and head towards the soldiers who are on our side. Lots of arrows are flying around, and there is one part where we have to hide out in what looks like pillow forts against an attack, probably because I crashed the enemy camp...

    There is also a part with t-shirts and quotes from said Mars thing and pretty cool designs. The problem is that no one will get the reference because the thing is an obscure show.

    Fragments: I have a DJ app just for lucid dreaming and it's like Evernote with notebooks and stuff and it's really nice looking like an actual book and the sidebar is filled with categories like "LDs" and "For reading (secure)" and things like that.

    Sometime: there are 100+ year old people recorded and birth/death dates written on paper next to them. One of them is from 10XX to 11XX. Supposed to be Japan. I comment that the Franks took over England in 1066.
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    1. Bharmo's Avatar
      Even if it's a short lucid we are at tier 1 so every and each lucid counts. And I personally think that looking around in a lucid it's also important anyway.
      Oh, and nice non-lucids, as well!
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    2. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Great catch with the mixed up text!
      I'm always missing lucid cues in DV dreams.
      Congrats on the LD, keep it up!
    3. ThreeCat's Avatar
      Everything fades into sepia there.
      Would this be considered completing the ToTM? Just wondering