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    A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure

    Nov 2 2013 - Trains, the Ghost Network, and Crappy Friends

    by , 11-02-2013 at 11:06 AM (646 Views)
    (Part 1/2)

    0500 - Some other friends and I are riding trains through three countries. The last country is Italy, and one of the others may have been France. It was probably a weekend, because as we were traveling, T mentioned how I wasn't going to be able to finish my homework. I thought of Mr H and how I didn't have him anymore for history. The thought of homework filled me with that "ugh" feeling, though, so I stopped thinking about it.

    In the second country or so, I was on the platform with several other friends. We were trying to get on the train, but we were on different platforms. I leaped from one to the middle platform and thought how much easier it was now that I was older and bigger/taller. But then I tried to leap to the last platform and fell/got hit by a train. It seemed like I "respawned" in the same area, at pretty much the same time. We eventually succeeded in hopping around and getting on the train.

    After the second station/country, before me and T got to Italy, a taxi came and most of the group left in it, leaving me and T behind because we couldn't fit. I motioned with the thumb-and-pinky finger gesture (the one that means "call me") that they should give me a phone number so we could stay in contact, but they didn't understand me and just left. Me and T ended up taking another train to Italy, because we didn't know where they were going.

    The trains are occasionally filled with homeless and smelly people lying down on the seats covered with blueish blankets. In one of the trains in Italy - a sleek and gray thing, sort of similar to NYC's trains - there were several cars just filled with the homeless. We wandered around two of these cars before leaving (I apparently was expecting one of the homeless people to tell me if the seats across from him were dirty. Nearby was a guy dressed in a suit) and finding out that the train was part of the 'ghost network' (as labeled on a map nearby on the platform), which meant the trains were made of souls/ghosts coalescing into a semi solid material (how I knew that, I have no idea).

    The alternative, which was for normal humans, was near the front of the platform, and looked like it was underneath a guillotine/chopper like object, which were horizontal supports on the ceiling. The train itself was not a train, but several metal platforms chained together into a line, with little to no handholds/barriers. We didn't want to get on, because it seemed highly suspicious and would probably end up killing the passengers, but we had to move for some reason. I led the way, jumping past the train and onto the beams near the top of the entrance, past which were stone stairs leading down to a wide space (a station-like area?). We jumped to the rafters or the stone/metal supports that made up the top of the hall - for a moment it felt like I was going to fall or crash into the supports painfully - jumping and running and jumping. I was continually casting powerups, etc. One point, T nearly slipped and fell, but I grabbed her by the leg and hauled her back up.

    We took off our shoes and continued running along just in socks. On the wall there were screens showing facebook-like posts and comments, one of which involved doing badly on tests and LH. Next to my replies, it showed what I really typed then erased and sent. That part involved some text like "CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK S H E", the clacks standing for backspace, with your original message without edits underneath. It also said "you're seeing this because you typed this."

    Near this part, T and I backed up against a wall/slanted support so that T was bracing against the support and I was somehow pushing off of her. (I think my position looked like the one you use in swimming when you're pushing off the wall.) I had wings, so after I pushed off, I swooped around with my wings some more, until they timed out and I started dropping. I'm not sure what I did when that started happening, but I woke up afterwards.

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