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    A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure

    LD Competition Night #1: Mini-Stargate and other things

    by , 07-28-2014 at 06:11 PM (898 Views)
    WILD. Am doing SSILD when I feel several waves of vibrations, and I picture a room with a Stargate. I end up in my bedroom, which looks similar but a bit different. It's really dark. I RC and I can breathe through my nose, and I look at my hand and my fingers look strange, like multiplied and stuck together. I look at the room and see a mini-Stargate on the floor. I look for the power plug and it looks like it's plugged in already, and I see the lights around the ring flicker. I try adjusting the size by pulling the circle so it's bigger. It has this black film in the center of the ring. It doesn't get big enough for me to go through. I look up for the power button and then look down and the mini-Stargate is replaced with the black fan in my real bedroom. I shrug and decide to give up on that for now.

    I stand up, feel the dream fade a bit, and repeat in my mind, "I'm dreaming," to keep the dream stabilized. I walk through the glass doors of my balcony (which aren't covered by curtains in this dream) like they're nothing, which is awesome because I've had trouble with that in the past. I jump down to street level and decide to try flying really fast. I take off and try flying superman style, but even though I can fly okay, I can't aim upwards for some reason. I look around for rocket boots to help me with that and see my brother's red shoes scattered around the neighborhood (which is also, by the way, reaaaally dark and it's also snowing a bit). I try one on but it's too small. I dispense with the shoes and look around.
    The neighborhood looks like a generic mash up of the neighborhood I live in in real life. I remember the "eat something" task on the points page and look around for anything I can eat. I see a bunch of pink roses (?) nearby and pick off a bit of the petals, but it crumbles between my fingers, and I don't eat it for some reason (there goes 4 pts...). I look at the nearby house and decide to enter.

    The door is unlocked and opens smoothly under my hand. I step into a darkened living room that vaguely resembles my own (?), or so I thought at the time. I look to the right and go into the dining room, which has a bit of light and voices coming from it.

    The room is empty. I can still hear the voices and see some light, but there is no one here. "Hello?" I call out. The voices continue on. I turn around and see one of my mom's friends sitting at the dining room table. I hadn't noticed her before. Finally a DC I can talk to, I think, and sit down next to her. She says something in Mandarin, and Cantonese, and I reply in kind (I think I say "I don't know") and finally she starts speaking in English. She says something about my high school and grades, and I generally agree with her (seriously, why am I talking to her about this in my dreams? When there's an infinite amount of other things I can be doing)
    and the dream abruptly fades. I close my eyes and try to DEILD back in to no avail.

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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Congrats on the lucid!! Do you like the movie Stargate or the TV series perhaps? Were you planning to go somewhere specific or just see where it takes you? Great to hear SSILD is working for you, it has helped me a lot in the past.
    2. Antoia's Avatar
      Yup, I watched the movie a few weeks ago and now I'm working my way through SG-1. I wanted to find an actual full-sized Stargate and walk through it (my personal goal for the competition) and maybe even meet SG-1 but my dream just had to give me a mini Stargate, heh. I wasn't planning on going anywhere specific, because I wanted to see what my mind came up with, but I was thinking that I could use Stargates to portal to other places on purpose if I managed to get the hang of it. SSILD is pretty good, and I'm thinking of mixing it with something else, like MILD or (like last night) WILD. Trying to get past my insomnia problem first, though :/
    3. Nightfeather's Avatar
      Congrats! I think that's the first lucid in our tier? I know the feeling when one does something in a lucid without apparent reason... On the other side, why would someone want to eat this petal?
    4. Chessica's Avatar
      Aw, I sooo wanted you to eat those petals - I wonder what they would have tasted like! Congratulations on the lucid, though, sounds like it lasted for a while.
    5. Antoia's Avatar
      Hehe, thanks. I wanted to see what they tasted like, too - imagine if they tasted like chicken... Oh well, there's always next time.
    6. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Another nice, long LD, great work on keeping it stable!
      Congrats on the clean phase through the glass!
      Awesome job with the superman flying too, that sounds fun!
      You are rocking this comp.
      Antoia likes this.