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    Lake Boat

    by , 03-26-2013 at 02:42 AM (316 Views)
    March 25, 2013

    1st Dream
    My sister rented a motor boat at the lake for I, her and her baby. We took it out on the lake and, again, I was driving (see: Driving Off A Cliff', a DJ entry by mwah).

    As I navigated toward the deepest part of the lake (that would be in the middle), I noticed that water was getting into the boat. I wasn't driving fast or wild, just takin' slow and easy so I thought there was a leak in the boat.

    When we got to the deep part, there were lots of boats there and water started to fill the boat at an alarming rate and it capsized.

    We all went under. I found my sister and the baby (she was holding the baby) and swam them to shore with much effort. We barely made it.

    The next day I said to my sister, "Did you get a phone call about the boat? They must be wondering where it is by now?" She just shrugged her shoulders and looked at me like a zombie (not the hungry look, more like the zoned out look).

    2nd Dream
    My family moved out of an apartment but left some things there to pick up at a later date. I went to the apartment to retrieve my things and there were two ladies packing. I told them that the room that they were in was mine and my sister's room. They nodded and turned back to their tasks.

    I began going through my things (on the opposite side of the room from the two ladies) and was thinking about a box of shoes that I found, things like, "I wore these downtown once and they hurt my feet so much I'll never wear them again!" and "Why did I leave these here? I wear them everyday!" and "Well I guess I don't need these shoes any longer because it's almost springtime". Then I proceeded to look through my skirts to match shoes to them so that I could figure out what shoes and skirts to take with me at that time.

    When I returned home (new home) I turned the tv on to watch a movie.

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