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    A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure

    Henry Harlem

    by , 04-14-2014 at 05:35 PM (380 Views)
    April 14, 2014. Possible WILD. A fairly long LD, considering how I normally wake up in a few seconds.
    I'm in bed. I do the nose plug RC and I can breathe. I remember my promise to just focus on stabilizing, and I do so. I feel the room around me and try to focus just on that. I actually look around the room this time. I have some trouble with the eyes, and am not sure whether I opened my dream eyes or real eyes. At some point I just close my eyes and look through them.

    My bedsheets are blue and white. I think there is a desk and a bookshelf. The balcony is still there. I rub my hands and walk outside. There is snow on the ground and on the balcony. The snow is crisp and cold. I start to jump off the balcony but remember that I'm not doing any of that this time. I move back inside my room. I decide to look for Dream Drops and a remote. I look down at myself (which I've never really done before) and find that I'm wearing a white dress blouse and black pants. Concert attire. I feel around my pants pockets but they're empty at first. I'm like "come on, I know I have a dream drop somewhere" and roll my fingers around my pocket until I find one. It's a red gummy candy. I eat it. It tastes like strawberry. The vividity of the dream slightly increases. Not sure though. I can't find a remote control.

    I hear the vacuum cleaner running outside, assume that my brother is using it, and decide to go chat with him. I leave my room, but there's no one in the kitchen. Must be in the waking world, then. I go to the living room and see a guy's top hat underneath the window. I poke my head through the glass and say hello. He says hello. He looks like one of those Jewish guys who live in the neighborhood.

    I ask, "What's your name?"
    He says, "Henry."
    "So, Henry Harlem, then?"

    I feel the dream slipping away and try to focus back on the dream environment to no avail.
    I awaken to the sound of a vacuum cleaner in the kitchen my brother running on a treadmill in the living room.

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